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  1. I'd like to see the same number of justices balanced by the same number of Ethicists. The Ethicists providing an ethical ruling for decisions that will affect the moral fiber and contemporary well being of the nation. A peer review of partisan leaning at best.
  2. Probably co-incidental that DNC servers and systems are no longer managed by suspected Pakistani intelligence agents - the Awan brothers, as a matter of fact, the timing is about right as well. Funny that.
  3. J provided a precis on a forensic analysis of the data, in all probability it points to direct transfer/copy from the source server rather than via any other transfer method. What this means in practice is that the data was copied by an entity with direct access to the server, given the data transfer speeds and file format the forensic analysis points to a thumb drive plugged directly into the server and files copied via this. What this illustrates is complete and utter incompetence in securing their own data by a political party that asked the nation to approve their leadership, all the while attempting to blame the Trump administration for their own inadequacies and failures. No wonder HRC got a pass on her security failings, her own party was equally at fault.
  4. As systems administrators the Awans would have had direct and privileged access to whatever resided on DNC servers, as well as the computer systems of those Dem House and Senate members and their staff. No wonder they were trying their hardest to get rid of the Trump administration, it really goes beyond normal political gamesmanship into the realm of abject fearful response. There is no rational understanding of their behavior.
  5. So presumably the transfer was performed at the source server! Weren't the Awans, suspected Pakistani intelligence operatives, the systems administrators of the DNC, and a substantial number of Dem House and Senators? Could the entire Russia investigation be a dust raising blinder to cover up one of the greatest data and security breaches in DC history?
  6. I understand your view on this, however, these companies are far from private in the true sense of the word. Google has its tentacles in just about every web page you view, not to mention marketing its search algorithms to just about every Fortune company for both internal and external use. They are not benign.
  7. True but they do make a sh*t sandwich whether you order it or not.
  8. Specious argument, especially when you have a bucket of water at hand that will staunch a grass fire and prevent it spreading, but you focus on alternatives that may not be as effective.
  9. With all due respect to you Nessmuk, the philosophy of laissez-faire has been a continuing series of disasters for the human race, it underscores the old saw that those who do not, or refuse to learn from history, are doomed to repeat it.
  10. My point as well, along with speaking out.
  11. So your solution is roll over and let them scratch your belly?
  12. Acquiescence is the assent that allows tyranny to evolve.
  13. Agree, but the market hasn't, why?
  14. If you do not take a stand against these cancers, one day soon they will be pushed on you, whether you agree or not.
  15. The US has already spent a considerable part of a $22+ trillion debt in reparations and assumed guilt money and they still want more? When is enough, enough?