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  1. The undisputed reality of what you and FA are talking about is modern day Venezuela, the result of the similar policies being pushed by a recently elected Alexandria Two-Names.
  2. Common sense needed here, surely extraordinary times require less adherence to prosecuting ethics violations, and more on moral obligations.
  3. Folks like yourself and your counterparts lack the imagination and understanding of iterative technological development and how it will impact society. This is not tomorrow, it is today, it is now. Farms of the future not on agricultural land, and not only in urban warehouses surrounding cities, but on the sunny side of skyscrapers providing not just the ecological benefits of close to source distribution, but more efficient utilization of environmental engineering and smart building concepts. We do not need millions of unskilled labor to process and harvest. I repeat: "We need common sense policies that recognize this reality and foster commensurate population decline not expansion." Wake up!
  4. Interesting points you raise. Equality versus opportunity. The twain meet in the inevitable dichotomy, socialism versus capitalism
  5. ...and they live in a society that has borrowed 22 trillion dollars from its children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren to pay for it.
  6. Welcome to the technological age where each iterative development in technology aided manufacture and production processes mean less jobs. We need common sense policies that recognize this reality and foster commensurate population decline not expansion. Why allow more unskilled labor in to the country when the future is not only blighted for them, but they will require in the future a lifetime of welfare for themselves and their families. The OP talks of instability, just how unstable is an army of unemployable folk with no future for themselves, and no future for their children. Time to wake up.
  7. Reputedly grow sites and their illegal growers are a common cause of the forest fires that plague California, often deliberately lit to burn out other growers sites. Just saying... Personally, I'd decriminalize all drugs, let Darwinism hold court in a survivors world, as you just cannot legislate recreational escapism, did the lessons from Prohibition ever get learned?
  8. Stoned?