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  1. fill the space with shims(toothpicks or split bamboo skewers) jamed in with epoxy/CA glue
  2. I like both darters in particular, look like they’d be fun to fish.
  3. 550 degrees on the steel; I was slightly concerned, lol
  4. Yes
  5. Sometimes I get dough from a bakery. The woman there recommended that I prepare pizza and let sit on parchment paper for thirty minutes before cooking it.
  6. Thanks; please let someone else have an opportunity. I am thankful to enjoy one of yours.
  7. Antagonizer is up.
  8. Pass again. Thanks.
  9. I believe it is Kima’s turn. I’d like to pass on taking any more plugs(including my own) to allow for for others to have more opportunity to enjoy the fine plugs made for this swap. maybe you’d be kind enough to have a truncated round 3? thanks for the nice comments about the plugs
  10. One more is still available(I will keep my “fourth” plug)
  11. Rocco, the underwater shot of the tail is magnificent!
  12. Very tough to choose “ best” plug; I have enjoyed everyone’s work here. My vote goes to Mmanolis.
  13. Sparky atom jr...
  14. Lol, just kidding... i always seem to wait wait till the last moment and didn’t quite pick that up myself
  15. What happened to the April 31 deadline?