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  1. 7’ Avid Surf rated to 1 oz......paired with a 2500 Penn Clash spooled with 10 lb. Crystal Fireline. You could fish that thing ALL day! Perfect fluke set-up for the surf......but I've also encountered a 15 plus pound bass with that combo and it handled her nicely
  2. You have fished tubes with Kastmasters and Hopkins and can't witness tube action??
  3. I'm confused here for those that have said their Slammer 3 had dunk-ability issues...........I had mine for several years now and had it under water on multiple occasions and haven't had these negative experiences. Granted, i wasn't reeling it underwater like a VS or ZB but, nevertheless it has performed beautifully so far. Zeno goes a little bit above and beyond in the video below but it should still demonstrate it's reliability under water for those times in need..........
  4. You need to swim one and take a look at its' action before coming to that conclusion.
  5. I'll second that
  6. VR50 with 14 lb. Fireline Crystal and you'll be set !!
  7. Nice catch and fish Dave .........and kudos to you for a great release
  8. Good Stuff
  9. Fish......you could also try those waterproof cases........i picked up a Lifeproof one for $25 and don't hesitate carrying in my front pocket right in the wash...........
  10. Very Nice Fish...........
  11. Would you be interested in an 11’ CTS S8 rated to 3 oz.? I had it custom built by RH Custom rods and used it about a half dozen times.
  12. What's the distance from the butt to half of the reel seat?
  13. Yup!! I had those "FREE" courtesy packs come my way also. Bill is the consummate professional we all seek...........good man !!
  14. I have the 7' version..........What a fluke rod for the surf paired with a Clash 3000 and 10 lb. Fireline Crystal...............Can go all day with it !!