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  1. JohnP- I’ve been a member here for many years and have rarely posted. You are a horses ass. If I get thrown out for that so be it.
  2. They're rusting from the inside out, you won't see it. My 2000 was worth maybe 7k they gave me 16,000. Take it in and let them look at it. They know where to poke them and if it goes through you are a winner.
  3. Thats all I could manage, I don't work for the DEP.
  4. I stayed in a Holiday Inn express. Thats a guest permit not an access permit. Here's a link to the online permit. You print it out after you fill it in and you'll be good to go right away.
  5. Jadweega, I got my reply also. I sent back that I drive by daily and stop and talk to the guys fishing on the weekends. I told him that I live in town and know people that live along the lake and some that are retired and fish there everyday. It was a long reply to him and I explained to him the reasons why I'm sure they didn't stock the lake. I don't fish there myself but bring kids to learn and have a good time there. With all the people fishing power bait and worms I doubt there wouldn't be anyone who caught a fish or got a bite. Its always been a nice place to spend some time and get some fresh air Thanksgiving week. I did say if I see anyone who caught or saw a trout caught I would let him know.
  6. Jadweega, I sent an E-mail to fish and game about the stocking but haven't heard back yet. I was there a couple of times over the weekend, maybe we spoke? Were you using a flyrod?