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  1. Making hot dogs or hush puppies?
  2. Bastid!
  3. Spring break in 2 weeks.
  4. It would help if you blacked out the words "crafted, seltzer and white claw" from that can.
  5. Usually that would be instant chick magnet but
  6. Im not up on boats in that size but that seems like a ton of money for what it is.
  7. Anything half black dosent wanna be seen in south cackalackee.
  8. Aliens. Did ya have too many white claws and does your but hurt.
  9. I had to go read the article myself. Erinn wong.. Not irish. The irony. Historical blackface has never truly ended, and Americans have yet to actively confront their racist past to this day," Erinn Wong writes in an academic paper on the topic
  10. 10 outta 10 on that one. Might be your best ever.
  11. I feel like this might lead to a new tictoc challenge. Roshambo shims.
  12. Id think id go for the montauketts. Then i could claim im related chief wyandanch. 2 for 1 with the street cred.
  13. He read about the choclate factory that burnt down.
  14. Spaz probably pushed him out of the bed.