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  1. Title says it - White or White over Yellow SS Bottle Darter (used). I'm in monmouth county nj, and fish the bay thru hook down to ibsp, prefer to pickup locally
  2. Awesome. You got 36” fish. I can only imagine what size bass snapped that sp
  3. Hurry up, we got nice fish in Jersey.. Woulda loved the new rod to test with
  4. Spend the extra money on a VSX if you are fishing from the beach
  5. Wtb used mini darter or darter in light colors. Preferably pearl white, yellow or the likes i live in monmouth county nj so can pickup.
  6. Fake Chinese batch? Is that real.
  7. I use either seaguar flouro or berkley pro-spec flouro. This season i've been primarily fishing Berkley prospec 30# or 50# leaders (in NJ waters). Our crew fishes about 5-6 nights a week and long sessions. We have experienced some issues where we have complete knot failure. Even when we wet the ends sometimes it's almost like it cinches down and just rips. Very odd. I'm just wondering if this is a bad batch or others are experience the issue.. Is Seaguar really that much different? I'm curious to know what people think. Thanks
  8. I’m in. Thanks
  9. I’ve been waiting for this. 10' Striped Bass Special rod 3/4 oz - 4 oz
  10. Google earth his property and you tell me if he is a governor for the people. 45 blossom cove road, middletown his taxes are 200k+. For the people my a$$
  11. Seems I fished the bookends of a good bite on saturday, too bad the bookends skunked me..
  12. I hope this is a joke
  13. I bought mine online and i live within 20minutes but i figured it would be easier and it was. Pass showed up certified mail in two days. Wonderful experience
  14. Im in. Thanks
  15. Nice. I went looking for a spot to shelter from wind. U must have locked in a nice spot. Was snotty as heck last night.