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  1. you guys paid taxes? I know a guy...
  2. Depending on my schedule, I can host a couple.
  3. did they take down the nesting platform in 100acre cove?
  4. There were fish this year?
  5. Cancer is the devil. RIP Kev. Will be missed.
  6. you sure it was a seal and not some fat dude in a wetsuit? edit: no, it wasn't me. I was still working.
  7. Mmm... all the better to lure in the sharks....
  8. Fish are in the water.
  9. Fish are here! Was trolling a clambrella on the river on saturday, about mid-day. Had Timmy with me. Caught some fish in the of 20" to 26" range. Great day to be on the water and no one around. As for squid, not gonna bother until it gets a little warmer overnight, at least from the boat.
  10. need one cause they're frickin' idiots.
  11. have a birthday I must attend. enjoy guys!
  12. I'll stop there on my next day in the office. And leave my cash and credit cards at home.
  13. The ones Timmy has that I haven't tried yet.
  14. not the 4th.