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  1. I can always count on getting great information and opinions in this forum. Your responses are greatly appreciated, thank you all that replied!, OLC
  2. Thank you all for the responses I greatly appreciate the input. Based on the comments it seems like the Gosa is the way to go. Canary just to be clear, are you saying that the Gosa 6k is pretty much sized and feels like a Stradic 5k? I had a Saltist 4500h that seemed pretty beefy especially when compared to my stradic Fh 5000. Can anyone make a size comparison only between that Saltist model with the Gosa 5,6 and 8. I have enough info on what to expect from the Gosa. Thanks OL
  3. I’m looking to pick up a reel to use in the surf around the south shore beaches of Long Island. Past threads have led me to the Shimano Saragosa SW A or the Twin Power and it appears I can't go wrong with either though I'm leaning towards the Gosa. I never held or seen either of these models so any comments, suggestions and size recommendation would be greatly appreciated. Ideally I want a reel that will meet the demands of these fishing waters and ideally keeping it as light as possible. I’ll be pairing it with a one piece Lamiglas xs101ms. Many thanks, OLC
  4. Beater is the smart way to go but I personally enjoy fishing with quality rods and reels and they are the only things I leash. 99% of the time I only go out with 2 setups and my boga gets attached to a pool noodle. Any additional setups beyond 2 and accessories are priced to be sacrifices.
  5. Dam your quick. lol. You beat me by 12 minutes, great deal.
  6. Willy I’ll follow up by pm. Thread closed
  7. I'm looking for a clean well maintained 18 or older Outback for a third party. A ready to fish package will be considered. Revolution 13's will be considered as an alternative if need be. Thanks OLC
  8. Thread closed
  9. With or without transducer, without preferred. Thanks OLC
  10. Call Barren Island Marina located on Flatbush Ave in Brooklyn across from Floyd Bennet Field. I know that they have stored kayaks for others in the past and I am pretty sure you can launch from there. IMO Try Moonbeam Gateway Marina formally known as Barren Island Marina located on Flatbush Ave in Brooklyn across from Floyd Bennet Field. I know for sure that the Barren Island concessionaire stored kayaks for others in the past and you should be able launch into dead horse bay. Maybe Moonbeam still does the same. OLC
  11. How about an even $100 and upon inspection you feel that that they're better priced at $90 you can have them at that. You can take as long as you want to pick up them up, no urgency on my part. OLC
  12. I don't know who manufactured them for I am not the original owner. They are made of heavy duty I believe the term is machined aluminum and the rod tubes are made of pvc. The rust on the outside of the clip is superficial like shown in the pic. That same clip has a bit of rust on the spring that imo a bit of WD-40 would take care of. Both clips spring back into place like they are supposed to. The clips are fastened with Philip head bolts so if need be you should be able to replace them. OLC
  13. Valley Stream NY, yes and yes OLC
  14. bump
  15. K, thread closed Thanks Tim OLC