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    I have fished South County, RI for 40 years.
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    Fishing South County RI, fly fishing, gardening,saltwater reef tanks, cooking
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  1. You are an asshat
  2. Thanks for the details it is much appreciated
  3. Cheif what size are you using with these jigs
  4. There was a dragged out there yesterday I have no idea what they could possibly be after
  5. a little choppy today
  6. Last day of flats fishing before heading back north saw very few fish tide was not as low as we had hoped water the last 2 days very turbid i did see 4 big reds on the grass got 2 shots at them had a boat come very close within 40’ of me and power polled right next to me caught 1 needlefish never saw another fish caught
  7. Price dropped to $100 plus shipping
  8. Brand new Worn three times They are just to small for my head in the bag in the box Grey lenses with Blue mirror ChromaPop® polarized lens technology reduces glare, provides outstanding clarity and delivers brighter, sharper images Encapsulated mirrors offer superior contrast and color 100% UV protection Light and durable Evolve Rilsan® frame Megol temple and nose pads for a non-slip fit AutoLock hinges keep frame open for one-handed on and off Includes microfiber carry bag Imported Asking $125 plus shipping
  9. We got another one yesterday Red not big but 1 lots of fish seen some big old ones cruising or just pointing up current on the grass flats About the only thing I can say for certain is they do not want anything that has flash or white in the fly no crab no shrimp no minnow no worms
  10. This guy is looking for attention and wants to make a scene “almost been robbed” what the hell does that mean they are being dicks