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  1. Would you accept $65
  2. Birch lipless pikie, 5-5/16” and1.657oz so far...
  3. Especially love the last pic
  4. It depends...
  5. Above or below parallel with the ground off to one side or another...
  6. Plain water(though I have tried borax mixed in the water) and different paints tend to do different things with some not floating or even coagulating right away
  7. Thanks; yes, painted the plug black and then dipped in water with droplets of paint floated on it.
  8. A fun larger Nike 4.4oz(without hooks), 9.75+inches. Swims and darts under and on the surface
  9. Just need to get some lips done
  10. Thank goodness, the clear coat(my least favorite part) came out ok the other day.
  11. The problem isn't necessarily no hook set; fish could be refusing the plug and getting foul hooked or the fish can be doing funny stuff like facing you and opening and closing their mouths repeatedly.I don't usually set the hook while plug fishing and don't usually drop many fish(I'm generally using small hooks that penetrate well and braid) I have to admit that on any fish that I immediately suspect is big(peels line or sits like a rock) I usually set the hook hard and sometimes multiple times figuring to guarantee sinking it or breaking it free right away to get it over with.
  12. Over the years it has worked out paying attention to the positions of the moon(and sun). One of my favorites is quarter moon overhead.