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  1. I will let him know can you pm me contact info as he is not on here. Attached pic
  2. Thanks but looking for This guy Tyler. There are 2 dozen tiers minimum between L I. And jersey - a friend wants ones like I have that he made with flash strip on each side - lateral line- and really likes it. For a regular guy to add that - out of their norm. Would probably not want to bother.
  3. Bought the recommended size by cg from the jersey tackle supplier that does the fleamarkets. Sure someone knows his company name. They go on like butter with the pliers in pick which also a jersey company
  4. Hello, 5-6 years ago on here I met a teaser, hook tail - flags maker named Tyler. I had him make me a bunch and now a friend is in need. Anyone know how to reach out to him? I already went through my pm's yesterday and tried pp to find info. Is he still active on sol
  5. N/p good luck
  6. Yours selling price is$309 mine is $439 -$479 = add $130 cash and we have a deal
  7. I searched tackledirect ebay and amazon for a 10k only reel that kept coming up is 1000
  8. No thankyou, your showing list price not lowest actual selling price like i did. Your reel sells for $239 on both big sites. Where as min has a list of $479 and lowest selling is $439
  9. Shop may be closing last i heard couple weeks ago. Daughter just wants to keep wholesale business
  10. Onlything i can find is saragosa 1000 for $239 - no 10k
  11. Brand new in box, gift but just not my type of reel. $400 plus your preferred type of shipping.