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  1. Stop lying to yourself. The white trash scumbag you support shows us all what type of person you are.
  2. It was supposedly launched from China in December. Came across to Alaska and then down. That’s a month and a half. Incompetent, compromised and weak do not even begin to describe this administration We have surveillance equipment that can see the dimples on a golf ball from miles away but we are supposed to believe this thing was only identified over Montana. They were keeping a lid on it until a private citizen spotted and recorded it.
  3. China didn’t have the balls to do this when The Donald was in office but if they did, he would have blown it out of the sky as soon as it entered airspace over Alaska and then sent Pompeo to china to hand deliver the wreckage.
  4. We need him to Un-retire
  5. Wow! Ive never had the pleasure of staring at that 50 cal up close but Ive seen that boat screaming around yelling at folks. They f-ing mean business.
  6. Get too close to Earle pier and you know what happens
  7. Bought and paid for. Everything he does harms the US and benefits china. White trash weakling.
  8. I see the same thing from time to time.
  9. Cant stop laughing
  10. They certainly spread their scumbaggery around.
  11. The china-cobalt-mining thing in Congo?
  12. Garage was locked its not like the boxes were out on the sidewalk. Come on Jack
  13. Nope. In the area of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers....in the region of Turkey and Iraq. North of the Persian Gulf. Not in Africa
  14. Disappointing man. You are gut-hooked. You will still get thumbs-up for fishing pics but good lord you are in left field.