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  1. Thanks all! Ordering the Honda eu2200i today.
  2. thanks, will do. Sandy destroyed the area before we got our house. Figured it would be good to get one before we needed it.
  3. Thanks for the recommendations! I really appreciate it.
  4. ^^^ Thanks John. I will check these out.
  5. Thank Jamesdart ^^^ Will check it out, I don't have anything against HF. I buy stuff there.
  6. I've been looking hard at the Honda and that's a good tip about the conversion kit. Thank you!
  7. Guys, Can anyone recommend a portable, duel-fuel (propane/gas) generator for a small house w/out alot of wattage requirements? I know they all work when they're working so looking for reliability plus good customer service if/when needed. I did a search but want some more recent opinions. We rarely have long outages but they do happen and we want to at least be able to run the fridge, lights and sump pump (we are flood-prone). Everything is on 110V except washer/dryer. Thanks in advance, I really appreciate any insight you can offer. Andrew
  8. I did try boracare before but I don't think it helped much. Reading up on treatments now. Thanks again.
  9. Thanks Jim! Looked them up and that beetle does look familiar. Much appreciated. Andrew
  10. Any idea what's eating my shed? Long Island NY Thanks in advance. Andrew
  11. Thanks Dockviewer!
  12. Got it; thanks Charlie. Wish I could ask my brother the backstory...
  13. Thanks guys, I appreciate you answering me! It's been interesting going through these lures. I'll try to get some time to post up some other pics. I'm pretty sure none of it is rare or covetable for collectors but it sure is fun looking at it all!
  14. Still going through all the tackle my brother left me. This was stored away carefully in bubble-wrap, no box. Thanks in advance, Andrew
  15. Me too, exact same day 11/22/61