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  1. Of course we don't need new laws, but thats the Democrat way isn't it? Don't enforce valid existing laws that could fix the problem, instead draft new laws as a grand gesture and posture to say they are doing something, but never enforce those new laws as well. It is called the art of apparent motion, and the Democrats are masters at it. That is why Democrat controlled cities quickly devolve into third world hell holes.
  2. The black community is disproportionately the majority of the perpetrators of hate and violence against the Asian community.
  3. Shameless pandering for votes from the Asian community...
  4. Mother-In-Law had a favorite, 'with all this horsesheet, there has to be a pony nearby' Given the withering opposition and hostility to this audit, it appears that a lot are defecating in terror at what they perceive may be the result. It doesn't make sense, unless they already are reasonably certain of what that outcome will turn out to be. This is the first in depth dive into actual physical ballots, counting methodology and data collection, chain of custody reports from custodians, as well as digital data quarantine. The audit has been video recorded from many angles, along with as many scrutineers, both nominated civilian and legal representatives from both sides that can comfortably fit in the investigation rooms.
  5. Considered Kingston NY, it is a great little town, found a couple of places in the Stockade district, decent money to restore to former glory, but would have been grand. Hudson Valley is something spectacular.
  6. You provide a surety bond to cover the costs of EOL removal if your company does a Phoenix on me?
  7. If gas prices are any indication, every one of us vehicle owners are still paying for the hack every time we fill up.
  8. Nah!, I became a Masshole, love the Catskills though, a special part of the planet.
  9. No collection here in Kingston, pay $40 a month for trash and recycle collection, once per week, they supply trash and recycle bins. They also collect the usual cartons and cardboard liners. Otherwise its off to the transfer station at $100 per year. No racoon problem at the moment, but who knows what may move in to the timber stands either side of us, there is plenty of other wildlife. An ex neighbor may have dealt with them the same way we think he may have dealt with a couple of coyotes that were getting too friendly.
  10. I believe that head condition has a pseudo medical term: its variously called the sphincter stretch or the butt bulge.
  11. So very true, the air raid sirens here are screaming, wind them up boys.
  12. Paroxysm on paroxysm on paroxysm, such phauxming over what the left complains is a nothing burger, and yet the PG quilting bee of biddies manages to expend countless hours adding meat to their nothing burger. Vapor or vapid, both work, Shakespeare got it right, "The lady doth protest too much, methinks"
  13. All the hostility towards the audit is prompted by the nagging doubt that everything about this election was NOT on the "up and up", you know it, I know it, and they know it too, but for them to admit that opens up a whole Pandoras Box of very 'Inconvenient Truths' that they hoped would remain buried.
  14. Most of the European and British aristocracy are inbreds, he and the rest of his family are no exception.
  15. If recent circumstances are an indicator, Ol' Scratch would be getting millions of tax payer readies for wrongful arrest, the key to the city, apologies from the Mayor and DA, and to cap it all off a 20 block uptown burning, looting and murder spree.