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  1. "Shameless" star
  2. ∆*t ain't funny
  3. According to the info on line: "The “Ringo” of the group, Tork was the cool Monkee -- a hippie folk musician who knew David Crosby and The Byrds, hung out with the likes of Janis Joplin and Cass Elliot of the Mamas and the Papas and got in the band because he was a better looking version of Stephen Stills -- who had auditioned but was rejected for his crooked teeth. Tork was a true musician, who played banjo, guitar, bass, wrote songs and sang. There are a few Peter gems on Monkees records, like “For Pete’s Sake.”..." He wasn't a Drummer/Ringo, if that's what you are referring to. I think the Ringo reference is just that the was a musician and the others were actors.
  4. Not sure what all the fuss is over this.....musically these two have absolutely no blend as a duet. That being' said, the tune ain't much either....It's show biz and they made it work but this shouldn't be about the music. Haven't seen the movie but I'll assume it was ok
  5. Agreed FredM sings in much higher range which explains his appeal to many...but not me
  6. jmlandru Mice are the vilest of all. They have no bladder they trickle all the time and there bros follow the chem trial. But wtf do I know. Apparently not about this: Rodent Myths Myth Mice do not have bladders.Mice do not have urine bladders. Fact: Mice and rats do urinate relatively often compared to some of the larger mammals. But they do have bladders. [ALL mammals have bladders. Someone didn't take biology in HS.]
  7. Don't think you wanna drink Hudson R. H2O: Where does NYC get its drinking water? New York City drinking water is world-renowned for its quality. Each day, more than 1 billion gallons of fresh, clean water is delivered from large upstate reservoirs—somemore than 125 miles from the City—to the taps of nine million customers throughout New York state. Drinking Water - New York City
  8. I'm in SB. Been to Tommy's 4x or so... Svs. not all that great, especially when busy. I was never impressed with the food which I thought was decidingy average. Fries ok Burgers, no other stuff just ok. Beers mostly IPA, of which I'm personally not a fan...not a lot of ole school regular beer/ale. It's a big hit in town, but I don't get it....your mileage may vary. Woody's was the same.... The new monstrosity building The Mad Hatter" was cool back before Sandy....don't know where theres gonna b's structure-ly outta place with the rest of the main drag. I liked Rorys Heard good things about Alices for breakfast
  9. my fav to the woodchuck: ...."Don't drive angry!"
  10. yeah...for me, Meclezine(Bonine) doesn't work once you get it. Loss of balance and everything turns upside down. Had it once while driving and got lucky. Massive headache all day and was useless. Have probably had it 6 times im my life....Not all related dizziness is vertigo, tho'. My personal doc and a neurologist old me its related to the crystals in the ear and also a condition called: Benign ParoxysmalPositional Vertigo (BPPV). The “crystals” or “earstones” in the ears are called Otoconia and they are supposed to be in the ear. Google it and there's a lot of cure, tho'.
  11. Maybe not....It reads like you were watching MortonD with your Dad, not like your Dad was actually on the show w/Downy. That was the funny part,,,,,was he actually on the Show? if so, not so funny
  12. To go along w/ a recent rant I had re:the Hasids in Monsey/NY.... there was a huge outbreak in the New Square getting measles all over the place....adults too. There was/is an anti-vaccination mindset there....waiting to get all 10 of their kids at the same time to save carfare...that kinda thing and also just plain ignorance as basic biology and medicine is not a thing there. Fortunately it's a closed community...but they do venture out to shop & run businesses...surprised the whole county hasn't collapsed.
  13. I wasn't hip to any kinda Stewarts anywhere til last Nov., when we were visiting fiends in Groton, CT. The wife & I tried it on a whim when we couldn't find a diner. Both pleasantly surprised how good it was and would definitely go there again....especially in CT, where the further east one goes the worse it gets. Becomes a comedy routine.Average to normal NY/NJ cuisine doesn't exist out there. Dined at many places and Olive Garden is considered gourmet dining.....oiy.