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  1. There is "NOTHING" IMO that moves and swims like a Mister Twister curly tail grub! Period ! They have THE best serpentine movement of all manufactured twister tails out there, including Gulp! Gulp has the market on scent but they move terribly............but i guess that's not a factor when you're catching ! I incorporate some Pro-Cure scent on my Mister Twisters and i have a great swimming scented bait that has caught me everything across the fish spectrum. The 6" MT curly tails are super on bucktails as they move just as well vertically as they do horizontally. Again, its' serpentine type movement rivals pork at times ....
  2. I've had great luck during the fall and spring runs with a black 2 3/8 oz. Super Strike Little Neck Popper trailing a black Red Gill teaser. You swim this combo slowly and if anything is in the area, hands down you're hooking up !! Period !!
  3. This is nice !
  4. that lower tsunami one is awesome............where can we find this??
  5. don't know what they're waiting for.................Rock Bottom?
  6. Yes, that's what i meant........ East Coast Moratorium would serve these stocks well now if the numbers are what they say they are.
  7. Amazing how that FG knot held..........cripes, i would have had both ends palomar tied to a spro swivel. Nice catch............
  8. True......you hear it all the time-----the fish are at your feet. Problem is, though, fishing these south jersey sandy beaches--- i need to get out between that first and second bar the majority of the times
  9. Good stuff mt...........woodies and blacks !!
  10. What about the fall and next spring ?
  11. Boy.... you aint kiddin' Slappy..........I think these 14" Hogys are the best eel imitators going! ....but tell me, how do you suggest using them from the surf while getting some decent distance.....
  12. that's a nice young fish !!