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  1. We clowns are living in the present.... Try it sometime. I, for one, find comfort in raising a family. And contributing to society, helping others... Try it sometime.
  2. ok, i just breathed....coast is clear...he's moved on to more important threads. Can't wait to see where he alienates next, altho' that would be following him and against his paronoidic sensibilities..
  3. the blow ref is mold old.....and not even close to even a vague weather ref nah me thinks it could be used in another sex ref towards a member
  4. we can only hope...look, I'm holding my breath
  5. would rather have lies & darkness
  6. that's quite an assumption...
  7. Another untruth about showing up on "your" threads I just told you i used to play..... Mr. Paranoid...can't you read? Please just go to a hot babes thread....I can't imagine what your definition of a hot woman is....
  8. where's the rain, cloud, thunder, lightning, snow, storm, moisture reference here...?
  9. Because I joined a thread that interested me?... I don't follow anyone around. least of all you. Don't flatter, the paranoia. Because you found something in other sports distasteful, that make US idiots? I happen to like baseball["go Yanques"], basketball, tennis all which I played. I even like soccer, which I played in HS/college and watch the Spanish broadcasts["GOOOOOal"] btw. stop following ME around. Why don't you find another thread to join that I have no interest the motorcycle one currently active. I'm sure you could alienate a few bikers. Good luck!
  10. your quote:"You are NOT worth one second of my time." so So technically I'm giving you 3x as much you allotted me., Mr. Stingy. I'd don't follow anyone, least of all you. You just happen to be in a thread I was interested in. Wow, talk about paranoid.
  11. sorry, I lost it for a're such a' betta?
  12. these are all good!
  13. That's 'cause you probably don't know or never heard any of the standards...ur such a jerk. Here's one: Chopin's "Raindrop" Prelude....that should really put you out for a week
  14. good one!