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  1. Not sure if I posted the video correctly . . . still somewhat technically challenged with this stuff.
  2. Couple from my son and buddy in Sitka, AK . . . they still have a decent rainbow fishery through the winter months.
  3. She’s in my prayers . . . God bless with a quick recovery!
  4. If I had to guess . . . millennial men. A #metoo effort to engage them into thinking, embracing the perception men are entrenched in behavior that is no longer tolerable. "We make men without chests and expect from them virtue and enterprise. We laugh at honor and are shocked to find traitors in our midst" CS Lewis, The Abolition of Man
  5. Wow . . . I find this insulting. The suggestion that most men behave poorly is ridiculous. I believe the majority of us behave appropriately in most, if not all, situations. What a bunch of bull ****. Dollar Shave Club here I come . . .
  6. Dallas making it on 4th and one and next play cooper sliding in
  7. Could be wrong, but the earlier replenishment starting in the mid 90’s corresponded with a very strong striped bass fishery. Unfortunately, replenishment projects post 2010 along with the rapid decrease in striped bass biomass is leading to the lack of fish. As good as the boat fishery appears to have been over last couple years, it’s nothing compared to 10 years ago. We’re not seeing fish push to the beach simply because there are fewer fish. Imagine a bird eye view of the coastline and shaded areas representing schools of stripers comparing now to 10 years ago. I bet those shaded areas have been reduced by at least 50%, if not more.
  8. Fair enough . . . You guys seem to know him . . . Sudsy I would still kick him in the shins just to be sure lol
  9. That’s great, but not very nice to belittle someone because they caught a decent number of fish that were on the smaller size. I’m sure FBN is a rockstar among striper fisherman. Catching less than 10 stripers for the year with at least 7 over 20 lbs is impressive.
  10. Okay . . . . 1 lb, that would be very under. Your average would be 76 lbs per fish . . . still very impressive.
  11. Okay, if his fish averaged 4lbs that would mean you averaged about 306 lbs per fish . . . that is impressive!!!
  12. Happy BD!
  13. Not a chance. If anyone has any integrity or honesty, they cannot dispute Chuck and Nancy may be the two most disingenuous politicians to ever hold office.
  14. Mako are you Lorenzo Lamas?
  15. Get a pair of socks that fit you, those are way too small. Stretched out socks will cause the same problem. Those Kirkland socks are not bad.