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  1. The PENN forum here is very responsive and professional. You will be well taken care of. I don’t like the Pure Fishing website.
  2. Reference is probably to a member here with that handle
  3. Enforcement isn’t easy. RI used to publish names of all fish and game offenders. That was brilliant. Slots have worked incredibly well in Florida. Although I would prefer a different slot, I think this recent action will protect a lot of fish. I would prefer to protect larger fish. The MA/RI commercial season needs to go.
  4. I build rods as well. I have use Fuji titanium almost exclusively, although I did build with some titanium sea guides on a tog rod this winter. The century weapon jr factory has some corrosion on the titanium guides.
  5. I don’t think my factory Century has Fuji or Sea Guides. It has the only titanium I have seen rust
  6. 100% agree. I built a 9’ pencil rod years ago and it was this. I would do it again in a heart beat.
  7. My old set up. I haven’t bought eels in years. I used to fish them slack tide late in the canal. That was an easy system in the canal trike.
  8. Triple bucket here: - top bucket ice with holes drilled in bottom - middle bucket eels with holes drilled in bottom - bottom bucket there to collect water from melted ice and eel juice
  9. Ernie from bearing bad makes a nice bearing removal tool. I would look him up and order a set. Handy to have for bearing removal. That radial bearing and antireverse in the side cover may be stuck pretty good.
  10. Looks like you have to dig out the seal. You should see the radial bearing in the outside of the side cover.
  11. The new seal. There are available through ZB or McMaster Carr
  12. Some really early G1 main gear did not have the slot for the retainer. Those gears are noisy when you apply side pressure when reeling. I doubt there is a G2 reel with that gear.
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