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  1. I use a 10 micron Racor as the primary filter, feeding into another 10 micron Yamaha filter, then into a series of filters down to 1 micron all on a 200 hpdi. I checked the fuel in the sample jar this morning and it is clearer than yesterday with only slightly more sediment at the bottom of jar. The fuel that came out of the filter was nasty looking. If it is phase separation, what needs to be done?
  2. I use ethanol exclusively as I trailer my boat. This year with the price of fuel Ive been adding fuel as necessary for short trips but when I fish for tuna I always head out with close to a full tank. I also treat every gallon of gas with Stabil all season long.
  3. yes. I suspect that the flow of fuel beyond the water separator was restricted. Im screwed if the sediment got past the water separator.
  4. I used to sleep in my IH Scout 2 on Nauset or Race Point beach this time of year for a few nights and more often when I slept at Nauset I went to Nickerson state park to shower, hit the stop and shop in Orleans or Ptown then return to the beach to cook and fish more. I had an old Coleman stove to cook on. Those meals were always awesome!
  5. I recently added 60 gallons of regular ethanol fuel to my 150 gal tank which made it close to full. I trailer my boat, buy all my gas at two gas stations and never had a problem in 7 years. As I was filling up, the owners son posted signs indicating that they only have premium fuel left. I questioned him and he assured me that they had over 500 gallons of regular left. I did one fishing trip after filling up with no problems where I burned about 60 gallons, and today I ran into fuel problems where I burned an additional 15 gallons. Outboard began to sputter and eventually stalled. I drained the fuel filter and outboard ran fine thereafter to max rpm. When I returned home, I drained the filter into a jar and the fuel was cloudy with no water evident. I let it settle and slowly I began to see a very fine sediment. There also was some sediment in the FW seperator. I should add that I visually check the clear bowl on the F/W seperator on a regular basis and it always was clear Did I end up with sediment from the gas station? What recourse would I have? My boat is a 2002 with an aluminum tank. Im going to check with my mechanic tomorrow.
  6. Same here and good luck with that, given the prevailing winds and the weather forecast for the next several days. When checking traps its amazing how far the boat drifts while you are busy tending to each trap. This could be my last season for the lobster traps. Yes its fun, however I can't make the necessary commitment.
  7. Hope to pull my lobster traps for the season this coming week weather permitting. This wind has been relentless!
  8. I see I am not the only one who has problems with trailer bearings and seal life. i have a tandem axle trailer with 3500 lbs axles and I am constantly experiencing seal and bearing problems. My boat and trailer are near the max rated capacities. Beginning to think that less grease is better. I started checking seals after every two launches and have begun to realize that I may have been using the wrong seals and possibly the wrong grease. I just cant see how the charter captains survive launching their boats multiple times daily without frequent trailer bearing and or seal problems. So Im missing something.
  9. I find it tasty enough to be worth the effort. Same holds true with spider crabs, however, since I’m a rookie at this shellfish game I’m still learning and struggling with the cooking times. The lobster traps are a relatively new hobby that I took on in retirement and given I only have six traps right now, my wife enjoys checking the traps with me. So it’s a nice activity to include on our boating and fishing trips.
  10. Same for us yesterday on two boats. Also lots of life in other spots but no Charlie. Not much better this morning. We called it quits early.
  11. Using the credit card company to resolve merchant or contractor disputes is a great feature for the buyer. I’ve done it numerous times and got my issues resolved every time.
  12. Headed out with wife to check traps today. Once we got past Billingsgate it was too choppy for her and I had no bait for my traps. Decided to return to Wellfleet bay and loaded up on bluefish for future bait. Plenty of big bluefish there.
  13. When planning an aluminum tank replacement and your tank has the Moeller tube type fuel sender, have your fabricator weld an aluminum flange on the inside of tank at fuel sender location for mounting screws so that it’s possible to drill and tap the thicker area for the sender screws instead of using threaded inserts. I recently had to replace my fuel sender on factory original tank on my 2320 and fabricator used threaded inserts. It turned into a big effort to remove old sender as every insert spun in place. I was severely limited with options because of gasoline vapors.
  14. Was at Saquatucket harbor this morning and it was another man overboard earlier today. When I was there this morning saw the body being loaded into the medical examiners vehicle. Makes me think twice if I am missing something on my fishing trips.
  15. At Luther’s they do everything with CNC equipment. Minimal chances for error.