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  1. Dude your west coast builder also gets a 1$ plastic blank, foam fills it and thru wires it and charges 50$ for it.. when people order it some think it's wood. Hype machine... At least Redington takes existing lures and charges 20$ to do it.
  2. I forget the cost but I think top tier is 15$ a month then 10$ and then 5$ a month.. You get first access to lures and monthly build sessions with the builder... I remember the days when he was at surfday, he was a nice guy. Probably still his. His ego is thru the roof at this point.
  3. Yea. Three tiers he has on pa tr eon
  4. Do you subscribe to his monthly service? I'm just trying to gauge how much you lick his nuts
  5. I saw you in some videos streaming from last night
  6. Tim. He offers a monthly subscription service on three different tiers. You should join
  7. Correct. His build list is 18 month wait for order. He is a master marketer. Good for him.
  8. Don’t these people realize that all apple products are useless once stolen.
  9. Lets be honest. Isnt every builder a clone builder? Except the originals
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