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  1. You want to fish the canal to avoid mugging?
  2. Curious about the age of the reel? I had 3 cherry red and an early pink, but I haven’t seen this shade of red yet.
  3. Retrieve rate is the most important difference. Decide what will enhance your typical fishing. I prefer a fast retrieve. The larger spool will be faster.
  4. Probably Covid…
  5. The camera isn’t new. I like the one at MMA that allows you to see the $hit $how when there is a blitz I have the MMA and Sebastian Inlet Cameras in my desktop.
  6. Ask Van Staal how many months until release, then multiple that by 2 and add 3 months. That is the best way to estimate actual arrival of VS products.
  7. If you like the cupped rotor you made the right decision
  8. My son loves to hunt. He is 14 and shoots Turkey with a 20 gauge. 2 3/4” #5 shells. Shot placement is essential.
  9. That is a lot of money for a rod made in China. I would recommend St. Croix. An American company that stands by their products.
  10. You can striper fish with their trout rod, and tuna fish with their striper rod. No adolescent is going to break their rods. They lift milk jugs with them.
  11. Should have used a Blackhole rod
  12. Sorry to back out. I didn’t realize the blank was previously built and stripped.
  13. 1204 & 1084 have small diameter tips and were fragile. 1322, 126, 1205, 1203 are durable
  14. Canal = Lamiglas XRA126 Beach = Lamiglas G1SS1201M Too bad both are discontinued