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  1. Visiting my brother in Florida and we decided to check out the action at Sebastian Inlet. I vaguely remembered that Denny spent a lot of time at the inlet, and was able to pick him out of the crowd based on the fine custom rod (titanium KR guides were a big clue) with which he was bailing the taylor blues up onto the jetty. Nice looking rod, Hellray! And nice meeting you Denny. Fishing everyday is a dream for many of us, and getting paid for it would make it even sweeter. Hope it never gets to be just a job for you. Buz
  2. Here's a bird report from upstate NY. While ice fishing Lake George today in the Bolton Landing area I heard the distinct call of a whippoorwill! They are becoming scarce in our area and I've never heard one in the day or during this time of year.
  3. I have Manley's for dehooking and cutting a hook out of my hand, and a Swiss Army knife for cutting braid, screwing loose screws, picking my teeth, etc.etc.
  4. Supposedly the reel you trade in has to be in working order.
  5. I stopped in to the E Hartford Cabela's with the intention of picking up a few ice fishing lures and plastics but wandered by the reel island to see what there was. I found a Shimano Spheros SW5000 marked down from 199 to $148. I asked if this was just the display model, and the salesman looked it up and said no, it applied to even the boxed models. I said OK and started to walk away with one. The saleman then pulled out a cartoon reel which he offered to sell me for $5, and then I could turn around and trade it in and get $25 off the Spheros. So I ended up getting the reel for about $130, a great deal I think. The trade in deal is graduated so if you buy a reel which costs more than $500, you can get $100 off. Don't know how long this is going to last. NOTE: The trade in program lasts to March 7.
  6. I'm surprised that the big kingfish was only 9#. Those things get massive down south. THe Spanish mackerels look to be about the size of the Southern fish I've caught, though.
  7. I suspect when they cite mortality figures for released fish they use data from fish deep hooked caught on bait. I don't fish bait anymore, very seldom draw blood with the lures I use, and most of the fish I release swim away vigorously. If they don't, I babysit them until they swim out of my hands.
  8. If you want white perch drive up to Lake Champlain, which is infested. There are several videos out there of guys with massive piles of white perch (no limit) caught through the ice. They are fairly new to the lake, in the last 30 years or so, but have taken over the small fish niche.
  9. Here's my 2 cents. Get something around 10', light as possible. Pair it with a 4000-5000 sized reel, again as light as possible. Use about 20# braid. This should be very fishable for long periods, and from the open beach should handle anything you are likely (or unlikely) to encounter. I built myself a 9' 10" 10 oz rod on an MHX blank, paired it with a Stradic 5000 (11-12oz), and absolutely love it.
  10. There's a whole section in Robert Post's book "Reading the Water" about a similar situation with a very large bluefin which was wrestled alive out of the surf on Martha's Vineyard. They ran afoul of the law but eventually were able to keep it. They labeled it "the Troublesome Tuna". Of course this was many years ago (1970's?) and things may have been different then.
  11. Remember the fantastic class of 2011? They should be low 30" now. I don't think they made it that big, we kept them as they got legal. Too bad we can't raise the size to 34 or 36 inches. It would mean few keepers for a couple of years but then there would be some quality fish around. I was into these small bass in late October in Martha's Vineyard. There seem to be tons of them, I wonder what will happen in a couple of years as they approach "keeper" size.
  12. I caught so many (small) stripers on my recent trip to MV that my phone wouldn't recognize my fingerprints anymore. Took a few days for my fingerprints to grow back.
  13. That's a different kind of tick, a winter tick. Moose can get 40,000 to 100,000 of those on them. There was a recent article in NYTimes (?) with a pretty disgusting picture. They are bigger than deer ticks, not so much a threat to humans as they prey on hoofed animals. Global warming (excuse me climate change) is encouraging the winter ticks and a severe infestation can kill a moose.
  14. The fact that you had trouble getting the tick out is a problem. You likely injected yourself with whatever it had in it. Besides Lyme, you should be on the lookout for flu like symptoms, as described above, that can result from other tick borne illnesses. I had anaplasmosis, which presented a week after trying to remove a stubborn tick. It was summer, not flu time, and the PA just prescribed doxycycline which knocked down the flu symptoms in a couple of days. I'm not sure a regular antibiotic will knock anaplasmosis down. Go to the vets and get yourself a couple of inexpensive "tick twisters". They will remove most ticks without injecting yourself.
  15. I think maybe a 34" limit would be good. It would mean few keepers for a couple of years, but then quality fish and wouldn't really conflict with rec vs commercial takes (at least in MA). BTW, I don't keep any fish, I call them keepers when maybe I should say legal fish.