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  1. Hard pack sand can be a bear to get a good hold (at least with the pole that I use) in even a moderate wind or current. Just got back from a Pamlico Sound trip that I spent a lot time of not staying put. My buddy used the powerpole and was very solid.
  2. Subaru lost or agreed to terms with a class action lawsuit over the oil issue. They knew they had the problem. Still f'd! You have to do an 'oil use test' done by the dealer who sold you the car. I think the issue was rings?
  3. Have an 2012 Imprezza with factory racks and add on crossmembers, works great and easy to load yak. Just watch what year if buying used. I have the great pleasure of adding oil once every 2800 miles, certain years and models had a problem with using oil.
  4. This was where the cartridge jammed. It seemed to catch just on the edge of the ramp not on the edge of the barrel. I could just push it back down into the magazine and reload, but only fire one more round.
  5. Thanks Karl and everybody. I have a good place to start!
  6. Thanks for the replies. I have sent some factory hp's thru without problem although different bullet. I just picked these hp's up on sale and figured I'd give them a try. This is my first attempt at reloading for this (or any) pistol. And they are just for shooting and getting used to this 1911.
  7. Just tried 50 rounds of the following. New Brass - Starline 1st set thru. Rainier Ballistics 185 g HP (the problem child im guessing) CCI large pistol primers Titegroup 5.1 gr +/- 0.1 gr Case 0.895 +/- .002 Case taper crimped COL - 1.230 +/-0.002 Round will always jam on the ramp going up to chamber. Seems like a little sharp edge is what's holding on to that bullet. Should I take the dremel to this edge, or just try another bullet. I Know it was made for ball or FMJ but I would like to be able to shoot something that I might like better? Thanks for your help and this was my first attempt at reloading for this pistol.
  8. Corn, potatoes, tomatoes, beans and arguably the number zero - all from the western hemisphere- professor Tuttle.
  9. I have a great condition 890-4RPL, I can part with.
  10. I believe the Thiaminase has always been a problem in the Ontario watershed. Isn't that why the salmon had very little spawning success, eggs too thin to survive? In fact wasn't there a period only a few years ago when we were celebrating the first couple years of natural reproduction of all three salmon species in the SR? At that time they were claiming that the main bait source was other than alewife. The zebra mussel is what started and continues to be the problem, the water just doesn't have the nutrients to support the biomass. If you've been around long enough you saw the water color in both Erie and Ontario change from green to clear. This is when the fishing started to go downhill. Remember the days of the old Lake Ontario Tournaments? Those where fishy and fun times! Of course even earlier you had snagging witch was ah-- interesting. We have an easy way to help that, increase the amount of P and N discharged into the Niagara through the sh't plants. Of course you will have an increase in the mussel biomass as well and the tree huggers might bitch a little. As for the Catt, I must admit the crowds in the last to years have become too much. It's almost becoming like the SR. I guess so many guys writing about it have had an effect. Nothing like getting bombed out of a whole by centerpinners. Never had that happen until last couple years. And can anybody link me up with the DEC stocking numbers for the Catt? Tried to find them to settle an argument but can't seem to find the numbers. We used to have a world class fishery on the Catt, but when they stopped stocking the domestic rainbows (not steelhead) for fear of whirling disease and interference with the wild strain the fishing also went downhill. At one time we even had a fall spawning rainbow strain!
  11. Ok, so i'm on the list for my 22-250. Sent in all the information they wanted for the Remington replacement. Got a cheap very flimsy cardboard box with 3 pieces of styrofoam inserts to send it back to Illinois. There's no way I'm sending this fine shooting rifle back in a box that has no support or protection. Any recommendations for a gunsmith in the Harlesyville PA area?
  12. This has always been a problem for me especially when I buy line from the sale bin. Usually they are older and aren't marked. I currently use a label maker to print out labels for my rod building. Well the label maker actually has a cartridge that enables you to print on small shrink wrap. I'll try to attach a photo. I use this for all my T-14, T-11 lines and steelhead tips. The printer is cheap, but I can't see it just for marking lines. Unless you have a two or three dozen
  13. Hello Rocco, I'm depressed. no more hockey. Great series, although I was kinda rootin for the Bolts. The Hawks were good
  14. DC, are the aluminum strips homemade? (That's Aluminium for Mike O!), been thinking about trying them. L66 and BFD, I agree with the boots, by far the best I've ever used and durable. (hope i didn't put the jinx on them!!)
  15. ED, my brakes do the exact same thing! Very unnerving (is that a word?)