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  1. Yup. They certainly are. I may get chickens again to reduce the tick population
  2. Looking forward to breaking in the new turkey gun. RI this weekend and MA next week.
  3. ZeeBaaS shipped. Going to close for now. I have like 8 reels in the safe and I need to decide what I actually plan to fish with.
  4. Thank you for the offer but I am going to hold out.
  5. The blue side plates were from another red/silver ZX2-22 the called “Captain America” I sold on BST. I prefer 27 so I swapped them to a reel I was going to keep. (Until now)
  6. I appreciate the offer, but I am going to hold out. I traded two Van Staals for this ZB (on BST)
  7. Stella SW5000XG-B Excellent condition, small scratch on handle. Serviced by Shimano USA this winter. Has box and bag $625 Van Staal 300 This is the nicest original generation 1 Van Staal I have ever seen. Comes with spare spool, matching spool/reel bag (very rare), original box and original sales receipt from 1993. Also have the certificate of authenticity from VSE. $800 ZeeBaaS ZX2-27 Red/Blue/Silver This is a very rare color combination and is a very smooth reel. Custom colors are available directly from ZB today, but the cost is much higher than silver or black. $775
  8. Occam’s razor
  9. Less than 1 commercial limit
  10. Surfland (MA) and Tomo Tackle (MA) are the 2 best North of Boston. I like Kittery a lot.
  11. Looks like you have some offers close to your asking price. I am going to look for another trade.
  12. I know you mentioned you are a VS guy. I need some internal parts to finish my sons reel so I would trade a VR150 + $
  13. I don’t remember a silver lefty?