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  1. Where I am (newtown square pa), it hasn't slowed down one bit. I'm looking for a small mull-unit commercial property for myself and its slim pickings right now
  2. I agree that the TSA is a monumental failure...but I still dont mind being searched if I am pulled aside. Allowing private firms to take over the operations would improve the process.
  3. Exactly. If a person has nothing to hide and has done nothing wrong...no issue
  4. Thank you for your service sir
  5. What makes the allegations credible? Everyone named says they saw nothing. Edit: Sorry jkrock...posted this prior to seeing you asked a similar question
  6. Just said that exact same thing to my daughter who got home from school and has been watching with me
  7. Thats exactly what she inferred. I though the same thing.
  8. Exactly x1000....no respect for folks who get sunburn on their palms waiting for free stuff
  9. Let em jump.
  10. Well said Shop!
  11. You got the wrong urban redneck jackass I don't make plugs and dont have a website
  12. I'd let the women have first shot you. I dont need to insult you turner...you did a great job of doing it describing yourself above
  13. My fathers entire family settled in Bayonne and lived there for decades after arriving here from Poland. I guarantee every last one of them, including the women...would kick your ass around the block without batting an eye