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  1. BLM can go pound sand. F-them
  2. Exactly. No-one here is claiming to be a victim Merely pointing out that the black racist criminal drove into and over several white victims, and it was no accident.
  3. Black racist hated whitey. But keep playing stupid.
  4. Happy Thanksgiving to all!!
  5. They are the same as their president... Completely out of touch
  6. They all know this. All the pinkos on here who side with the criminals every damn time. They all know that its organized black criminals but play stupid Then will call us racists for pointing it out.
  7. Pinko commies are cowards.
  8. Should sue Biden also for the same reasons
  9. I am also aghast
  10. Rioters deserve it. And if commie pinkos like you and yours continue to try and defund the police... citizens will take it upon themselves to protect whats theirs You are losing this thread in a Yuge way
  11. WTF does that mean?
  12. Shoot the first rioters right between the eyes... Drop em where they stand. The riots wont last 3 minutes.