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    I have fished South County, RI for 40 years. I remember the good old days.
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    Fishing South County RI, fly fishing, gardening,saltwater reef tanks, cooking
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    Wholesale Account Executive for Flagstar Bank
  1. Good luck fishing the beach just came back from East Beach, I am not fishing that Wind is howling the sand is going to blast your skin off and the sweep is wicked
  2. 1 schoolie today at a spot that has produced all week, really thought with the wind shift and the incoming tide it would push bait in but alas no. Talked to guys who said the night bite was off the hook.
  3. Might push the bait in close to shore
  4. We got shad at a BW this morning people thought there Albies busting major disappointment, a bunch of schoolies and then someone hit the off switch on the beach dove from Q to WH and in between
  5. Scum bag cop just resigned, now maybe they can prosecute him with out the silent blue wall protecting him
  6. Caught three today biggest 28" all on a fly great fun on the SoCo beaches today.
  7. Thank you for this, I see this is really for the NorthWest but I am sure it apply here as well.
  8. I think this will take more than one person doing the battle, I am urging everyone in the StripersOnLine family to help. I have reached out to the Westerly Sun and they are going to publish a letter to the Editor this week. I agree if we do not nip it in the bud early we will be over run with seals. Could you reach out to the Aquarium and get involved as well?
  9. I am aware of the wintering over of the seals in recent years. Again I ask why the seals that are rehabbed at Mystic Aquarium can't be released in CT or MA or some other beach in RI like Matunuck or Scarbourgh. The DEM and the CRMC have no control or jurisdiction it is a NOAA or a NFWS issue. There has been no public input allowed nor are the releases made very public, there has been no environmental impact study done. These seals are released at a Town beach not a state beach facility. They are never released in CT where there are many places to do so. When these releases affect the population of Our State by an organization from another state releasing animals from a third State that is wrong. If you were a commercial fishermen how you you feel about this, as a recreational fishermen how do you feel about this, as a property owner and tax payer don't you want control over your State?. As more and more seals are released the apex predators will come and if anyone is ever injured because of that you can thank an out of state organization for contributing to that injury.
  10. AHHHH so cute