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  1. These idiots think that the evidence for all this should be sitting on a silver plate in the middle of Park Avenue. Just like Biden's influence peddling and bribes with our adversaries........cause bank statements, emails, texts, testimonies, photographs, canceled checks, etc., etc aren't enough!! We have the most corrupt operation on the planet !
  2. Exactly....... Furthermore, EVERYONE knows that once a "virus" hits the shores, you're "f**ked"!! There's really only one thing that can happen at that point----that there virus must and will take its' course!! Everyone knows China is to blame! Halting travel into their country but allowing flights out for two solid weeks. Hatches should have been shut down immediately from within the country from which it was found. Please.............The CCP and the WHO are the culprits. Period!
  3. And there you have it again folks…….right here for all of us to see. Everything this nimrod says is parroted straight from what the mainstream media have been feeding the sheep. And this nimrod zak exposes himself once again by repeating the exact same talking points the MSM/Deep State have been feeding him and his brethren for the last 8 years starting with the infamous democrat driven Russian hoax. Dick Cheney ??????? He’s one of you guys…. please folks……pray for this lost soul who goes by the name “zak”.
  4. Hey nimrod........are you kidding me? You're shedding light on this "hurricane" b*llsh*t? Just when you think you've heard everything........I'm telling you-------you keep exposing the serious characteristics of the ever more dangerous affects of Stage 4 TDS!!! Additionally, Tell me, what did Trump do with HIS PEN?? You Bozo cherrypicker.......it's all about what a POTUS does with HIS PEN!! Get some medication for this illness!!
  5. If this is any indication of your intelligence, it explains a lot!! I hope you realize the event has already passed......
  6. Righttttt…….memes!! He’s blowing the competition out of the water cause Americans are seeing through everything that is being thrown at him Anyways Good Luck Comrade
  7. Ehem! He is the REAL Republican…….he’s leading by 50+ points in the field! wake up cod………you keep bouncing around the wrong block Yo!!
  8. The idiot had the most putrid 50 year record in politics second to none!! We knew this back in 2020, we know it now! The man didn’t win the damn election……Period!!
  9. You’re dealing with the epitome of a TDS patient. Just let him ramble on like a babbling, drooling idiot
  10. Just a bit of advice zak…….you may want to stop with the obvious lies and projections coming from your Biden driven failures. Because this only further exposes the raw case of TDS you continue to have.
  11. Such a joke……Trump would have had him speechless the first 5 minutes. Amazing to me how this guy dodges the stone cold facts!!
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