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  1. Block this one still hurts to talk about
  2. I have drift boats so it’s never really unfishable. the other thing to remember is that the west branch gets two different Hendrickson batches it has the full blown bugs everyone is familiar with and as that winds down you get what Caucci and Nastasi termed the X’s which are a subspecies and are a 16. They have since been classified but after years of working for Al I still refer to them as X’s. They will typically continue a week or two after the regular Hendrickson hatch is over on the main stem, east branch and the beaverkill. The other thing a lot of guys miss is how good the morning caddis fishing can be that time of year. A lot of years it’s better than the Hendrickson fishing
  3. Finally
  4. Glad I could help
  5. This is really the same manual for the reel you have https://www.manualslib.com/manual/1049474/Shimano-Dendoumaru-1000-Plays.html?page=10#manual
  6. In a normal year that first week of May is the prime Hendrickson time. I’ve seen them as early as 3rd week of April and as late as 3rd week in May. The biggest thing to remember is that on the beaverkill/upper Delaware system the hatch maybe over on some sections and just getting started on other sections or rivers in the system. I guided on the Delaware for over 12 years and still have a house and boats on the river. I would tell you if I had to pick one week to hit Hendrickson’s that is the week.
  7. Have to agree with the crowd musky rods are the way to go. Loomis, st Croix or new shimano musky rod coming in March paired with large low profile like tranx, revo or abu beast.
  8. How was the ice on the rest of the river? Still slushed up and chunks coming down or wide open? thanks
  9. If you do the section from Kellums bridge down you can target and catch trout, walleye, smallies all with the same lure. Just something to change it up.
  10. Weekends can be busy but honestly it usually doesn’t affect the smallmouth fishing. Most of those groups are just paddling straight through while you will be slowly drifting or stopping and getting out to fish. I’m not familiar with the Indian head cabins other than they are in Barryville which is downstream from where you are looking to be. I would look at vrbo for a cabin or stay at one of the bed and breakfasts in narrowsburg, beach lake Pa. you wont have a lot of competition for the smallmouth fishing there a couple of guides that do trips down there but running into more than 2 of them at most in a day is highly unlikely. There are tons and tons of fish but a good one is 14inches. Lots and lots of 8-12” fish. If you are going in June you will run into plenty of shad as well. I did a trip last year with brother and sister in law and 3 other couples and 10kids in kayaks and my drift boat on one of the busiest weekends of the year. We saw two other guides fishing and our group still caught well over 100 smallmouth again mostly small. If you you are planning to do more than one day and you have your own canoe I would recommend spending one day just above callicoon (20min north of narrowsburg) and fishing for smallmouth, trout, walleye and then going down to narrowsburg and doing a second day. If you do not have you own canoe there is another place to rent them on that upper section that will also handle your shuttle. You will see less pleasure boaters up there but a few more fisherman. It is the lower end of the trout water but holds plenty of all 3 species I mentioned including some very very big trout.
  11. Also be aware because of the way this reel is designed you are not going to have as much side to side play in the spool as you are probably use to seeing
  12. My point is why not say if you are having this issue check the o-ring. I assume you are talking about the o-ring on the very bottom of the side plate? Are you sure you are putting the side plate back on the correctly? It is confusing on that reel. Can you take a picture of what you think is causing the issue? Maybe one of us can actually help you fix the problem. Also take a picture of the side plate of the reel with it back on the reel. If its truly an issue I will take it right to the source and find out if they are aware of it and if they have a fix. My guess is that the issue the side plate no being put back on correctly but as I said if I am wrong I will take it to the source this evening to get a fix or solution
  13. So let me get this straight there’s an issue with the reel and you have the solution but don’t want to post it and would rather have people pm you? Why not post it? I checked mine. When I loosen the drag tension knob and make sure the dial on the side plate is turned as low as it goes I get some side to side play in the spool. is that your solution you have to remember to turn the dial all the way down?
  14. It’s a great area to do a smallmouth trip but I would wait until later in the summer mid June or later. Those fish on those stretches really turn on when the water drops and warms up. Narrowsburg to 10mile or 10mile to Zane grey bridge are the two floats you should focus on. Either one is easily a whole day float. Landers or one of the other canoe rental liveries can set up the shuttle and rentals for you. I guided up there for years so if you have any questions when you get closer feel free to shoot me a pm.
  15. From what I can see it’s still huge in that market unfortunately that market over all has suffered due to fisheries closing due to returns being below escapement goals on a lot of rivers.