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  1. Words fail me. That female relative would and should smack Knew across the face.
  2. Un-fckng-believable.
  3. Are you for real? You are in left field if you dont see the numbers being manipulated on purpose.
  4. Police showed up at the gym...Made the announcement that "You are all in violation of the executive order", then stated "Have a good day, everybody be safe", and walked away. Hats off to the police for doing the right thing.
  5. Not mad at anyone...OP called out the cellar dwellers. None have fessed up yet
  6. They wont fess up. Just act tough with their keyboard. Cowards are like that.
  7. Maxx is very arrogant and brash behind the keyboard. Typical lib. Coward.
  8. Stay in your house hugging your pillow. You seem scared.
  9. Weeks not posting while in quarantine and you've gotten worse.
  10. Flyovers are awesome no matter what the reason. Apache helicopters flying nice and slow over the stadium at Jets games years ago was f-cking awesome. Anyone bitching about a military aircraft flyover can go pound sand
  11. The country, as a whole, in my opinion will become more conservative after all this (Wuhan, impeachment, democrat policies/socialism etc)
  12. Biden family = lowlife trash scumbags.
  13. I had to look up the east african albinos ...good Lord
  14. Whats up neighbor! On E King St....in Malvern.