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  1. Agree; though the only tool they really have is to decide how many can be killed. Anyone wanting to see abundance in the fishery has interests directly in opposition to those valuing the fishery in dead fish and "management" in general. Unfortunately it seems the only way to lower mortality and promote the interests of those seeking to increase the numbers of fish is to basically show there aren't any fish, it is to a degree the way the system is theoretically set to operate. I would love to "show up" to promote an abundant fishery, if there were enough of us i think we might get something accomplished. This in no way doesn't mean we shouldn't fight the attempts to increase mortality.
  2. Fails your morality test and is in opposition to any “version” of a free market.
  3. If taxes shifted more upon “unproductive” capital gains I might go up to $200,000 a year income tax free before progressive rates kick in. idealistically I’d like to see no “income tax”
  4. I agree with that line of thinking. I would add heavier taxation on capital gains that isn’t productive as opposed to investment in production.
  5. Earlier today I heard Steve Bannon advocate for no taxes on income below $100,000, shifting the burden on capitalists and capital as well as a 44% bracket over five million.
  6. I’d rather go lighter in regular mono and tie a good knot rather than using fluorocarbon.
  7. If it is still available i'll take a smoky joe
  8. It would be fun if he let the waders fill with water and then climbed back in.
  9. I can’t imagine trying to get back in the kayak
  10. Swimming in waders that are filled isn’t worse than unfilled waders.
  11. The worst part of waders filled with water is when you try to get out of the water and feel the weight of the water, its like being on Jupiter.
  12. The fishery is in serious trouble, people see this; management is failing and is seen by many as a lost cause with votes in the bag. Let it be know that if anyone questions what is going on to send there resume to Mr Witek.
  13. I don’t know why you are persisting to attempt to belittle people.
  14. It’s probably not the best tactic to “shame” people unless you want apathy.