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  1. Well if your set on buying ************** makes the best jigheads. Or tinmans
  2. You and i are in the same boat. My VS reels hold up well. I think the issue is im in the cruiser bruiser division and i could easily make 25 trips in april and another 20 on may alone. They have some great warranty and the only issue i have is in muddy sections the soles get sucked off hence the screw. i was really thinking if i spend the $300 that would make it last two seasons. Idk
  3. Why not pour your own?
  4. Does this count
  5. After i called and got email i spoke them. They look beefier. I would request them as a replacement for my 7.5” but the jaws are 1.5”. Im not a fan of that.
  6. here is mine after one calendar year. im in the heavyweight division
  7. Sudsy. Do you happen to have a pic like that from the 70s and when did nj start beach replenishment
  8. @ASrod - Part of the reason I bought Danco "We are sorry to hear that about your pliers. Thankfully this problem is covered under our lifetime warranty! Please mail you pliers to us along with a filled out warranty form (attached). Once we receive the pliers we will then process your warranty and mail back a new replacement set of pliers. The turnaround is between 4-6 days. Also, if you reply with your address we can make a shipping label for you (so that you are not charged for shipping). Please let us know if you have any other questions." So, if I had a VS, i might not have torqued them, i think that is what people are saying
  9. I have buckskins, I'm going to snap a few pictures of them and show you after a year of hard use what they look like.. I'm surprised i'm hearing 4-5yrs..
  10. I didn't know that either, that's why i'm like WTF, that had to be awesome... That doesn't happen to often.. How was the fight and did you think you had a large blue/bass
  11. That's good to know.. They never torqued on you GED? @ASrod - I just got this email. - They now released a more durable offshore plier.. whatever that means.. looks like a van stall, but jaws are only 1.5" compared to 2". @ged - has a point, buy once, cry once... B/C,i dropped 189$ on Danco's, and they are torqued a little. I emailed warranty center, so let's see if my theory of buying for the warranty pays off. Ged - I also heard the VS cutters are 60$'s and wear more often than once every 10 years
  12. WOW, i wasn't expecting this feedback.. Curious as to what others say.. How was simm's warranty
  13. Very well written. Thanks for the information. The important thing that i go back to is, you were a surf guy, but you want to live a normal life so the boat is easier, and I can totally appreciate that statement.. It's not fun sleeping 3hrs a night for a week straight A buddy on a kayak says, why would i surf fish if I can sleep normal hours and wake up and kayak.. So true.. Now, do you travel anymore to fish or just stay on the boat locally? B/C if i ever get a boat, why travel, if you can get anything out front
  14. For those of you that have had korkers, are the simms G4 boots that much better. I usually fish 5 nights a week anywhere from 1-5hrs during the spring season. The fall season, not so much. Some places are 30 minute walk on soft sand. I usually wear korkers buckskin and flip the soles out if I go on a jetty, or run the regular or the vibram soles. Figure the boots are 160$, the soles separate from the omni track often when you first get them and require epoxy to attach them, (Not a huge deal, but happens on all of them), The actual boots last about 1yr, before the boot itself is completely destroyed. You can save the soles and re-use them on another pair of boots. So my question is, is it time to change, to the Simms G4, and will they hold up to the hours in the salt? I will say, and have said in the past that Korkers customer service has been spectacular. They always address any issues. Any help would be great