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  1. Im determined to try to catch on singles as well Swapped put standard hooks and splits on joebaggs and hogy replaced with 4xhh split and owner inline 2/0
  2. He is local to us here in nj. Nice guy. Creative mind with his surf rod holder and bluefish popsicle. Not the best plugs but a nice guy.
  3. This site never gets old. Too bad all cocktails for me today. Old man was on bones. He called too late and i went in another direction.
  4. Glad they came in. Too bad work got in the way! Glad your kids had fun.
  5. A 17 year old thread resurrects and the question i ask is why would anyone want a surf fighting belt
  6. Exactly. Lets move on
  7. Wtf we are talking about a $200 rod. Can we all donate him some money to end this madness
  8. Sold to dynasty pending payment!
  9. 135$ to help with the fees?
  10. @unclejohn - Funny you mention that I tried two different setups, I stepped up my leader to 40# test, and I actually caught the MAC on a clip. Their eyesight isn't as good as albies, But after I got the first one I went back later to see if I can still get into them, but I changed my setup. In the morning, I just had 8' avid with 30# braid line, setup was too big. But hell, what did I know.. Tried 7' setup, 20# braid, still 40# leader tied to swivel or you can direct tie, (Alberto / fg / uni-uni whatever) - then I switched to surgeons end loop. I also tied a teaser on at night and didn't have one in the morning. I was exclusively fishing hogy epoxy jigs, (pink / Albie crack) I should bring a lightweight 10' rod for distance
  11. Screw the environment, according to some people we have 12 years left on earth. I will be continuing to melt lead
  12. Agree, end of story..
  13. A must have for CCW fans who fish their plugs. A CCW SET including cigar dannys, fj swimmers darter, j1 dannys. One of jetty swimmer has slight bubble on top. Swam no issue Some new. Some carried to test swim. Total 7 plugs. 140$. Paypal only. Shipped and insured UPS or USPS Local pickup price reduction 130$ cash monmouth county thru essex county. NO SPLITS i can post more pictures if needed
  14. Now what do you do if the cocktails are around. No plastics
  15. Spot burning