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  1. Interested in white fj and 3oz darter. 35$
  2. Or jj1
  3. I guess the bite is on
  4. Title says it all.. preferably used if possible
  5. Well some places charge 2.50 - 3.00$ per eel, so wish they were easier to catch like bunker before a trip out for striper fishing
  6. Well it's been all over the news last night and this morning... Great White off PT Pleasant.. Enjoy!
  7. I’m not trying to be a dick, but you are the same guy who wants the report threads closed down but you are still active in them. Can’t have them both ways. Im not a fan of the report threads but I like to give props to mc55 and nam for the bugs and calicos.
  8. Build the wall!
  9. Save a few extra dollars to swap hooks and split on sps ghost white sp white/red head mag darter ss popper or darter 60$ will get u started but u need a few hundred to be setup under different conditions
  10. Well deserved @MC55 - Just curious when was your first keeper last year?
  11. Well their customer service so far has been good. I spend a lot of time on the sand from mid march until now. And sometimes the walking could be a couple a miles an outing. Other than those soles ripping apart they seem ok. Customer service has sent me vibrams so i will see how they do.
  12. I'm excited to hear wampires shark update. When are you making your first trip this year?
  13. I actually bought a pair of kevlar laces to go with my buckskins. The only problem i've had in general with korker system is peeling away of sole from attachment system. I'm now on my forth set from warranty, as well as the soles getting sucked off in mud.
  14. Doesn't the devils canyon have the boa lace system which is garbage on the surf?
  15. Y Pretty consistently on bass all spring until last week. Don't report much on the report threads, just don't see the value, especially in the hot months when 100+K views. I actually fished 4-5 nights a week since march and finally took off last week due to sickness and was exhausted. I unloaded the car this weekend and that is it for the spring for me for bass. If i'm out and the blues are around, that's fine, but I don't mind a nice relaxing couple of months. I'm not a fluke nut, if I happen to go to the beach, I will fluke a little... But not crazy about it