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  1. Absolutely F--cking pathetic to defend that Muslim. Not once was anything like that said by a Republican about Obama. And its been asked already...was Trump elwcted at the time? And calling the sitting pres that name? F-ing anti-American trash. Yes you.
  2. How exaclty?
  3. Oh...so nothing. Got it.
  4. Distraction from what ?
  5. Well done Mr. President.
  6. Nice grab. I received a bunch of flies from bass turd a couple weeks ago they are sweet!
  7. Eagles were low-class big mouths the second they won the SB last February...not much has changed
  8. Makes me sick to my f--cking stomach.
  9. Just got yourself a new subscriber. Thank you!
  10. Offer rescinded
  11. Ill take this lot for $45. Pm address ill get a check out later...will that work?
  12. They are not in the party of ideas.
  13. Look like 2 corpses
  14. Excellent job Mr. President.
  15. Just arrived the other day. Terrapin 1012 and Tradewinds xs 9wt