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  1. No two different reels all together. 4000sw is bigger and more heavy duty than xd designed for different uses
  2. No not at this time
  3. Pm coming
  4. Price drop $120 shipped buyer pays po fees
  5. For sale original Lipper 60. Pp buyer pays fees. $135 shipped. It’s in terrific shape. I have 3 of these so this one barely saw any use. I do not have the leather case for it
  6. Grabbed the rod it’s actually 7’ i know that’s not what you were looking for. its a 7’ st croix premier surf $70 meet up if you decide you like it.
  7. I’ve got a 7’6 st Croix inshore/back bay rod. I would let go. I’ll get specs today
  8. It does I’m a 32 and fits me great with plenty of room to adjust depending on clothes wet suit etc
  9. I don’t think so unfortunately.
  10. I have a new never worn flatlander surf belt for sale measures 48” end to end should fit to 36” waist. $75 shipped pp buyer pays fees
  11. Ok thanks
  12. No problem. I fish the rod with a 14k Stella and 80lb max cuatro 80lb leader. I’ve never had a problem with any fish on it but as I said on the big big overs The heavy would end the game a little quicker. On most fish from the yellow fin to mid size over bluefin this is more than enough rod and allows you to properly work a large variety of plugs and poppers without ripping them out of the water.
  13. It’s great for the yellowfin and midsize blue fin. Once you get to the upper end of the over bluefin 65-72 inch fish it will handle them but going to take a little longer. If you are specifically targeting big over bluefin you probably want a heavy. If you want something that works a popper without pulling popper out of the water and can handle anything up to the 150lb range this is a great rod.
  14. I’ve got a Ocea plugger 83mh flex limited I’d part with if interested. Rod is used but great condition. $300 meet up in NJ