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  1. Arrogant ignorance. Some here in the PG suffer from the same.
  2. Well said above FrankStar
  3. As was stated in another thread by me....Dems are an embarrassment at every level. Just awful.
  4. Should be more than encourage them. If they want to become a legal citizen and a contributing member of society, they better learn English, get a f-cking job and contribute. Just like our ancestos did If not...take a hike.
  5. That's embarrassing. Dems are an embarrassment. On every level.
  6. In my line of work I deal with many Jewish men. They ALL hold dual citizenship, and travel back to Israel several times a year.
  7. Well done twilson.
  8. What's not remotely accurate is your memory. Its because of Obama and MSM that race relations are in the toilet. You guys should stop trying to re-write history
  9. And it's becoming more evident every day
  10. "Simmering outrage" i think was stated in the other thread. Lol
  11. Fox news on tv this am said some on Mueller team viewed the info in the report could potentially be more damaging than barrs summary. More unnamed sources cited as gospel by the NYT. Pretty f'n vague. You are hitching your wagon to that?
  12. While driving to my one of my spots at night....if I see a deer on the side of the road....i know it will be a good night. Not a dead roadkill deer....a live deer. I always look. I'm sure it has zero to do with everything else...tide, bait, wind etc....but I always feel good after I see a deer. And I've always caught after seeing one.