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  1. I was thinking the same, had a better video last night, will try and post it later. Maybe I can get a stop action frame when it was close to camera
  2. It's been very active the last couple of nights, came much closer to camera, but just too much movrment
  3. Sounds good, pm me to set up p/u location, time, date, etc.
  4. https://share.ring.com/63c66861-7254-42ce-9ef9-23b7808251d0.mp4 The link is to a video from my ring camera, the 'moth' has been captured on several night since mid-May. I did a search on a 'large light colored moth' and Lunar Moth comes up more often then not. Anybody able to confirm or know exactly what it could be.
  5. I have used 8-10 oz. with no problem, but I would think your rod would be more of a concern then the reel. The reel holds more then enough capacity of 30#-50# test braid and has 22# of drag force.
  6. I guess not.
  7. Not quite sure I understand, Is that an offer to buy?
  8. Sorry, have an Avet
  9. Just wanted to add, reel is in good condition, hasn't been used since 2019, will add more pics shortly
  10. Just realized I broke the rules, pics were taken in June, Mea Culpa, Jim
  11. Yes, it's been awhile, was on the BST and thought I would drop by on this forum. Glad to see some old names are still here
  12. 5 yrs. old, just overhauled at Grumpy's, great reel for PB fluke, seabass, stripers, etc., OEM power handle, 200+ yds. PP 20# yellow (spooled on 2 yrs. ago) Paypal, w/shipping $175.00 or pick-up in Seaide Park
  13. Had it for a while as well, especially like the "START BIRD ID" feature.