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  1. How will justice ever be served if someone doesn’t have the b@lls to throw the first dagger! Such egregiousness can’t continue on such levels. Doesn’t get any worse than this in my opinion....
  2. What “risk” does DJT have? At what point does the hammer of the law come down??
  3. Of course I do ...... doesn’t make it right is the point, zyba
  4. Someone big is going to have to be led away in ‘cuffs..... and this guy Brennan needs to be the one, for starters! Slap them on him !!
  5. There is NO reason why John Brennan shouldn’t be led away in handcuffs!! NO reason !!
  6. THIS right here is the golden question! There had better not be the “low hanging fruit” that gets the fall here...... “Top Level Brass” needs to be held to account for all of this for it is they, and only they, that could have attempted to try and pull this kind of high crime off! Too many bureaucratic hurdles for the small man, rank and file personnel to overcome....
  7. Sad for “senior members” to be indicted?? What if those “senior members” knowingly broke the law to target and spy on a presidential candidate/POTUS which many of the investigative reports have shed light on in detail, in addition to, IG reports having uncovered broken and changed protocols/procedures?? How can YOU feel sad for those people ?? Because THOSE are the very people who should have the full power of the law thrown at them !!
  8. J- Don't worry.........we'll still have the naysayers denying...........
  9. Why “funny”? What part of spying on a presidential candidate/POTUS is “funny”? Ill give you sad..... but what’s “funny”?
  10. Brian ..... there is overwhelming evidence! For starters, Have you done some reading on both Sara Carter and John Solomon pieces? There is ample evidence...... The question is, and shaill remain.....will they hold the “Top Brass” accountable? Plain and simple!
  11. At this point of the investigation, i wouldn't expect the AG to reveal anything more than what he said in this clip. I remember watching the whole interview and i can tell you that he is conducting himself in such a manner that he will let Durham play out his role and provide him with that detailed report. BUT, if you can't read between the lines here, than you haven't been keeping up with Barr. Probably don't blame you at this point ..... it's a long and arduous process.............
  12. I would expect this kind of answer from a counselor..............and probably, rightfully so! In the meantime............you'll need to go by something
  13. Quite wrong there Counselor...............Fox was the only one bringing this to light-----more importantly, the guests they had/have on that go by the names of Sara Carter and John Solomon have yet to be disputed with this story line! Where are you getting your information for crying out loud??
  14. I hope this helps those who have missed the real news over the last 2, 3 years or so..........