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  1. Nope. They werent at surf day. We were surprised. Tinman thx i was hoping to gather up someones surplus cheaper than retail. Does anyone know how much they are at shows
  2. Well this is true. Its really limited government vs socialism but you get the whole point here
  3. Bernie thinks all bank accounts should be equal while owning three homes and worth millions himself. What a joke! The future of our country is at risk of collapsing. If you have kids or grandkids you need to pay attention. It might not be about your generation but its about future generations. Capitalism 2020!
  4. Looking for 5” kettle creek paddle tails in white pink chartuese.
  5. Looking for 5” kettle creek paddle tails in white pink chartuese.
  6. Well the title says it all. Is our country going the way of venezuela or will capitalism prevail? capitalism 2020!
  7. Xmas special is over. Final price on rod is 380$ cash. No shipping. Local pickup only.
  8. Norcal it was nice chatting with you as well. I ended up woth 6” pencil but you promised to make me one in wonderbread. Hahah Enjoy ur sight seeing today with your family. Btw where do you get ur cnr hat.
  9. Damn i wish i knew u were behind there. To put a name to face. I was hanging there all day. Even working behind table you managed to do some damage to your wallet. Hahah i held that googoo and it was beautiful. I just couldnt drop the doigh for that. Nice haul.
  10. 2017 1-6oz 10’6” you dont have enough posts for bst or pm so will have to wait. Search for the thread you will see pics.
  11. Show was great. Overall nice haul for myself. Got one of mikes plugs but was 55$. Got some guppys and norcal and googoo. And ccws. But **** i cant carry anymore plugs. I do agree initial mad rush and quiet by 11. So if your not looking for show specials or something limited like grs you can wait bc deals get better during day.
  12. I had a nice legend for sale cheap in BsT. I closed thread as no interest. Lmk if ur interested i can always open thread back up
  13. Thank god this pup sold b/c I was showing my wife pics last night and I told her we need a third dog!
  14. i'll take for 35$, if you accept paypal