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    Thinking of moving at least part time to Fl. the Stuart area
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    fishing on foot, Now in my boat
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    LI NY
  1. Chris , I am interested in your Fly reel. I have plenty to trade if you have any interest. I would prefer to trade rather than buy I have plugs reels bucktails all new\Thanks Dick O'D
  2. Closed lack of interest.
  3. I think I got it. these have been in the shed for years but they will clean up nicely. First two are the flyrod holder.
  4. I can't post pictures please send e mail address. O'D Out-roders.zip
  5. I'll take them for you ASAP.
  6. That kid can hunt and fish!!
  7. It all about your budget, it will cost more than you think. Potter SC's are beautiful but its an old hull with wood I would imagine and the hull has probably taken on water. The Suzkies are great, I had a 2005 115) , I would think that hull need 140 -150 HP. Hours & maintenance are key in a older motor. Good luck If you can afford an older classic, and are handy yourself, I say go for it!
  8. Tourism is not important to Florida???
  9. My nephew caught nice snook on the fly "Treasure coast", the other day.
  10. thanks for the reply can't get anyone to pick it up!
  11. I have a Kodiak bait well 36 Gal I think with pump and fittings, 2 Outrodders 1 Fly rod outrodder, a Cannon down rigger complete . Pictures to anyone with interest prices fair & negotiable .
  12. What part of Jersey?
  13. Got the check thank you will get them out ASAP.
  14. Linesideslayer are you still in , I have not received payment.
  15. Did you get my info I have the plug boxed & ready to go. O'D