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  1. Happy Fathers Day to one and all .
  2. It was SO fun. The boys were super excited to go. Early fathers day gift. The Country Club is a special place.
  3. Thanks. No, i wish. That was Wednesdays practice round.
  4. My boys and I went to Wednesdays practice round. My son James says lets go stand over by where they walk off 17th green , heading to 18 Tee box. We are standing there, Callum Tarren finishes the hole, then throws the ball over to us, and my son Matthew grabs it. He talked with my son James, commenting on his new Hyannisport golf club hat, with a US flag on it, saying he liked it. As he walked down 18th fairway, my son offered him the hat, but he didnt take it. He was a nice guy, and neat to see them interacting with the fans. He was leading after the 1st round, and we were all hoping he could hang in there. Oh well. He now has theee more fans for life.
  5. Daniel Webster tavern, its in the Daniel Webster Inn on Main st. Nice bar, foods excellent. They have a fancy restaurant, or you can go in the tavern. Same menu i believe. As mentioned, the local is good on 6A across from stop and shop. Also the Pilot House right by the marina has a pretty nice outdoor bar / dinning area. Most restaurants are packed early, so plan accordingly. Have a good time.
  6. Sorry for your families loss.
  7. What he said ! Read Killer Angels.
  8. Gents, I will be on Long Island ( Ronkonkoma ) this weekend with my son, he has a couple of soccer games. Looking to get a Round of golf in on Saturday. Any recommendations ? Looking online, i see Timber point, Bergen point, Indian Island, and a W Sayerville golf courses. I am not exactly sure if they are all in the Ronkonkoma area. I am a hack, 15 handicap, he has some game with 8 handicap. Looking for a place we can get a T time, and not be a 5 1/2hr round. Any info is greatly appreciated.
  9. Sure, pm sent
  10. Sure. Pm sent
  11. I posted one for sale three or four days ago. I will bump it up.