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  1. Second time this week, while on SOL this WEB attack popped IMG_20181118_132741.jpg.73f9a9cfa1950df0d4c44218000c23a2.jpg

  2. jsbergen, I guess I have to give my Subaru Outback permit back for the last 3 years, not to mention all the Hondas, Nissans, Hyundai as well.
  3. Since it just started, I would vote for the latter, shingles blew off, then came the heavy rain
  4. Not sure if anyone else commented, but it sounds like it is time to call the Town Zoning Officer and Building Inspector. I understand that your neighbor is not physically well, but it doesn't give him the right to do what he has been doing. Most of the things you described are illegal and non-code conforming.
  5. If you really want to talk 'aesthetics', you could install temporary support walls on either side of the wall opening, remove the header, get a pre-engineered horizontally laminated beam made for exposed conditions and designed for the loads that are super imposed on it , install it patch/repair all damaged sheetrock, walls and re-paint...$$$$$$$$$
  6. The beam was never meant to be exposed, you could cover it with 1/2" pine, mahogany, teak, redwood boards glued to the exposed surface of the beam etc. and stain color to your liking. If you want to talk 'aesthetics', don't think a piece of hardwood plywood with exposed nails is what you want to do.
  7. was introduced to those in the late '70's at IBSP, worked great for snapper blues, might have one laying around someplace
  8. Downy been around for a few days
  9. The Olympus run around $250-300 in their OUTLET Store
  10. The party is over when they show up
  11. 3D +imax+4k
  12. Some of the Olympus "TOUGH" series have GPS, Wi-Fi and are waterproof, shockproof. Take a look at their web site, they sometimes have 'reconditioned' models