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  1. N/p good luck
  2. Yours selling price is$309 mine is $439 -$479 = add $130 cash and we have a deal
  3. I searched tackledirect ebay and amazon for a 10k only reel that kept coming up is 1000
  4. No thankyou, your showing list price not lowest actual selling price like i did. Your reel sells for $239 on both big sites. Where as min has a list of $479 and lowest selling is $439
  5. Shop may be closing last i heard couple weeks ago. Daughter just wants to keep wholesale business
  6. Onlything i can find is saragosa 1000 for $239 - no 10k
  7. Brand new in box, gift but just not my type of reel. $400 plus your preferred type of shipping.
  8. did you read the description? it is a deep metallic green w/ shades of black - please confirm that you understand it is not all black
  9. all Brand new - Mega Darters 3 oz = $32 Shipped each 1st one is a sick forest metallic green/red-head = sold Striper bite - 3oz $26 shipped