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  1. I was around albies for four hours yesterday. I gill hooked one and it swam full speed at me and beached itself and twitched out. I tried to save. But we kept it cool. Fillet it up for dogs. The i found a dead one floating that didnt make it back. Grabbed him too. Fillet for dog. I didnt see a lot kd disrespect from where we were. But im sure it happens. Just remember the bluefish thread feom last year. People just rip them apart
  2. Same exact report
  3. Im sure i was with some of you today but we were on albies for four hours. Im on the couch with a beer resting my arms. Hahha
  4. Now that i'm looking at it on my laptop and not on my phone its def weakie
  5. From the picture it looked like a bass without stripes. not a weakie . Only bc size.
  6. Guys.. thanks for the tips, i retied last night. paid closer attention to my wraps.. I was in a blitz this morning for an hour, bass up to 11lbs and no issues with knot... So we are good! thx
  7. Perhaps lack of wraps was the issue.. I'm going to set it up again with 20 wraps and try modified one... I'm determined b/c i'm tired of hearing it doesn't work from my buddy
  8. Tag end twice in the eye? So you go down and then back around and down again? I'm confused
  9. Awesome story.. While reading it, I felt like I was there next to you.. Nice job.. Get a go-pro and strap it to your chest so you can always have video
  10. After about 3 hours of fishing the other night and no hook-ups (****** night), I noticed my hydro minnow floating next to me, and realize my albright knot slipped... Now I don't want to get into a huge FG vs albright vs uni-uni know discussion, im just curious if others using powerpro superslick have had albright slip out on them. It looked like a clean slip, but i'm not sure why, 10 wraps down, overlap backup, and cinch.. Wierd... I usually use uni-uni, but I was like ok, let's do this today, so i'm just curious... Thoughts?
  11. Totally...... I have a new strategy that i've been doing.. rush to the beach, with a shad on the end, do a couple of casts to make sure i'm dialed-in and then change to the expensive stuff...
  12. Northbar really bite good
  13. Anyways, out last night in bay, heavy wind / dirty surf, went to areas protected by rain and found bait and blues. The sad thing was they hit a small popper and I couldn't catch, I switched to metals / sp's, But they seemed to be enjoying the live bait more.. Well.. that's life..
  14. Bottom one is a north bar right? You're SS seem to have seen some blues :-)