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  1. Many thanks for the advice, just ordered a rod.
  2. I'm sure that's an excellent Tenkara rod for the money, but far more than I want to spend. Looking to spend sub $100 to see if I like the action, reach and feel of this style.
  3. No Tenkara packages, are there any 11-13 ft Tenkara rods out there gathering dust?
  4. Want to buy a Tenkara package, medium action, 11-13 ft, Kingston/Plymouth MA
  5. Just got gifted a Buck Skinner, no longer needed.
  6. Had both hips done, so thoroughly recommend you best insist that the surgeon perform an anterior hip replacement as opposed to a posterior hip replacement, better outcome, better recovery, and as a bonus, the surgery requires a more qualified and experienced surgeon. Good luck, its a life saver.
  7. No problems, if circumstances change your mind, we can proceed.
  8. @waltw are both lenses clean of fungus, dirt and grunge? If so, Id like to offer $350 shipped, Paypal
  9. Have a GLoomis SAR1265BC 10'6" 50/50 split. Since I hate centerpin/mooching reels I had it modded by Al Sears for a spin reel. $225 picked up from Plymouth Mass. Ill let this review speak for itself, google the model you will find many more of the same. "SAR 1265 BC - This is the single best rod I have ever salmon fished with, I was concerned about it being heavy, but don't let that fool you. It is heavy enough to work the big Chinook out of the kelp, yet still sensitive and fun with Coho... I wished I had them years ago. Reviewed by: Salty Chuck (Calgary)"
  10. Foundation is going to be a disappointment, virtue signaling rears it ugly head, Gaal Dornis is now a female, and although visually stunning in set design, what other liberties have the show runners taken with the storyline? Lost me.
  11. Agree Little, a like minded creche works. A few years back my Cardiologist was bitching to me about the cost of educating his two boys at private schools in NYC ($38k each), told him to get together with a couple of his peers in similar situation and get themselves a Governess. They did collectively for $80k a year, for about $15k a year each kid, they got a year round educator who gave those kids the best all round classic education. Aside from a months paid vacation, she took those kids every day Mon-Friday, and got a couple of the older kids interested enough from the usual teenage anomie to push their GPAs right above 4. There is much to be commended for lateral thinking.
  12. No money in natural immunity from prior infection. Big Pharma has countless billions of reasons to block studies on the subject, Pfizer alone is getting 19 billion this year. That buys a lot of undivided attention from news outlets and their mouthpieces, as well as their political lackeys.
  13. Taiwan needs at least a thousand truck mounted Patriot systems modded with the latest in Israeli tech.
  14. Going to happen sooner. China is in turmoil with rolling blackouts in major cities and unable to generate enough power to keep the lights on 24x7 and the factories running, the Central Government and its President for life will have to pull a diversion sooner than later, the continuing incursions into Taiwanese air space are just a precursor to check out and map defences for missile targets.
  15. Man with straw hair bad, man with straw for brain good.