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  1. If you are still there, tell Laura at the marina pool bar Paul, Jen , James and Matt say hello please.
  2. Get yourself a LTC or FID card at the very least, along with a gun or two....that’s what you do.
  3. I did notice earlier, your tying direct...will have to try that.
  4. Thanks for that info....I can’t buy a hit with these either.
  5. Hello L.i.fish, that was a long time ago we traded the rod for some of your fine plugs. I hope it has been kind to you. i still have a handful of your plugs, and they are in the rotation.
  6. This ! Everyone says it’s a slow spring...don’t hold your breath fellas....not many big fish left ! Sad, but that’s the truth !
  7. Thanks. They are sisters out of a shelter in Maine. Very friendly, good cats. We lucked out.
  8. Hi Guys, I am looking to swap all my electrical devices in my house. For those of you who work in the field, can you recommend a good quality brand ? Anything I should or shouldn’t consider before I start ? My kids are grown, with no babies crawling around, so I shouldn’t need child proof outlets. Thanks
  9. According to my wife, the phone is unlocked. Any idea why it won’t work on Verizon’s network ?
  10. It was my sons. 2-3 hrs of battery life if continuous use of gaming or streaming.
  11. I don’t know. We were with AT& T with this phone. Switched carriers to Verizon, and was told by Verizon it wouldn’t work on their network. So I assume it’s only good with AT&T . I don’t know a whole lot about that stuff.
  12. 32 Gig IPhone 7 , in very good condition. 1 owner. The carrier is AT&T. All original, never needed to be repaired. Box included, charger and cord not included. Pick two cases also. $150.00 shipped to your door, postal money order.
  13. Two lightly used BM Wadds for sale, $60.00 shipped postal money order, or cash.