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  1. check out the Nucanoe, I have one and as a couple mentioned above I have found flyfishing out of it not too much fun...with a couple exceptions. When fishing on ponds or lakes with little current its not bad to drift and leisurely flyfish out of. However, most of my fishing is in saltwater and there is almost always a current and or wind to deal with. I found that either staking out with an anchor trolley on flats or on edges or drop offs in flattish water, standing sight fishing(with paddle stowed) was alot of fun, but the key for me was to remove the paddle out of the equation and have as little on the deck as possible. What sold me on the Nucanoe was being able to go out solo, or with a friend, alot of rigging capabilities and possibilities, its big and wide so standing up was a breeze. It was a lot of trial and error for me in outfitting my ride, after experiencing issues on the water...anchor trolley and modifications to it, anchor, seats, fishfinder/depthfinder, bilge pump, dry bag(s), stakeout pole. I can also strip all that crap out of it and add an extra seat and take a buddy, wifey or my little man when he gets bigger for a cruise. I fish around the Norwalk islands so I dont need to paddle more than a mile so speed wasnt a prime concern. That being said I also think of my craft as a means of transportion, I would prefer to fly fish on foot. A friend has a tarpon 140 and I've taken it out a few times and its a speed demon compared to the Nucanoe, but you cant stand comfortably in my opinion, always tradeoffs.
  2. Good stuff Steve, thanks for sharing!
  3. Surprisingly there werent many worms, or fish last night, I checked out a very small outflow before heading home that has produced in years past and there were some pops and splashes as the tide dropped, they ate the bead head worm fly until there was nothing left of it, and the last few fish came on the clouser. Best fish of the night almost broke my rod...I was fishing off some docks to a small pipe that drains a very small tidal pond, the hit was light, and it swam right in to me as I hand stripped it in, the water below me is roughly 10-12' deep and as I was pulling the fish up it dove and went under the dock and behind me and the angle I was at, the rod hit the edge of the dock. combat fishing around a marina can be fun in the wee hours of the night!
  4. From the album Worm flies

  5. From the album Worm flies

  6. From the album Worm flies

  7. I haven't had any time to tie, but I found these stashed away and they're going to swim tonight...
  8. take a look at the Nucanoe, I have a classic 12 and love it...its no speed demon, but its great for what I do, fly and spin fish, sometimes I throw on an extra seat for wifey or a friend.
  9. check out the attwood battery powered one, I used it and abused it all last year, worked amazing! It lived in the back of my jeep when it wasnt on the nucanoe. I got mine off amazon(search attwood battery bilge pump), another forum suggested it and it was a solid find.
  10. I'm a huge fan of axioms, I have and primarily fish the 7wt and 9wt. the 9 wt is a beast of a rod in my opinion. I fish at night alot(for stipers) and cast mostly by feel, I personally like to overline these rods. I prefer the 9wt with a rio outbound short(10wt) floater with intermediate tip to chuck large flatwings and tented wing herring and bunker patterns, mostly swinging in outflows. a 10 wt wulff bermuda triangle taper is nice on this rod too, a little softer presentation than the outbound short. For flats fishing, I like the 7wt with a rio outbound 9wt floater, I use this set up to sightfish small crab patterns, I have landed some pretty large stripers on my 7wt axiom. The wulff bermuda triangle taper lines are also very nice on these rods. I have also hooked(but not landed) a couple albies on my 7wt, throwing 8wt airflo ridge line, this was from the rocks in rhody and I felt I needed more rod, its just the 9wt is alot of work to cast all day long which is typical of a mostly shorebound albie maniac. I have landed many albies on my 9wt, both from shore and boat, no issues, this rod can take it.
  11. I use the yakattack 8' stakeout pole, on my anchor trolly. I fish out of a nucanoe classic, I have no scuppers. comes in very handy for flats fishing, in and around the norwalk islands the currents are going in different directions depending on where you are, in combination with wind directions, and or obstacles, the anchor trolley offers alot of flexibility. I would still keep an anchor with you though, sometimes its impossible to get a good grip with the stakeout pole in some conditions, especially in current.
  12. Speechless! amazing vid, thanks for sharing
  13. I do a fair amount of sight fishing for bass, my experience has been that stripers dont take me into my backing very often... the fish above never took me into my backing, it just wanted to stay 50-60 away from the flats boat, and after 3 or 4 back and forths, she gave up her side boatside. The same day, I hooked a 34" fish that tore off the flat like a bat out of hell, performed a barrel roll that any tarpon would be proud of, and got me into my backing. the above fish was caught (and released) on 10 lb test. when fishing 10 lb test you have to keep that drag light and lightly palm when needed, I have broken off my fair share of fish on 10 and 12 lb test. This fish above put up a great fight in less than 2' of water, not big by anyones standards, but if my memory serves this fish took me into my backing, but just barely. It may also depend on where the nearest deep water or cover is and if they bolt to it. My other preferred method to fish for stripers is swinging big flat and tented wing streamers, I mostly use straight 7' 20 lb maxima and rarely break off anything and can horse them in quickly in current. I think it depends on the situation, I like to use 15 or 20 lb test, the only time I go lighter is if I'm getting refusals and sometimes it has made a difference(Peter, Ryan taught me that...), this is while sight fishing to actively cruising fish on the flats around sandy and fishers.
  14. YUM, should get eaten! How you like those brushes?
  15. Hi All, It looks like my better half and I are heading up to Maine to join some friends who are moving up there for the long weekend...if albies show I'll have to hightail it to the rhody coast... I've done a little research on fishing little Sebago, with little to show for it. Is there any good fishing to be had from the lake, or should I plan on exploring nearby waters? I'll have my Jeep and nucanoe with me to get around...Im most interested in pursuing LL salmon, or bass. Im also not opposed to checking out the coast near Portland, any striper activity there? thanks, Ian