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  1. Ha, nope. Lifting a small blue, threw the hook and sling shot into my eye. One of the few times I wasn’t wearing my glasses.
  2. Or I will give them permission to use this image of me lol
  3. Are you dehydrated? That can cause sudden muscle cramping . . .
  4. Not true, this is not a political issue. Take it to the PG.
  5. The Hydro Minnow swims much shallower than the SP . . . that's the beauty. It casts as well, but more effective in skinny water. There are only two versions, I believe, the 150 and 170. I've used the 150 with great success in each of the last two springs. All the colors are effective as long as it's bone
  6. Fixed it for you . . . you'll thank me at redemption time.
  7. Adjust your hearing aid . . . may be short circuiting.
  8. "Epstein pleaded guilty in 2008 to procuring a person under 18 for prostitution and felony solicitation of prostitution, according to his plea agreement on charges brought in Florida" Nothing to wait for . . . more of the same. How can you not "hate" based on 2008 conviction?
  9. Kid looks disgusted LOL
  10. I agree . . . but they reek of hypocrisy . . . same progressives that ridicule President Trump for not acting "presidential", exhibit behavior that is very unpatriotic. Listening to a morning show and a "progressive woman" was denouncing the POTUS, and was asked what democratic candidate she liked, she responded by saying she likes Mayor Pete because he is cute. Radio host said POTUS stated Mayor Pete looks Alfred E Neuman . . . lady states Trump is an orange faced pumpkin head and an idiot for judging candidates by how they look
  11. Been a very long time since I was there . . . Been drinking an IPA from that area
  12. White Rd, LS
  13. At the office . . . only one here
  14. You didn’t kill him, not at all. Our best friends put their Wheaton down today . . . It’s very sad and my thoughts are with you.
  15. Work today and Friday, Market is open. Since most folks will be off Friday, good day to catch-up with several clients who normally have challenging schedules. All GOTO meetings so I can do them from home or my office that is less than 10 minutes drive.