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  1. Sorry i was tied up the offshore ones are the one to get. The short snout allow for more torque These are out with me 5-6 days a week. They have held up so far.
  2. Panco coated
  3. @ridenfish inspired me. but i shared 50/50
  4. Timmy is stepping up his accent pieces for his plug pictures
  5. A hard roll would have made it even better. I mean who eats it on a bagel
  6. Tommy, looking good. Add a mikes touch with some slight glitter in epoxy. Stay on the BM kick. Great plugs
  7. I cant believe your skinny ass threw that entire sandwich down
  8. Some people like to keep the split ring on for different action when connected to ta clip. I remove
  9. Ive been putting them to the test. I will check them later
  10. For you muddy, very muddy, for others, not so bad
  11. They beat me the other day and i committed to not losing anymore.. They were going after the TA clip and it pissed me off
  12. Eat some twinkies
  13. Very nice. Wish there were more