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  1. I didnt mean to click thumbsdown if i did. im not familiar with pandas
  2. Usually chickweed
  3. We usually get flats of vinca bc deer dont eat them
  4. My first job I worked at a local retailer 4.25$ and hr. I turned 43 this year. I feel very old. I have a 5yr old.
  5. Isn’t vinca an annual flower? this is interesting thread. I need something for erosion control that will choke out the weeds
  6. Thoughts and prayers.
  7. Value for resale or collector
  8. Bite your tongue. Never. Took the wife out Saturday. She never comes on friends boat. She did well live lining. With help obvious
  9. I have a baitrunner 4000d. I was thinking a small Comv but i dont donut enough
  10. Eh. Once in a while.
  11. There is no way anyone eats bunker
  12. Egregious for me is crimes against kids and dogs.
  13. btw, your previous statement of not taking the stand is not true b/c if you report it and it's a serious crime you are going to testify. Two things I don't put up with Pedophilers or any crimes against kids or crimes against animals.
  14. Same thing.. I witnessed a car accident last week right next to me, the woman backed the car into the person behind her. Usually if you hit a person from behind its your fault, but this lady backed into the person. I just drove off, didn't want to give witness statement
  15. The Vax is safe and effective. That's what they told us