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  1. Hey buddy. Just thinking about you yesterday when I was at Crossbay Bridge. No fish but the place could use a clean-up Hope all is well.
  2. Good replies guys, thanks! I bought the permethrin and we are going to start using it.
  3. I know you know this but please don't slack on the tick checks! I just pulled two of the tiniest ticks I've ever seen off my wife. So small that their legs were not visible so they just looked like the smallest blood spots or scabs (like when you get poked by a thorn, kinda). Smith Point area but I'm sure they're all over... Andrew
  4. Hey Mike and anyone else interested, I have never been to the store in Huntington but it sounds like they must have a butchery/fresh meat section. I don't buy that so I can't comment. I can only say that any of their sausages and their dry-cured items are top-notch. Slab bacon, Black Forest bacon (more smoke and I think longer cure), Knussschinken (small hams) excellent. Weisswurst are a standout and like hot-dogs imossible to make in quantity without at least a buffalo-chopper which I don't have. Thuringer Blutwurst which is a slicing blood-sausage studded with tongue, sulze, etc. All great. Andrew
  5. These dogs are the best! Yes, maybe you shouldn't eat them every day but these are by no means dirty dogs. All best ingredients and they are smoked on site, no artificial smoke flavoring. I buy them and other items wholesale from their manufactory and have been in their kitchens many times over the years. Their products are better than anyone in this area (Ridgewood, Queens, where many eastern/northern european immigrants settled), better than Karl Ehmer was and they are now out of business (someone may be producing under their name, I forget) and better than Schaller and Weber. Their shop in Ridgewood served the community for decades but they closed it for retail and now it's just where they do production and wholesale pick-ups (they don't deliver, it's just a small family operation) restaurants from all over the city have to drive out there to pick-up their orders. The only retail outlet is in Huntington, L.I. All of their products are outstanding!
  6. On the off chance someone has one lying around. Thanks, Andrew
  7. All yours, Eric. I can get it out on Monday. pm me your details Thanks mods and SOL!!
  8. $375. PP or MO. Barely used, mostly just to transport plugs on a couple of road trips. Shoulder strap is not pictured but it is a plain one, no shoulder pad or camera pouch, etc. Just the nice snap hooks like on all the bags. I can send you pics if you'd like after the week-end. A little rust-spotting but otherwise like new. Bag can be picked up Smithpoint area Long Island or NYC. Can be shipped anywhere for $15.
  9. Congratulations, that fish is beautiful!
  10. Cabelas discounted the 3 Forks Waders, limited sizes though. These waders are a little bit heavy but I've found them to be the best value and they are now my go-to, I like the felt soles for screwing in studs. I'm modeling them in my screen pic Can't go wrong for $40!
  11. Wishing you health and happiness on your birthday! Andrew
  12. rat-l-trap looks and swims just like one
  13. Aftco Tactical fishing shorts. Great for regular wear, boat or wet-wading. They are really durable and dry alot faster than the Aftco originals. They're $60 but they last and they're super comfortable; basically all I wear for casual wear in the warm weather.
  14. Thought you guys would like this if you haven't seen it. It made me laugh. hf_tool_sale.pdf