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  1. HerStory
  2. Only a should try’ll get used to it
  3. RomanEmpire
  4. Why would that matter?
  5. CataractSurgery
  6. Nor’easter
  7. We don’t actually think seem to prove it constantly...not he the same thing. So the Avatar is a pic of a mine/cave and not a sad hound dog....
  8. Should be a rule that it comes with popcorn
  9. Bodyguard
  10. When it gets to this level of dumb & meaningless vids... the death knell of this thread is imminent.... ding dong circling the bowl fat lady warbling
  11. Nah... Believe me, when you actually have some truths to digest, handling will be a blessing we can enjoy
  12. Blanket
  13. Machismo
  14. Mick’s avatar in its small icon size always looked like a hound dog’s eye and never paid it any mind. When I actually looked closer and saw it was some kinda cavern to nowhere.... it all sorta made sense and came together. “Cavern To Nowhere”.... playing on Netflix sometime after we all die a horrible death.... be sure to miss it.
  15. You will forever be know as Raised by Dingos Punching Bag Prince Charmless Doom De Doom Doom (pick one... or all)