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    Moving Long Island one grain at a time!
  1. Great time today! Thanks!
  2. Now you pushing it! Hopefully people bring their food in them already!
  3. I have 8 water pans. Do we need more? Ill pick up some sternos. I'll also bring 2 garbage cans and some bags.
  4. Grill, charcoal, tent, a table, a couple chairs, a tray of pasta salad, something for the grill, and 1 or 2 kids. I have sterno rack. Let me know if you need any.
  5. I'm in! Trying to get my smoker finished before this!
  6. http://www.dec.ny.gov/permits/54950.html Suggestion: Add the NYSDEC Saltwater/Freshwater Marine registry site
  7. Im interested in the waders. Can I meet up with you tomorrow night? Im in Hauppauge
  8. Can your wife talk to our wives?
  9. Had a great time! Nice to see everyone again! [img=