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  1. I am away, and I go on vacation the day I get back. I much prefer a local deal. I don’t want to be responsible for shipping a rod. I have tubes, but PayPal, shipping, insurance and the risk of a damaged rod all make that less desirable.
  2. On a plane. Sorry. Green blank, X shrink over cork, no diamond wrap, simple green thread on k guides. About 24” to reel seat. I have 2 of this blank and love it. I don’t get home until Sat for pictures.
  3. I am away until Sat and then I start a week vacation on the cape. I do fish RI and may be able to meet there, but probably not until after vacation.
  4. I have a 10’ Lamiglas SSU1201M. It was bought here from a member, and built by another member. This is a generation 1 with K guides. I already have 2 more custom SSU1201M I built. This is a 1 piece rod. I bought it because they are hard to find, and I planed to strip it and cut it to 9’ for the beach. Instead I built a GSB1201L Raw cut to 9’. I think I paid $140. That is what I would sell it for at the canal.
  5. This is not personal. I respect your right to play within the rules, but you can’t support everything. Let your internal compass guide you. When the quota is not filled your contribution of commercial bass would not have died as part of the quota. That is the part you leave out. Again, nothing personal. If the rules changed you would follow them.
  6. Hard to be on both sides of the fence, I bet it gets uncomfortable. You support a moratorium, you support 1@36”, but you occasionally commercial fish?
  7. Sure he could. Make the decision quick and follow through.
  8. Thanks for the offer, but that is too low for me.
  9. Too bad the raw footage isn’t available. I think his post last night is very misleading (at best)
  10. My grandmother texted my the following day about the trucks parked on both sides of the canal “the fishing must be real good today” When grandma sends a text you know a spot was burned
  11. Copied some relevant information. Mike, why don’t you embed the raw footage and let people make up their own mind? I think there is a big difference between the live feed and what is currently out there on the web in edited form I like Ron, but he had a bad incident last July and people were not happy. It is what it is, only time can change peoples feeling on that and what happened in your video did not improve his reputation. A spot burn is a spot burn. Playing live video of the canal during a blitz is unnecessary. If you fished here everyday you would likely agree.
  12. I have a double cab Tacoma. Ladder rack and ski rack. $875 ouch
  13. Sooooo protecting fish from an act 100% fatal (keeping fish) would not be helpful to the species?
  14. titanium is great. No rust. I have an old SSU I have rebuilt 3 times, this time with titanium.