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  1. I'm on the 11 year olds I-Pad.
  2. For posting extremely sensitive personal info about family members on SOL? I think posting my 80+ year old parents names, addresses, home values, exact placement of dwellings, the color of their roof is SO FAR OVER THE LINE! I gotta say.....................BJ your judgement is so poor and childish. Is this is what SOL is about? You're pick here MODS. If Jeff isn't gone forever, please remove me from this place forever.
  3. (*edited - your posts are ten times more personal and antagonistic than the posts you whine about - every thread you participate in turns to **** because every post you make to people you don't agree with is nothing but antagonistic, childish crap. You push buttons and scream when you get yours pushed. I really believe the only answer is to remove you from this site - I'd put you in mod queue again, but you really don't even pretend to be able to change. - TimS
  4. Again, are little dumby boy has vaporized. So sad! Hey BJ, do you play stupid on other sites, or just ares? Here's 2 that'll freak your simple mind out; What color is a polar bear fur? What color is a polar bear's skin? Answer; you're about as sharp as a bowlingball.
  5. The wife gave them phones at 7 and 9. The now 9 year old is on her 4th, the 11 year old is on his 3rd. DON'T DO IT! All I got was less $$, and 7 I told ya so's.
  6. You couldn't be MORE wrong here. Are you dyslexic?
  7. Hopefully you'll mistake it for your home, then BJ can fill it in.
  8. The internet isn't a bitch. You'd be "less than nothing" without it. I'm not thrilled (more like weirded out) that you (and dingdong) are infatuated with me and my life. Now, man up and apologize for being an antagonistic off-topic story telling stalker troll. It sucks you didn't get the baseball gene...........think how close you were. We're talkin HoF, but no, you're stuck following me around..............damn, that really sucks! Sorry. Now, lose the anger and find a life!
  9. Fruit Cake by The Super Ions
  10. Where does it say I "was" impared? I did my time in recovery and then some. John, you stated I was driving drunk. That's F'd up! Stop trolling me you freak! You're so good at research, why don't you put your skills towards something useful, like getting a life?
  11. Texas exports its ****** beef to China, They've been eatin Jersey Gernsies since the GW error.
  12. You picked the correct name!! Although today its known as dumbass disease.
  13. Wouldn't ya think "they'd" know? Maybe head out early Sat. or Sun. morning? Personally, I can't see out to the 8-15 mile line from shore, but I've used the # several times inshore.
  14. I was on ZERO painkillers, so once again you are wrong. I can tolerate your constant barrage of off topic trolls, but when you start making **** up I call foul.
  15. I'll pay the fine. Haven't dropped more than $50 on the tank in 2 years of entertainment. I've kept 0 Bass this year, released probably 600. Again, I'm a fisherman not a meatfisherman. I'm not the problem, I am "The Solution".