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  1. Two lightly used BM Wadds for sale, $60.00 shipped postal money order, or cash.
  2. You sure you don’t want both ? I’ll do 32.00 for the olive/pink....was hoping to not ship just one.
  3. I have these 2 I’ll sell for $60.00 shipped postal money order, or personal check.
  4. Offer withdrawn
  5. Do you want these plugs ? Payment has not been received.
  6. $ 60.00 shipped. Cash, check, postal money order.
  7. Powder horn in Hyannis also
  8. Yes, no worries. send payment when you can. Personal check, or postal money order please. I don’t do PayPal. I’ll message my address.
  9. I have a pair of Simms G4 4xl I bought from here used, and have never worn. These are stocking foot, in excellent, like new condition. Previous owner said he wore them like 10 times. I paid $250.00 plus shipping, and am asking $250.00 shipped. I can post pictures if you would like.
  10. Yup....they had been tracking her since 1985....will be interesting to see what the necropsy reveals.
  11. A dead Humpback whale washed up in Sandwich.
  12. Perhaps they followed the oil slick from Sandwich today, heading right to R.P
  13. Hi guys, for those that work with these materials, would you please share your thoughts ? Pros and cons of each, fastening systems used, paint, and price points. I am having my house re sided, I’m pretty sure I am going with a pre stains double dip Maibec shake. I need to decide what trim material to use. I will eventually like to have it painted, hopefully sooner rather than later. I appreciate your thoughts.