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  1. Yeah I know what you men by the eye, my pop used to make fun of lures we bought in the store with eyes all the way to the side an back because he claimed TN at only predator fish have eyes like that. When I started building that was something I remembered, right wrong or indifferent lol
  2. Ppulled in the nose and raised the lip while keeping the rear fat for a hard tail wag. 5-1/2"
  3. Hey dan, it's not that I just got hit with a bill and can stand to save the cash. Been doing a lot of traveling for work but I will keep you in mind in the near future.
  4. Some people make me laugh, obviously the technique has been around for years and obviously some misread my post. But why respond under the pretense that I'm trying to reinvent the wheel when all I want is a nice hot stove over some bucktailing. Post pics or share your techniques, I was simply detailing a technique i used more often this year. But in typical sol fashion everything turns into a pissing match.
  5. Close thread lost inTerest in the item.
  6. Obviously it's more than casting and retrieving, I'm talking the watered down physical act of how we fish. We put something out there and bring it back in. How we go about it is up to anyone and thats the conversation I was trying to conjure. I used the inlet as an easy example but I meant more to the affect of super thick tied half ounce aND 3/4 Oz bucks in surf/pocket environments fished lateraly within what ever cross current may exist as a primary presentation rather than just on the odd experimental cast. continue clarifying, Bucktails are (often) (mis-used) because of the many options they permit the caster to utilize them but maybe that are never explored. Don't worry old salt pakalola I wasn't implying there was something even you didn't know about.
  7. I'll be the first to exclaim a plug can do anything a metal lip or any other manipulated wood concoction will. For years I loved, lived an died by this mantra and in-spite of many an outing's skunking; the nich filled by wood plugs still can't be ignored. Aside from delving into another wood obsessed rant i'll get right to the point; fishing boils down to little more than casting and retrieving, lord knows a plug fisher's ritual well and often to their dismay; sore shoulders are no measure of success in today's thinned out striper population. This all said, I'v found Bucktails to be vastly Il-used, yet overused in the same breath. My random, publicly unsubstantiated opinion means little to those who are reading but with winter on the horizon I couldn't care less. Casting and retrieving, sort-of an injustice to bucktailing in my opinion...I tried something different this year which saved me on a few trips. In no small part to the average amount of fly fishing i'v done throughout life, I tried fishing a bucktail in much the same fashion I would a nymph in a fast stream. Paying close attention to it's overall weight and buoyancy in relation to the current being fished, I cast far up tide and drifted various weight and tied Bucktails as I would a sinking nymph in a stream and maintained contact throughout the drift until my line came taught down tide. At no time did I retrieve the bucktail across current, the only requirement was eliminating slack line until the bucktail drifted out at wich time i promptly pulled in the bucktail. After choosing a slice of cross current or lateral moving inlet water, I drifted an appropriate hair density and weight bucktail to hit that water at what ever deapth was apropriate. This means in a sense, fishing the lightest Bucktails conditions will alow, so for the sake of conversation; what are some abstract ways you employ this over fished and under-explored lure option?
  8. If the reel is in solid working and average cosmetic condition then yes I would agree to that.
  9. Can you post some different angles of the 300s sides an stem?
  10. Il do your original asking for the 300 box an papers?
  11. P.s still waiting on Dan's response before anyone else.
  12. I would only want the bailess and I intend to use the reel. Name a price.
  13. You talkin 2-300 cash?
  14. I like, but not sure I'm willing to pay what your expecting, name your price range