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  1. Like most stuff in life, not black and white. Bush may never have said what Pat asserts. However, there is no doubt that Bush did not expect the mess that occurred after the cessation of major hostilities. I do not think he expected to have as many troops having pot shots taking at them for as many months as it has been now. Too bad, it was pretty easy to predict. Of course, in the world of spin, its really Kerry's fault for undermining the nation and the troops that things went a little more rough than I believe Bush expected. This recent Republican argument is so sickening to me it almost makes me want to vote for the non-Bush - but Kerry is a loose cannon twit, so almost hasn't won this mental horse race for me.
  2. Bush did flip flop on it and his words now imply that he believes the war on terror is winnable, just like a football game. What a fool! However, at least his tongue can keep up with his brain. Kerry's can't. Smart man, but when the words come out, his lips fail him time and time again. In this battle of one liners, I suspect Bush wins big time. This little quote may be enough to bury Kerry. But the funny thing is, he's right. He just is horrible at expressing himself.
  3. PeterR


    Thank you TakonaJames, I was wondering if there was something there, as I saw it as the height of Bush's performance in the second debate.
  4. Tough call. Bush supports the troops. He has no effective plan, and his support of our troops means they will stand in harms way for years with no definitive objective or chance of reaching it. Kerry says he supports our troops, but he also says things in times of war that some consider treason. If he has a plan, I do not understand it (he did get to 3 high level "how" points on Iraq in the debates, but it left me wondering if he had any detail or more to the plan). Its like choosing between which toe you want to shoot.
  5. Kerry won on points, but then again he is supposed to be a great debater, so its no surprise. Bush held to a consistent message and performed better than the press has made of it. I thought Kerry needed a knockout in the debates to win the election. Perhaps he can win the election based on winning 2 more debates on points. I am not sure. There was no knockout in the first debate. I think the next one will be closer. I am a big fan of Jim Lehrer but I think the questions will be more varied in ideology on Friday and that will help Bush.
  6. No, JohnO, I think you are right, it was Minter - funny, after all the wait to get the title shot, it was not a tough one for him.
  7. A friend of mine bumped into Hagler once and had a similar story - friendly, down to earth guy, my vision of a tough phili fighter who put his dues in (even more than Hopkins) before finally getting a shot at the title (was it bleading Vito he beat to get the title first) and never let it get to his head. He walked away proud after getting robbed, but knowledgeable boxing fans knew who he was - he was the man. BrianBM: I too felt Quartey beat De LaHoya (cleanly) and got robbed. That was part of why I wanted to see him lose clean. The Trinidad fight was close and he denied he lost it (I thought Tito won the first round and won on the end rounds). I'm still not sure he admits he lost to Mosley twice. I thought Pernell beat him (although that was a close one, could have been called anyway). I thought Strum beat him or at least tied him. But Hopkins eliminated the doubt. De LaHoya will claim a one in a million punch and look for a rematch, but he has lost a step and should stick with the second tier (fighting old ex champs). I don't pay for pay for view fights much anymore, but I wish I could see the Tito-Mayorga fight. I assume it will get replayed eventually. I do wish Tito stayed retired (he had a fine career before Hopkins totally dominated him), but Mayorga is wild to watch, so it could be a barn burner. (On the other hand, it could also be a first round knockout for either fighter, one of the reasons I don't shell out big $s for pay per view anymore).
  8. What is that thing 9WT? Looks like what we call tinker macs out east. Or is it a small bonito that lost its teeth?
  9. Beachboy - I agree with you, although I do think Kerry is different. He's a bit more intellectual, and a bit more hard to follow, and he wouldn't piss off other countries as much but... He has not been able to articulate what he would do specifically different. It was his election to win. Unless he hits a few home runs in the debates, it will end up being the first shoe in Dem contender to fumble and lose as bad as he has. Sad thing is, I almost want to vote for anyone but Bush. But almost never won a horse race.
  10. The average Iraqi was elated to hear the US was coming in to get rid of slime Saddam. What they wanted, at the time, was for us to come in, topple the government, and leave essentially immediately. We had every indication this was their sentiment at the time of the start of the war. Tough thing was, if we had left soon, we would have left a mess. So, it does not surprise me that Iraqis want us out now. They wanted us out days after the regime toppled.
  11. Despite getting some media attention, I was a big fan of Trinidad. I always liked the punchers. Plus, he often got off the ground to get his knockouts. But I had not given him much of a chance against Hopkins, who ended up fighting the fight of his life against him. At that point, I just wanted Tito to quit. Which he did after a fight. But its hard to leave a game with big money and fame, so he is coming back. The fight against Mayorga should be interesting. He is not as talented as Trinidad, but he is a mean, tough, crazy man. Just the type who could knock Felix out. If that happens I hope Trinidad retires again. Otherwise, he can join the second circuit and give people like Oscar someone to fight for money.
  12. I've never been a big fan of the fighters the media love. I thought Hagler beat Leonard but got ripped off 'cause Leonard had the media buzz. Oscar was always a good fighter, but he and the media thought he was better than I did. I always wanted to see someone knock him out. Trinidad couldn't because Oscar ran. Mosley just didn't have the punch. Quartey might have, but fought him after starting to slow down. So it was with great pleasure that I watched Bernard Hopkins, a good old phili fighter, work carefully for rounds, then close the gap in the second half of the fight, then end it with a hook to the liver. Thank you Bernard, you have been the Middleweight champ for years, its just too bad your rematch with Roy may be in question. Roy had the media and an ego that wouldn't die. He had real talent, but his opponents were picked carefully. Tarver beat him in the first fight and got robbed. Tarver knocked him out in the second fight and avoided a second robbery. So Roy comes back against Glen Johnson, a talented and motivated, well, journeyman. Round 1 set the stage with Glen putting on pressure. For round after round after round. Roy went down in the ninth (just like Oscar), and down hard. I hope Roy walks away. He didn't look right after the punch. He's made millions and I sense he may have saved some. He can work in many ways in the business without getting between the ropes again. ... and I liked watching him fall like a tree. Talk yourself up, and when you go down people cheer.
  13. Bush is flip flopping (when saying Kerry's plan is the same as his). Bush on the one hand wants us to believe that Kerry would be managed by the leaders of France, Germany and Russia. ... and on the other hand that Bush himself has not alienated old partners and so is as capable of getting more involvement from other countries as Kerry. It doesn't add up. Kerry would not be the cowboy Bush is, and I do believe he would get more support. I'm just not sure what he would do with it. Bush has taken no consistent path in Iraq for a year. But he is better at making it look consistent than Kerry. Yup, the "his plan is our plan" is a good one, but its bull.
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