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  1. Final bump/reduction 150$ plus shipping
  2. Price reduction to 175+ shipping
  3. This thread alone was worth coming back to SOL
  4. That's a call you make on the spot.. You can say you'll release it till you're blue in the face but until that big girl is laying at you're feet, you don't know really know how you'll react... And a potential WR fish?? I'd bet the real "I'd release it" number is significantly less. Also from first hand experience the meat of a 15lb fish is the same as a 50lb fish. Just like big VS small lobster.. Of course it's tough when you don't cook it right.
  5. Another vote for sea freeze..
  6. Around 7 or 8 years old
  7. For Sale or trade: Cannon EOS 20D 8.2 Megapixel DSLR Included: 18-55mm Lens 100mm lens (with padded case) 2.0 GB Memory card Battery & Charger Camera bag For sale I'm looking for 200$ plus Shipping and buyer covers paypal fees For trade I'm looking for a new/excellent shape Shimano Thunnus 12000F (each party responsible for own shipping costs) also open in new series saragosa 10K for trade
  8. bump! Thanks for the posts guys! Still looking and looking to spend around 150$ plus/minus shipping
  9. looking for new or excellent condition Thunnus 12000F (older model not Ci4) ... Let me see what ya got! thanks
  10. sorry reel is sold
  11. sorry, if I did it would have sold a long time ago It's too nice of a reel to let go of short of 550$ Thank you for the offer though
  12. bump
  13. Ok sounds good, sending PM now. Thanks