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  1. I have only changed 1 set in 20 years. About a decade ago There was an older guys shaking with a hook through his hand at the canal. I guess he was friend of a member here. I dented the anvil cutting that hook. No surprise, I misused the tool. For braid and leader they should last a lifetime.
  2. Please don’t let the truth get in the way of a good story. From what I read here you just show up and catch 50” fish.
  3. Some people like nice things and can afford them. $350 is really not a lot of money for something that will last forever. I see a lot of guys with cheap fishing gear and $50-$60 trucks. A new Tacoma is only $35K, so that leaves you some $ for pliers Buy once cry once. Van Staal pliers are the absolute best product of their kind. You can fish hard for 20 years without ever so much as rinsing them and they will perform like new.
  4. This guy has a sticky drag. Adding gear lube to the body isn’t going to help. He needes to break down the drag stack and clean and inspect the washers. Any damaged or warm friction washers should be replaced. I personally like to grease my VS drag washers, but that will reduce max drag pressure. Some VSX drag are alread. I where near published drag pressure to check that. As for grease for drags, I use PENN (because I have some), but Cal’s is another popular brand. Best of luck
  5. Don’t underestimate the difficulty in a well made product. I know it takes many hours for Jamie to stitch a Flatlander after everything is cut to the templates.
  6. I had an early pair of Danco. Certainly better than a typical aluminum plier, nothing near the Van Staal. I own 3 VS pliers and sold the Danco
  7. Is what greed? People make reservations for vacations and then they can’t go all the time. The contract should clearly spell out the cancellation policy and fee incurred. It was written up front. Looks like normal business to me. If I book a cruise in Florida and my plane is delayed getting there the cruise disembarkes without me and I get no refund. It is what it is. I have been at the airport many times in the winter when this very scenario is playing out for families. For the travelers mentioned in the link that are choosing not to go due their underlying health conditions I say suck up the loss and be greatful to be alive.
  8. Someone once listed an open box of condoms, so sure.
  9. Tim and the mods here keep stuff in check. You can’t even swear. They will not be sued for anything in the main forum that’s for sure.
  10. The commercial guys can still take 5 on non-commercial days and another 2 on commercail days. That’s 9 a week. If the buy a skiff they can take 30 commercial fish a week and another 5 recreational. That’s 35 a week. Who is worse?
  11. I think adults can make their own choices about where to sit and how far to sit from people. We don’t need the government making every choice for us. We live in a state where cigarettes, e cigs, alcohol and weed are legal but you can’t sit on a bench with a friend?
  12. I guess the good news is I can take my boat to Quabbin
  13. Just you know those tags are not valid anymore (insert imoji here)
  14. Depends on the state. More states are requiring archery hunter education now as well.