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  1. Offer 22$ for jp/lifishvt
  2. Well the season is over and i would like to part way with my 10’6” 2017 St Croix Legend LGSS106MHMF2. Rod is located in monmouth county nj. Prefer pickup and cash. I would ship if buy helps cover shipping costs. This is an absolute gem of a rod. Im downsizing to a 9’6” for more of the everyday rod. Price is 415$. Happy Holidays!
  3. What a nice way to end my season with this picture Have a good holiday season. See everyone in 2019
  4. If you staple a note on the wooden walkway to the beach you might also get a call if no one on here owns the rod.
  5. I'm waiting for someone to post my blurple SS bottle darter I snapped off near me so I can reclaim :-)
  6. This is simply amaZing. Can you post a picture of a lure that you landed a shark with?
  7. Broke down one rod setup and VS went for service. I figured i would beat the crowd.
  8. Gross to eat. Release please. Wow trolling a mojo or spoon and hit a fish like this amazing. Not!!!
  9. You can't hold a 75+lb fish like that... He is a big guy holding it and leaning but I got the same picture txt'd to me and they said 60-65lb and others don't think she is that big. Just sayin
  10. Very funny. Did u have one of your guys tagging him.
  11. Was it feeding on sandeels and got stuck in the tide? or was it sick?
  12. I should have stayed in bed this morning. As others were reporting. Snotty weather, rain big waves and strong sweep. Metals and bucktails didnt land one and i packed it in early.