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  1. On the beach, not sitting in the water.
  2. Birds don’t necessarily have to be in the air to tell you where the bait or fish are either. I can’t tell you how many times over the last three years I have fished points, and bars where a lot of birds were staged on the ground, and have caught fish. They know better than us, where the bait and fish are. When I fish a certain stretch of beach and birds are on the ground, I will walk up on them to get them in the air, and a few times I think what happened was, bait holding in the middle of the water column, not showing on top, gets spooked with the birds overhead, will then swim deeper, with the fish below them now pushing them completely to the top, for a full on surface blitz......or I could be completely crazy. Lol.
  3. Thanks, appreciate the info. I have a spin with a black painted lip, does that mean anything ?
  4. How can u tell a maple spin, vs a regular spin ?
  5. I’m sorry, I dont. Personal check, or postal money order please.
  6. 3 plugs, $37.00 shipped. Check or postal money order.
  7. 80.00 shipped for the pair if your interested. Very small run of Habitat lures. Very lightly fished.
  8. Offer retracted....am going to post in Plugs want to sell.
  9. If your interested in one of these for 40.00 shipped, check or postal money order, let me know . It was a Habs / Tattoo ( Habitat ) collaborative plug. It was lightly fished about 14 years ago. See fishweewe thread New Style Atom40 in the Main forum for more information.
  10. Tides 4 fishing