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  1. Working, thats a good one. Stealing is more like it
  2. Not new i been here for over a decade...i read alot but don't post much. And Knight....i agree with 100% of what you post here.
  3. As usual, OP was misleading and lacking info. Whether on purpose or not...He was dead wrong and wont admit it
  4. Run a small commercial property due diligence firm. Just me no employees. Going on 10 years. Keeps getring busier and busier. Work for banks and other lending institutions. Get yourself a good accountant and incorporate, I'm a LLC. Best of luck
  5. What proof do you have that he has? Probably the 1,000th time you've been asked, yet no proof... You're a tool.
  6. We're not freaking out, that's what you liberal girls do. We're pointing out that our President was honoring the greatest generation for what they did 75 years ago. They saved the planet. You and the America-last crowd are the ones are triggered and taking it to places that make no sense at all.
  7. I had an uncle in the Aleutian islands and 3 uncles in Europe. All survived. When I was a kid they would tell me stories. Greatest generation who will ever live. They saved the world. Trumps speech focused on the love of country they had and the drive for freedom that motivated them. If the OP wasn't an anti-American pos he would focus on the content of Trump's words.
  8. You've never been more wrong And youre wrong constantly.
  9. I support Foreman Mike 100%
  10. Mark Levin has been discussing this lately. His new book goes into it I havent read it yet though
  11. Big tree fall hard
  12. There are very smart kids, and also very dumb kids in upscale neighborhoods. Same goes for poorer urban neighborhoods. And if one chooses to put forth the effort, learning and success at school can happen in all areas. It is about effort. Bottom line, kids are NOT equal, some are smarter and better than others both in school and in character. Any effort to try and "level the playing field" helps those that are not deserving and hurts some that are. Just take a look at the factors involved in determining this score, i.e crime rate, poverty rate, home values, median income, single-parent rate, free lunch rate...give me a damn break. As Ted Knight once said..."The world needs ditch diggers too"
  13. If all it constitutes is lighting ones hair on fire and trolling on SOL...can it be considered work? Seems as if he is stealing a paycheck
  14. Defend your assertion that Putin stole it. Wheres your evidence and facts ?
  15. The fish'nmagician has all the details and evidence. We've all been waiting for 2+ years for him to divulge it. Demanding proof and evidence is his kryptonite....he flees the thread and heads to another to insult and spew his complete ignorant BS (Edit - no name calling please ~ Sudsy)