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  1. They will hit top waters in temps below 50. Got a handful on hydro pencils today and previous days. I used to believe the same nonsense about water needing to be above 50 until about 20 years ago standing next to a guy who started throwing a pencil popper in 47 degree water. Thought the guy was a clown until he started raising and hooking fish. Turns out I was the clown for my close minded “beliefs”.
  2. If willing to split, will pay $12 for the hydro pencil.
  3. Believe me, I’m no fan of this guy. But that needs to be put in context? Is he referring to many of the miners moving operations to countries that support more green energy, thereby reducing the carbon footprint created by bitcoin mining?
  4. Remember how that wood floor would go up and down when you had big crowds dancing!
  5. Looks like a peregrine, but I’m no expert as well.
  6. You 100% sure it was an osprey? Believe you’ve been around awhile so don’t mean to doubt you, but don’t believe I’ve ever seen one in January. Of course everything is changing and shouldn’t be surprising.
  7. Here’s a little guy from 2017 . . .
  8. Make it a shot with a beer and I’m fluking tomorrow!
  9. You’re going to owe me lunch then. Guy standing next to me this past Saturday slid a 20” onto the beach. I’ve caught them in late November.
  10. What if it was a fluke or summer flounder? If you don’t know the species or the size limits it should be released.
  11. Sure is, The Reservation . . . Hopefully this link is within the rules:
  12. Great organization . . . kid grew up in the neighborhood, joined Marines and came back from Afghanistan without his legs and eye sight . . . Tunnels to Towers built him a home that allows him independence and dignity. Donate away to them . . .
  13. Saw several off Deal this morning . . . They’re in the area.
  14. Good question . . . Power ratings refer to the rods ability to leverage/handle weight. For surf rods it goes from about 2 to 8. A 2 would be for very light fishing and light lure weight, where an 8 would handle heavier lure weight like throwing 3-4 oz BT’s in a sweeping current. An example, a 1085 means the rod is 108” long (9’) and rated at 5 power.