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  1. Sorry bout that, price added.
  2. This is a 2005 Travel Lite Mountain Star truck camper. The series/model number is 890SBRX. The camper weight is around 1,900lbs. It fits a 6 1/2 foot truck bed with the tailgate removed. It comes with a new 7 way mighty plug and Brophy tie downs. The camper has a larger sleeping area over the cab of the truck and the table folds down to sleep 2 other people. The camper is FULLY LOADED. A/C, HEAT, WATER HEATER, REFRIGERATOR/FREEZER, REAR AWNING, SIDE AWNING, MICROWAVE, GAS 3 BURNER STOVE, RADIO/CD, TV, TV ANTENNA, RADIO ANTENNA, OUTDOOR SHOWER, INDOOR SHOWER/HEAD. There was a leak several years ago at the front of the camper and the molding underneath was removed to be sealed. I have the strip. The area could use a re caulking before so. It has been winterized and all appliances work as they should. If you have 1/2 ton pick up you would need to add air shocks or helper springs. The camper is located in Ridgely, MD on the eastern shore. 35 minutes to the bay bridge and 60 miles from Ocean City. $6,800.
  3. I fished AI every day last week. With the usual summer mix of croakers, kingfish, bluefish, spot and sand perch. I lost my 4x4 a few years ago and don't get to the Island much unless I am tagging along with a buddy. Friday August 26th was our last day. We had been catching kingfish, spot and sand perch at will. I had 2 bait rods out, a 10 ft 2-5 ounce rod with a cheap penn 4000 series set up for cut bait for bluefish and then 12ft heaver with a penn 525 I was rigging with heads for some pullage. The 10 ft had 17lb test on it from last season, I didn't feel the need to put new on because I knew what is was going to used for and 20lb leader to 5/0 J hook. It had a small 1 1/2-2 inch chunk of perch on it. Well of course that is the rod this one hit. At first hit, it slacked up and I reeled her tight and set the hook. It was steady moving north and felt like a southern to me. After about 3-4 minutes I felt the first head shakes and looked at my buddy and said this is a real fish. 4-5 minutes later I got my first look at it about 25 yards of the beach and my heart about exploded through my chest and I went into full go mode. I had my dad and bro in law with me, neither who have done hardly and surf fishing so I was on my own with less than ideal gear. The beach was steep and there was a severe lip. It took 3 trips in the wash and 25 minutes before we were able to capture it. It was 47 1/2. I took it out belly button deep and revived it for 2-3 minutes and it swam off. It took 10 years of trying with many trips spring/fall to Hatteras and to AI to get my first from shore and having my family there to witness it was awesome. I can't imagine there ever being a sweeter one.
  4. We fished AI all week last from 2-6 mi from the ORV gate. kingfish, spot, bluefish, croakers and sand perch galore. We had some big runs as well. Non stop action with bait rods if you wanted it. We also fished the 50 bridge several days, ebb was best and we had 1 keeper flounder mixed in with lots of 13-15. There were spadefish on the old railroad bridge and i chased a 18-20 inch mahi 3 light post with a jig but couldn't make it eat. First time I have ever seen one in bay.
  5. Nice catch, and yes crabs in the lap are not something to fool with
  6. It can be done successfully. I generally crab the mid shore area but any place where the tide doesn't rip extremely hard you can do it. I use a combination of ring traps/ foxy's and topless traps baited with chicken necks. You generally want to find an edge and crab when the water is moving. Slack tide is no good. I usually crab 6-12 feet and adjust my rig depending on what depth I'm hitting them the best. I generally stretch out 20-25 traps in about 250-300 yards and make a fish hook shape to my rig that way not to waste energy paddling and it makes it more efficient time use. Use google earth and a chart to determine where you can paddle to and what the depths should be about.
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