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  1. Cabelas discounted the 3 Forks Waders, limited sizes though. These waders are a little bit heavy but I've found them to be the best value and they are now my go-to, I like the felt soles for screwing in studs. I'm modeling them in my screen pic Can't go wrong for $40!
  2. Wishing you health and happiness on your birthday! Andrew
  3. rat-l-trap looks and swims just like one
  4. Aftco Tactical fishing shorts. Great for regular wear, boat or wet-wading. They are really durable and dry alot faster than the Aftco originals. They're $60 but they last and they're super comfortable; basically all I wear for casual wear in the warm weather.
  5. Thought you guys would like this if you haven't seen it. It made me laugh. hf_tool_sale.pdf
  6. I always carry them; they've saved me twice when I've hooked myself Knipex are great but to me, they're for home use, on my wader belt it's manley's. Yes, they rust, just take a little care and that won't be a problem. Good insurance.
  7. Got my boat off The Hull Truth/craiglist down in in-land NC (owner had listed on both)and trailered it back to Long Island. Much cheaper down there but as was mentioned above I had a lot of pictures and phone conversations before I went down. Had pre-arranged to bring boat to a local mechanic down there as well as a bay test. Because the owner had been a member of the hull truth, I was able to read his posts and get an idea of his past issues with the boat. I guess that seems sneaky but it saved me from negotiating on a different boat that had a puncture in the gas tank which owner hadn't mentioned. When and if I had to do it again, I'd buy a new left-over four stroke Suzuki in Florida and get a cheaper fixer-upper hull to put it on. Good luck to you!
  8. I know the box is in tough shape but the reel is mint. I pay PP fees and shipping is around $10. How about meeting at $140.
  9. Re-opening. Price drop: $150. PP or MO, price is shipped.
  10. Bad typing. I will get them out is what i meant to say.
  11. Sure thing; you got ‘em. Pm me your address and I. Get them out.
  12. All yours Jbaer. PM your address and I'll get them out early this week. Thanks, Andrew Thank you, Tim and Mods!