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  1. Yup a pair have been at the old borough hall for a couple weeks.
  2. They didn't hit the target . . . a lot of resources and rounds to miss. Considering the record sniper shot/kill was 3870 yards and on one attempt doesn't make this seem too impressive. IDK, did I miss the target on this one?
  3. Herring or ring billed sea gull
  4. Believe this is it, I spoke to a DEP person there and said it was likely a poor saline/fresh mix that killed them.
  5. Glad to hear, will pray for a speedy recovery!
  6. Not that anyone cares as I'm not here enough . . . not sure how you guys find the time. Haircut at 4:15 and then my 5 mile run. BD dinner tonight for the SO's son and to celebrate his acceptance into med school . . . first thing in morning pick-up the boat and then have a client meeting. Just rec'd a shipment from Mudhole, so have to turn a couple rods and fix some guides on others. Not sure about Saturday night, probably hang low and chill with some Bourye. Sunday morning at church and then my 5 mile run . . . finish leftover work from Saturday and then go to an open house to see if I want to move. Sunday night will probably grill and chill and prepare for another crazy week. Bunker and Ospreys are here . . . small fish are being caught, but I won't start until 4/1.
  7. Looks legit . . . being reported on all major news outlets . . . but apparently this letter was taken down from the senators social media site.
  8. HBD Red!
  9. IDK, having been around many prospective “D1” athletes, the odds are still stacked against them. Some of these early phenoms either stop progressing or burn out. Unless it’s the kids decision to not participate in sports or activities outside the one(s) they are excelling, I would not prevent them from doing things like snowboarding, surfing, etc. Sometimes it’s easy to allow yourself to get caught up in one path or destiny, and ignore all the other possibilities. You’re only a teenager once, life shouldn’t be solely focused on the unicorn of the D1 athletic scholarship.
  10. Could somebody translate . . . did the dog bite the kids or wag his tail?
  11. Stoopid is what stoopid does I suppose . . . showing my age IDK . . . but if I had to, would opt for the gorilla!
  12. Red wings are a good sign . . . but doesn't make me want to chase stripers yet, at least in NJ. When the first ospreys arrive, that's when I start casting.
  13. Dems are despicable as well as the Reps when they impeached Clinton . . . they all want to hear whatever supports their respective narratives. Bunch of grand standers taking advantage of a man pushed to desperate means by overly aggressive prosecutors. All a circus and none our representatives truly representing us.
  14. Yeah, that would have been my son . . . stood straight up an played the best tackling dummy you could imagine. Again, it wasn't until these kids hit 12/13 years old that I noticed more physical play with increased size and strength. Especially on the line on the line of scrimmage . . . the younger, lighter kids did not fire off with any speed and having small size they just bounced into one another. I primarily taught shield blocking, knowing they weren't going drive anyone off the line of scrimmage. I probably witnessed more concussions coaching baseball with kids diving for balls and slamming their heads on the ground.
  15. I coached Pop Warner for 6 years . . . the real collisions really didn't start occurring until midget sized kids (7th and 8th grade). The little kids simply didn't have the size or power. Yeah, occasionally you have those one or two kids more advanced and capable in creating a big collision, but proper coaching on tackling, blocking, running techniques mitigated most issues. I can only remember 2 kids from six years of coaching that had concussions. Both of those occurred in practice. Benched them and notified parents to have them examined. We adopted the NCAA concussion protocol before it was required. Our league engaged a local medical clinic that would preform base line testing on all the kids.