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  1. The left wing media thinks they are getting their distorted narrative across to the voter, when in fact they are insulting that voters intelligence. Trump may have popularized the term 'fake news' but the left wing media are unwittingly validating the term in every broadcast.
  2. She will be off to the 9th Circuit to find an injunction friendly Judge, but in the interim while this wends its way through the Court system, the DOJ will leak who has been funding these terrorists and unmask the perps along with their political supporters.
  3. Far easier than taking responsibility, par for the course for the progressive left and their supporters to blame someone else.
  4. Mea Culpa Mokes? After all it is Sunday!
  5. I believe dousing with KY was mentioned.
  6. Wouldn't it really slow the roll of a few ANTIFA protagonists if some of their number who were caught in the act were subject to a very public rendition to Guantanamo Bay. The wailing and gnashing of teeth of the detractors would be quite a great sound to every one offended and damaged by these idiots.
  7. Asa photojournalist does he have photographic evidence it was the Police that slashed his tires, or is that a supposition on his part because he was in the line of fire where chaos reigned, and he caught some rubber bullets, so naturally he blames the Police because he has the bruises from the hits as evidence that Police that would fire rubber bullets would also slash tires.
  8. Designating ANTIFA a terrorist organization is a start, does it now mean that the perps apprehended on the street sowing chaos can now be sent to Guantanamo Bay as enemy combatants? Does it also mean those who are backing and funding ANTIFA can now be sanctioned and subject to financial penalty.? Anyone knowledgeable care to offer your thoughts?
  9. Named, shamed, and shown the door. Preferably a door with bars.
  10. Essential services have radios and there are landlines, besides cell towers get overloaded with thug traffic broadcasting their video. Shut them down.
  11. True, but I defy you to continue to ignore the alerts every 10-15 seconds, two or three of them and they will start to get like a nagging toothache.
  12. Most of the video we see is from random individuals on the spot, those vans cannot be everywhere. The younger society would much rather get out their cellphones and video than help in a crisis, that is how sick a society we have become, and just how dependent they have become on their cellphones. Take the cellphone from them and they are lost little lambs.
  13. EMP devices are non discriminatory, sure they will fry cell phone chipsets, but they will also fry every chipset in the radius, computers, elevators, traffic control units, televisions etc, what's worse, every heart pacemaker and or ICD.
  14. But they do not transmit outside to the web so the thugs do not get to be legends among their peers. 10-15 Second Emergency alert blasts through their cell phones will encourage the thugs to turn them off.
  15. That nukes every circuit in the EMP radius, easier to flip the switch, and flip it back when civilization returns. You have to outhink the mob.