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  1. a lotta work to de-feather, clean & cook to feed to ur dog, no? right in the dumpster kinda makes my point,,,,shoulda just threw them over the side for crabs, sharks, etc....makes more sense, but not a fan killin' for the sake of killing'?... don't get it I understand the shotgun shooting thing>If u need to shoot flying elusive objects, go skeet shooting',,,.and it's less $ than hiring a guide the the day....thats what my new son in law does. He's from Colorado where u don't have to jump thru hoops to getta shotgun/rifle or carry a concealed handgun.... or rifle thing>target shooting?....but if ur after deer, bear, ioose, caribou, etc theres work involve in gutting, skinning, butchering, etc. plus u get to cook/eat and give away what u can't. I know a lotta the charter bluefish go right in the dumpster....the Capt. should discourage that. C&R if ur not gonna clean[mates]/eat should b stated at he top of the trip so all r clear. Just cause u paid $$ doesn't mean u can abuse the resource...I know I'm preaching' to the choir but I'm sure the charter wouldn't suffer $ loss because of the Capt's rule. ....IMHO
  2. Well, I am a NY Yankee fan.....but I'm sure that wasn't ur point. I agree with the brown sauce @squirrel, no doubt. The "..." in a light cream sauce is what the waiter always sez in a French or fancy cuisine restaurant, usually with a phony accent to boot. That has been a family joke for me for decades.
  3. I don't get it. I used to hunt way back in the day. In college, the day after some dude took me duck hunting[ I didn't kill any], I said to myself, "what the F am I doin' and just gave him my 12 gauge Savage Pump, and single shot bolt action .22....I was always a fisherman so catch and release always appealed to me but would still take fish to eat both fresh/salt water. IMHO, if ur gonna hunt and kill an animal, it's final. U can't throw it back. Just leave it for scavengers...?WTF If ur not gonna eat it, don't kill it. I'm not trying to make a moral judgement against hunting here. I just don't get it. BTW, I'm not a religious freak or anti anything in that regard. Varmints>rats, over run by woodchucks, squirrels, raccoons etc. I sorta understand, but not a fan...altho' squirrels r edible along with cottontails. I know in some parts of the country it's done w/o a thought all the time.... Again, I'm not calling anyone out here...just expressing an opinion. I'm sure if I lived in the South, out west or Texas I'd be run outta town
  4. Question: How do you cast? I've used that type and even the thicker all rubber coated. Didn't work at all for me in any application, I like the 'wool' w/o finger tips. Wool still keeps u warm even when wet....not so much any other fabric type glove. Neoprene sucks and is cold. Having to take any glove/mitten off completely sucks when it cold/damp, etc. for bait fishing or for throwing a lure[each time?, forget that. But to be honest, I buy full gloves and customize by cutting the thumb, forefinger & middle finger on both hands. Then cut a slit 'around' the first joint. Then sew the edges so it doesn't unravel. Then I can flip up the casting hand forefinger[sometimes wrapped in waterproof tape for braid] and the other 9 r still warm. Takes some time, and rudimentary sewing skills but worth it. Or pop off all 6 to change lures, tie notes, put on bait, etc. I find that the'mitten' types that have the covers all 4 fingers other than thumb works great for bait fishing... when uncovered there is still a half wool finger for them. The above glove type for chucking lures works better for that. I've bought either type for $5-10.... My hands r never cold. All that being said, when holding any rod chest high, ur hands get cold[even in warmer weather] 'cause they r level/above ur heart. That is a circulation issue. The older u get the worse that gets.
  5. I always feed the birds in the winter, especially when there's snow on the ground.....I never feed the cats, snow or otherwise. Had a red tailed juvenile hawk[still big] but me/165 lb. and my dogs>60lb female Lab and a 18lb, Papillon Spaniel mix fly at waist high level between us yesterday. Kinda cool yet scary as i was fearful for the small dog.....but 18lb. and 2-3x the weight of a rabibit would prob b a problem for a eagle maybe[?]. Anyway my point is I have bird feeders/suet things all over the property and I'm thinkin' the hawk was waiting for the birds to show as it came from a tree across the street/or on my property. It didn't try to attack anything but flew between us....then sat high in a tree on the opposite side of the yard. Hawk in a light cream sauce? Wish anything would grab the squirrels...I use to like them til they raid the birdseed/suet feeders. Squirrel in a light cream sauce?
  6. Not sure 'bout cat in a light cream sauce....try it & report back....or feed it to ur dog....& report back
  7. thats hysterical Try a light cream sauce like they do everything in French restaurants.... then report back, if u live thru it. Stomach pumping doesn't count.
  8. Wasn't planning on doing anything....I can buy my own eggs and already own a cockatiel that doesn't play well with others.. Altho' I've heard they r delish roasted, then served in a light cream sauce and immediately feed to the dog. U only need to kill 34 of them. However, I will definitely report back on the present situation as it plays out. FWIW, I'm having fried chicken for dinner tonite.
  9. I would agree with u but the females [2 birdhouses] r sitting all day, occasionally the male gives her a break,,,,I sorta know the staking out, checkin' out, roosting, etc, behavior as I've watched these nests for the last 6 years[from my dining room] and have seen mostly seen it all. It's Spring behavior in Dec-Jan. and a first for my eyes.
  10. my $.02 I've said this before in the past and worth repeating. It never was explained so I'll throw it out again since it's related: In the NMOCO/SB area, we had a huge mussel die off kill. The beach stunk for weeks. We were catching fluke like crazy before. The exact day after[I was there both days], there wasn't a fluke to be caught. We used to catch 20 fish standing in line spot and not even moving. It never recovered and only this year have I seen any fluke start to rebound a bit. Seeing clam shells and mussels shells on the beach for the 1st time in years! So....this was way before Sandy. So 2 beach replenishments was dead even before and never had a fighting chance. So if the ecosystem was destroyed, no fluke, sea robins no bass chasing small stuff around. It however doesn't explain the bunker basically staying offshore most of the time since they are filter feeders....but does explain the recent sand eel reappearance! Haven't seen those guys in probably a dozen years..... this is my 2 pennies
  11. yeah, there's always that but these guys r nesting....seen behavior dozens of times before. they r literally 5 ft from my from my dining rm window
  12. Ok, now I get the * reference Is he callin' me a * ? if so, not sure why
  13. Yeah, seriously Post that pic as I seem to b lame/outta touch at the moment... Shrew venom.....thats prob where the saying came from....who knew?
  14. In Rockland County, NY Have 2 birdhouses side by side w/nesting sparrows. Males guarding/females sitting and sometimes reverse as the usual. Its +- 32ยบ outside! They r not practicing or checking out box like juveniles do in the Spring. Its been going on since Dec! I'm fearful for the eventual chicks IF/when they hatch. If they live, the training sessions in the eventual snow will b brutal. I personally attribute to the unusal warm weather we've had, 'til now. Anyone having or had this experience?