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    I have fished South County, RI for 40 years. I remember the good old days.
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    Fishing South County RI, fly fishing, gardening,saltwater reef tanks, cooking
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    Wholesale Account Executive for Flagstar Bank
  1. So to address your question on the testing of the virus for my 2 friends, I do love the kindness that you all showed in asking if they are alive, typical right wing nut job balloon knots. They were tested, virus unknown ,in November, retested in February and tested positive for the Covid antibody, tested again in April just to be sure since there are so many false positives. He has shown such great leadership and then pissing on it by not following the guidelines his own team recommended, way to go.
  2. i had 2 friends who tested positive for the virus in the US back in November, they had not been to China, so we knew about it back then, stop trying to cover this buffoons tail, he stripped the Pandemic Task force that was set up for Ebola 6 months before, and then when this hit tried to blame people who have not been in power for three years, the guys is a baby will not take responsibility for any thing
  3. That is because this Cheeto Head is a moron, they did not give answers he liked and contradicted him there for in hissy fit he did the only an immature 12 year old child would do and that run like a sissy He is a disgrace to the office no class, wife cheating, philandering lying sack of dung
  4. Not my prayers, I do not want to see anybody unemployed ever, that would be wrong for anyone to wish. I do how ever want facts to play a role in these discussions and I can see that no one wants them, the ruin your opinion. Once facts enter the game reality sets in and that can be ugly. Sleepy Joe doesn't want facts and neither does Cheeto Head. But facts are facts, 1+1=2 cant change it not even Kelly Anne or Chris Cuomo, The Royal Tweeter shpuld keep his mouth shut and grow up and Sleepy Joe should not be running but that is where we are whether we like it or not.
  5. As Joe Friday said many times "Just the facts, ma'am." I hate when the facts get in the way of a good opinion though
  6. Not it is not but then you probably use alternative facts, unemployed [ uhn-em-ploid ]SHOW IPA SEE SYNONYMS FOR unemployed ON THESAURUS.COM adjective not employed; without a job; out of work. And while a Holomodor is a made man famine it is still a famine. Is it not?
  7. Last time I checked if you are not working you are unemployed.
  8. More than 40 million Americans have filed for first-time unemployment benefits since the coronavirus pandemic forced the US economy to shut down in March. One in four American workers has filed for unemployment insurance. Another 2.1 million people filed initial jobless claims last week on a seasonally adjusted basis, the Department of Labor reported Thursday morning. It was the tenth-straight week in which claims were in the millions. America had never recorded a single week of 1 million jobless claims prior to the coronavirus crisis.
  9. Mortgage delinquencies had a record surge in April. At 6.45%, the national delinquency rate nearly doubled from 3.06% in March, the largest single-month increase recorded, and nearly three times the prior record for a single month’s change during the height of the financial crisis in late 2008