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  1. I guess ugliness is in the eye of the beholder; these “first” made plugs don’t look ugly to me.
  2. I wish I could get more excited about this. from shore I’ve seen hundred if not thousands of sea bass caught with only one keeper sized fish caught.
  3. People actually claiming to be socialists have argued that maga supporters have legitimate gripes.
  4. Right now you have a federal reserve chair from Trump retained by Biden who has claimed that a major goal is to drive down wages.
  5. It would be more interesting if the magas and commies joined up around the common ground of “labor” to pressure the centrists.
  6. i don't see anything i would identify as socialism with positions on the issues you list.
  7. Not a bad idea…
  8. I’ll take these
  9. Ill take it
  10. You can’t be expected to run a business and continue to make cuts. It might have made more sense to make the reductions by eliminating the partial tag holders and keeping the full time tags. But then again that would effect the part time tags being filled on the boats of the full share guys.
  11. Don’t remember on the number of tags
  12. I believe it’s 26 to 38, moved up when we were supposed to take reductions.
  13. And limiting harvest is the only practical tool management has.