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  1. If the reel still wobbles on the Tiralejo the issue is not with the reel foot or the rod it is with the counter balance on the bail
  2. Jigging world has the aftermarket knobs you are looking for.
  3. The issue is the drag is keyed incorrectly. It needs to be serviced. I had the same issue. Reach out to Craig at VS he can take care of it for you in a few minutes
  4. I’ll take them thanks
  5. Let’s hope this can get cleaned up as quick as possible. Last night a train derailed right above the Hale eddy bridge and 2 rail cars went into the water. Fuel oil spilled into the river
  6. Sold pm coming
  7. Rod is still available. Price drop $400 pick up or $400 + actual shipping
  8. Rod will fit perfectly for the lures you are talking about. It will throw the 5oz jig no problem. Is it the rod I would choose to do that with every day. No but it can and will certainly handle it. The other lure sizes you mentioned are right in the sweet spot for that rod
  9. Rod is brand new. Never used tags still on it. I can get some pictures of it tomorrow but there are thousands of pics on line of these. This is the new model with the new torzite guides.
  10. WTS a brand new legend 11’ 2-8. New model with Torzite guides. Rod retails at $640. Asking $425. Prefer pick up or meet in NJ. Willing to ship but buyer pays actual shipping.
  11. The toughest part of catching a coho is being there when they show up. Usually the large majority of the coho run comes through in just a few days towards the earlier part of the salmon run. They head directly upstream and are at the hatchery within a day or two. They don’t tend to hand around in the river like the kings do. If you want to catch one my suggestions are fish the early part of the season and fish down low in the system. They come in the river spread out and just keep going to the hatchery.
  12. That is exactly how I fish them for seabass. You can rip them up vertically and let them fall on a slack line as well but the slow/Med reel up and drop seems to work better for sea bass. Btw pic is from a group of us in New England last spring on flat falls
  13. A couple of things. Take the handle off the reel completely. Make sure the collar around the handle shaft is all the way towards the knob and then reseat the handle. Lastly if you could take the spool off and crank the handle to see if the noise is still there it would be a great help. Thanks
  14. Lakewood products makes the bags you are looking
  15. I have the Simms and have used it all over from saltwater to rain forest like conditions in British Columbia. The T-Zip is the real deal. Simms just changed the model this year. If you can find one of last years models you can probably find it at a good discount