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  4. #180...but our salary is higher than what they list as "top salary"
  5. The Goatee....the leisure suit if the '90's
  6. That thing's for dudes with small weiners
  7. Bill Kreutzman's work on the '72 tour of Europe is very crisp. Does the work of two men.
  8. I think she would end up being "Obama-esque" , enjoying the celebrity and prestige of the office rather than accomplishing much.
  9. As a self avowed "Bush Basher" I have to step up and say that this was the right and decent thing to do. While I disagreed with many of his decisions there is little doubt that he is a kind and caring person.
  10. What are you? Some kind of elitist smarty pants
  11. Selling a 10 foot 9wt made from a Sage RPL blank. Good condition, medium action, fighting butt, with Sage rod sock. Shipped in PVC tube. $175 shipped or delivered locally. Message me here or email Debnricko@verizon.net.
  12. Sorry I didn't answer sooner, I was busy fishing (novel idea huh?). We're cover through work ( wife makes more hourly because she doesn't use her coverage) so if the question is how much am I willing to sacrifice so others can be covered the answer would be $150 a month or so (1500-2000 annualy) seems right.
  13. So far, eh. So-so. Hopefully he can get healthcare passed and help some people.
  14. You guys had shirts on when you came in here. Sumtin happened to 'em!
  15. 25 deaths out of 40 million vaccinated, better odds than 477 deaths out of 7,500 sickened (CDC's current numbers).....