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  6. You have a very brave wife HPD, I would have never convinced mine to film that . Nice cast! Casting 150 yards with a plug is not easy at all. Most casters tend to over estimate their casts. The catenary on the line renders the line out reference useless to estimate distance. Done as you did is the only way to prove that the cast was really over 150 yds. Take care! Sergio
  7. Hi Tito, That post that was converted to an article is very old and even obsolete in some aspects. I think that I was still using or had just quit using conventionals to fish for roosters when I wrote it. There is plenty information regarding fishing for roosters in this forum if you use the search function. As in all types of fishing the most important aspect is locating them. Once I find a place they frequent in most (not all) spots I prefer to fish on a new mon and a high tide with clear water. I do not like too calm water and neither too rough. You can catch roosters with many lures. The best lures are skipping lures and my favorite is still the Ranger line of Roberts. Basically you should cast as far as possible and retrieve at a high speed in a way that the lure is skipping over the surface. I prefer to crank faster than most, but that is just a matter of preference. Check the past posts from HPD and mine and you will have some basic knowledge. There is also a lot of equipment information in this forum. Please release all roosters caught. There is no sense killing this fish and they taste not good at all. Good luck. Sergio
  8. El Zorro, no doubt! Good to see you catching fish. Sergio
  9. Scientific studies on roosterfish are very few and I doubt there is a single one related to the topic of your interest. I could at least determine when they spawn by their gonadosomatic index, but that would require to kill a good amount of roosters. The should spaw at the same time as Jacks. I could propose a study to some of the Institutes that I work with, but I am sure we would need at least $50,000 to $100,000 to gather and process enough information. Sergio