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  1. Unfortunately no...hung out on Univ Blvd and the bars/restaurants there near the stadium. Met and hung out with Baron Huber on game day...he was the FB on the 09 National Champ team
  2. That'll work Off topic....I was at the Bama-Tex A&M game last month. Was my first time in Tuscaloosa amazing experience. Grew up with relatives in Huntsville been a huge fan since the early 70s
  3. The expensive political stunt was the organizing and funding of that horde. Not letting them in is National Security. Worth every penny.
  4. I didnt start from a position of "privilege". If you are insinuating that I did, simply because I am white, you are more wrong than you can even comprehend.
  5. Or worked our asses off and earned it. If I have more than someone else because I work harder and I am possibly a little smarter, there is NO privilege. And I wont feel bad about it or apologize for it.
  6. Fans of that other team are more critical of their team than anyone. It is fun however, that the circus being in town the last few years....the Big Top is blue and not green.
  7. Where I am (newtown square pa), it hasn't slowed down one bit. I'm looking for a small mull-unit commercial property for myself and its slim pickings right now
  8. I agree that the TSA is a monumental failure...but I still dont mind being searched if I am pulled aside. Allowing private firms to take over the operations would improve the process.
  9. Exactly. If a person has nothing to hide and has done nothing wrong...no issue
  10. Thank you for your service sir
  11. What makes the allegations credible? Everyone named says they saw nothing. Edit: Sorry jkrock...posted this prior to seeing you asked a similar question
  12. Just said that exact same thing to my daughter who got home from school and has been watching with me
  13. Thats exactly what she inferred. I though the same thing.
  14. Exactly x1000....no respect for folks who get sunburn on their palms waiting for free stuff