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  1. Had it for a while as well, especially like the "START BIRD ID" feature.
  2. whose hand is quicker?
  3. Are you replacing the whole deck?
  4. Used to be the Doris Mae out if Barnegat, he bought it about 4-5 yrs, ago ( maybe less, maybe more)
  5. Mother Nature is truly amazing, toady another black swallowtail chrysalis morphed into butterfly. This one we had given up for a goner, the chrysalis had been dislodged from its thread that holds it on place, fell to the bottom of the butterfly holder, was blown over by the wind, rolled all over the deck, sat in a 1/2" of water, and still survived.
  6. Had at least 3 black swallowtail chrysalis' 'winter over' from last fall. Kept them under our deck out of harsh weather. Brought them up to our rear deck in early May and after 6 weeks nothing had happened, so I put them back last week. Lo & behold, on Thursday, wife went to throw away some garbage, happened to turned around and look at the holder and one had emerged as a butterfly, today, a second one emerged. Have at least one more possible, we shall see.
  7. it's 30" in N. J.
  8. Surprised about lack of code requirements, it is located in the IBC and I know States and local building depts. can opt out from certain sections/requirements of code but you always here of the accident where a child wanders away from adults and is found in pool, on news right now talking about Bodie Miller and his wife's tragic accident last year while visiting a friend's house, where there daughter wandered away and drowned in a non-barrier pool.
  9. Unless you installed the code complaint and REQUIRED gates at the stairs at grade and the stairs down from house, that deck is not up to code, drowning accident waiting to happen when child opens door or comes up stairs while area is unattended.
  10. https://grillagrills.com/recipes/pineapple-bourbon-glazed-ham/ check out this recipe