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  1. Believe that’s the first fluke I’ve ever heard being caught on a bluegill strip. Good job, I think
  2. don't disagree . . . but my point is it would never get that far. The BOE already knows it's a non-starter.
  3. Doesn't work that way . . . a district, specifically the BOE, cannot target older teaches and rehire younger to replace. Union will never allow it . . . you have to move a mountain to terminate a tenured teacher. Extracurricular activities will be cut first, then they will identify upcoming retirements and not replace those teachers or admin. In addition, if needed, they can float a referendum to increase taxes to cover shortfall.
  4. If you can build a rod, I would suggest the Mudhole SU1087F . . . you can get it in one or two piece. 2 oz is probably top end . . . I'm primarily throwing between 3/4 and 1.5 . . . paired with a VS150 and spooled with 20lb braid.
  5. Maybe the camera was in the sun at that time and then shaded minutes later . . .
  6. Very sorry to hear this MW, will certainly keep her, you and family in my daily prayers.
  7. Having a consistent bite with 25-32” fish on top water . . . So many very beautiful fish . . . I’ve often thought the Chesapeake fish have a more sloping head as opposed to Hudson fish having more of block head . . . Just an observation.
  8. If you get out to the fluke grounds, water is much cleaner . . . dirty water seems to be in all the creeks.
  9. You're in great hands! Again, please feel free to use me as a resource . . . it was only 3 years ago for me, age 56, and still fresh in my mind. Not a horrible experience at all . . . cardiac floor at JSMC was phenomenal, it's a relatively new floor and the ventilation system brings in fresh air rather than recycled. I had my surgery 5/15/17 and by July I was running again . . . by fall I was full swing into fishing with no limitations.
  10. Hey Tim, Had mine 3 years ago, a 6x CABG . . . I was asymptomatic. Not necessarily agreeing with the opinion here to go to “the big city”. Jersey Shore has one of the best cardiac floors in the region. My doc is a young guy, 43-44 years old out of Monmouth Cardiology, Dr Jason Litsky. Dr. Kourosh Asgarian at Mid-Atlantic Surgical Associates was my cardiothoracic surgeon. My step daughter is an ICU nurse on the cardiac floor at Columbia Presbyterian. If you want a “big city” opinion that’s the place to go. She was extremely impressed with the approach, treatment and care I received. Multiple doctors I am friends with all suggested I go to Jersey Shore. 2 opinions is never a bad idea, so my suggestion is to start with Dr Litsky and then Columbia Presbyterian. Just let me know if you want the name of a surgeon there. My opinion, for what’s its worth. If your blockage is significant and in a spot that makes catheterization difficult, best to have the bypass done. Good luck and let me know if I can be a resource.
  11. Yes, first cast slid a 54 onto the beach . . . and then sold it right away for $600!!! Gonna use those funds to buy two more at $300 each direct, and rinse and repeat. Possible world record at some point
  12. LOL!!!
  13. Sold in the BST for $600 . . . not sure I understand.
  14. Thanks, got it. Presumptive compliance as far as financial hardship. But still need to show evidence 75% of funds used for payroll. Also, I’m still not clear how sole p’s or independent contractors loans will be forgiven if they don’t have any employees.
  15. Good morning SOL and @jimmy z Its a beautiful morning here in NJ with lots of positive occurring. Father God please bless all the wonderful members of SOL and their families with safety and good health. Please place a special blessing on those that are troubled or facing health challenges. Please continue to guide our country and those around the globe to fulfill Your Word. Bless all our first responders and health care workers as well as those who proudly serve our country. In Jesus Christ’s name, Amen!