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  1. Totally...... I have a new strategy that i've been doing.. rush to the beach, with a shad on the end, do a couple of casts to make sure i'm dialed-in and then change to the expensive stuff...
  2. Northbar really bite good
  3. Anyways, out last night in bay, heavy wind / dirty surf, went to areas protected by rain and found bait and blues. The sad thing was they hit a small popper and I couldn't catch, I switched to metals / sp's, But they seemed to be enjoying the live bait more.. Well.. that's life..
  4. Bottom one is a north bar right? You're SS seem to have seen some blues :-)
  5. I agree.. They don't last if you get so excited after a car ride to beach, throw a 20$+ ss bottle on and don't realize your line is wrapped and snap it off on first cast...
  6. leave politics out of this... Im hoping the fishing improves
  7. Irene was worse inland for sure. Not as bad as 99 floyd though. Anyways.. too early to tell the track. I will tell you i will spend a few hours tomorrow ensuring storm prep is in order. Rotate stored gas check generator etc. im on well so i need power
  8. Nice. My son is turning one sept 1st. If you need some baby boy stuff shoot me a pm. I probably have some stuff i can dig up like clothes. Let me know
  9. Wow. Cownose in bay? Nice
  10. Are the mackeral and bonito rigs the same as albies?
  11. I've been doing a lot of of fishing in the back lately.. Mostly short fluke.. I did find one keeper bass on a jighead and gulp.. I was surprised and wasn't expecting it.. Broke me off at the location I was at b/c I didn't have a good landing spot.. Oh well.. Tons of BAIT, and BAIT is always getting blown up every time I go..... Yesterday, short fluke and sea robin in a short period....
  12. Cnn hired an audio expert. I mean come the **** on.
  13. I live in nj. Even worse. So my vote doesnt count much, but as an american i am given the opportunity to vote and i do it. I have an infant child and maybe in his lifetime he will see the northeast flip red. We will see.
  14. Guess what a day passed on the tapes and im still voting for trump in 2020