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  1. I am headed to CT Tuesday. Any chance we can meet and look at the gun? (I don’t need to transfer face to face - ffl is fine, just want to make sure the gun feels natural to me.) I usually shoot clays with a benelli ultralight, and I want an O/U
  2. That would be canal fishing from boat on canal... even worse!
  3. Trying to find this gun locally to hold. They had a reputation as being unbalanced. I traded for browning here that I couldn’t shoot well and had to sell.
  4. I just text them and stop. Probably helps that I buy stuff every time I stop, so I doubt they will discourage me! If I was window shopping that may not fly.
  5. What year is the gun? (Generation of this model) I will post pictures of my reel later
  6. I know I will be going to ZB next week on my way through CT.
  7. Another thought, the 20 spool would better fit the angle of the generation 1 rotor arm angle. I wonder what the actual difference is on the angle on the roller. Tough to make the angle correct for both the 20 and 22 diameter spools.
  8. Good point. I have 3 generation 1 and 4 generation 1 rotors. There are very slight marks on my TiGrey rotor, and nothing on my 2 black 22 rotors (even through contact is observed). I think the conditions that would exaggerate the problem are full spool, tight drag and big fish. A problem that has happened here during certain tides in the last few seasons. 40lb fish in heavy current at your feet. The angle of the line roller was changed when the new rotor was designed, and this was no accident. I no longer own the PENN Torque bailess, but I would love to measure the angle of that line roller and compare it to the first ZX2.
  9. It should be no surprise that the history of ZeeBaaS is a mirror of Van Staal VS. Early "hex bolt" side cover reels were replaced by newer versions with better designs. RK was always tinkering with design and ultimately the current ZeeBaaS ZX2 was born. It is my opinion that the latest work from RK under his name (Subaqua), Blue Marlin BMJ/BMC and Van Staal (VR) don't match quality of the ZeeBaaS ZX2. The ZeeBaaS ZX2 was designed to be the premium reel a decade ago and that is still true today. The smaller body ZeeBaaS has most of what I love about the ZX2 with some differences inside. The traverse guide supported on "V-rails" as seen on later RK designs under the Blue Marlin name. I don't know if this reel will ever become available, but if so I am ready for #1. Here is to hoping there is a Generation 3 ZeeBaaS
  10. Some different handles: The matte black gen 1 has more material Both matte black handles are generation 1, one with and one without the spacer. The handle won't fit the ZPreme mahogany box with the spacer on. The spacer is needed on generation 1 reels if using the larger rotor. The round matte black knob has the original retainer for the spindle. You don't see many of there around
  11. The Generation 2 ZB has a main shaft the is supported by two bearing on rails inside the body. The is one piece frame attached to the traverse guide. The travers guide frame is slotted so it can be adjusted for a tight fit - tolerances are very tight and smooth. As noted in my VR review. The Van Staal VR & RK Subaqua copy the dual bearings, but they are composite (nylon I believe) and they roll on the quick access side cover, not the internal main frame of the reel.
  12. The Generation 1 ZB is an upgraded VSS body. The VSS has the traverse guiding rubbing the body. After time and under pressure this will wear away the anodization on the Van Staal. Below you will see how RK added a bearing to reduce friction on the Gen 1 ZB Also note the shape of the traverse guide designed was changed to slow the line lay on the middle of the spool to prevent the "hour glass" line lay. After years of saying this wasn't a problem, Van Staal corrected this on the VSX by copying the ZeeBaaS
  13. I have never owned the VM. With the introduction of the VR, the VM has been discounted. I don't know the future of the reel, but I expect it to go away. I would ask myself this. Does the VM do anything the Shimano Saragosa or PENN Slammer won't do? For $300 that is where I would look.