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  1. Ouch. Watched the video. I would be very unhappy.
  2. Under promise and over deliver. This is the same old story with Van Stall. Long before Covid there was disappointed VS customers.
  3. Some prefer this website. There is accountability, something that is lacking in many places, but obviously online. There are only a few simple rules that need to be followed here.
  4. You may want to wait. There is a new version with improved gears coming soon.
  5. Nice mount. I stopped mounting deer a few years ago. Just a pile of antlers and some euro mounts.
  6. He sure can. The self service kit doesn’t get you the tooling or the main seal to change.
  7. Too bad the self service kit never addressed the most critical seal
  8. The shaft is keyed so it doesn’t spin in the pick up arm. Maybe some shafts have the threads keyed and some don’t? No big deal.
  9. Here is a VS roller from my parts. Granted it is an old part.
  10. Yup
  11. The shaft on the line roller is keyed to fit the pick up arm. That is normal. Not sure what they put in that is leaking.
  12. Just so you know that your reel foot has been replaced. That is not the original one for that model. So I would not consider the reel a collectors item.
  13. Makes sense. Many people agree with your assessment.
  14. I believe he was referring to the engraved VS you didn’t buy. Curious why you were trying to sell the VS200S(gold) you just bought?
  15. That is a heavy bird