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  1. That’s what I was trying to figure out……the appeal to these things. I guess during a time where the Fin-S-Fish, Zoom Fluke and other soft plastics weren’t abundantly available, these things were the option. thanks for the response FBN
  2. Thanks …… but quickly, do you jig these things like bucktails? What is it that you’re supposed to pay attention to when fishing these?
  3. bass.....seriously, what about your back?? Are you carrying those suitcases on your endeavors? How long are you out there fishing carrying those things? Sounds like you're carrying 10 pounds worth of tackle.....
  4. Don't know where you're going with this reply........But i was strictly speaking to the product today since being made overseas. Price and availability aside, the quality of the Kastmaster has gone south since its' production in China........like every other thing made over there.
  5. Nice post.......tell me, how are these Alou Bait Tails supposed to be fished. What would be the technique of choice in making these baits very effective. Thanks.
  6. These problems arise with the Kastmasters made in China........absolute junk!! I'm wondering if the lure is actually 100% brass anymore?? Try and find the older Made in the USA ones.............ready to go out of the package.
  7. Awesome pak...............what were we targeting that time of the year??
  8. I’ll PM you….
  9. Would a check be fine? You can wait for it to clear……
  10. Locked……would you respectfully accept $280……I’d understand if you wouldn’t….just right on funds right now
  11. Pics would be great …..
  12. Nice Find Bigs........but the "Upperman"/Bean type bucktail needs a sparse dose of hair. This will enable it to do what it's supposed to do with respect to the zig/zag retrieve. that is why many do not use a trailer - it will inhibit it's action. Although, over the years i have found that very thin worms, like the 4" Power Bait Power Worm (below) or Mr. Twister's Phenom worm work superbly with phenomenal action.
  13. GREAT post Mr. Greene!! Out of all your content here on SOL, I could not agree with you more on this single post alone!