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  1. Very short downpour where I am with very minor thunder.
  2. Stick with the beach you have the permit for, if it offers better access than Race Point. I'm now a boat owner and its so sad to see all that empty beach that I used to enjoy years ago. Fortunately my adult kids have some very fond memories of four wheeling and being on that beach and condemn the present situation. I had one of my most epic fishing nights at HH about 25 years ago in a September.
  3. Looks like the wind will kill some boat fishing and lobstering the next few days.
  4. I have owned the Garmin 94sv plus for about four years and it has performed flawlessly, even on some 10 hour fishing trips. Have been thinking about upgrading to the UHD. My previous Garmin was not as reliable.
  5. Just curious, how often do you check your traps?
  6. Bring a folding chair with you to put on your cleats and shin pads away from the truck.
  7. Im sure many who watch the show have no clue.
  8. At this point a solid F. First year with 6 traps. Last year I only had two traps. So far 3 lobsters but I'm doing good with the Jonah crabs. I keep a few from each haul as I am the one that has to cook and clean them. Between weather and other activities its been difficult to pull the traps on a regular basis. Adult kids who pushed the traps are never here to help!
  9. Same for us again today on a friends boat and a quite a few other boats that launched and returned the same time today.
  10. With the price of gas that stinks. Same happened to me a few days ago.
  11. Same here yesterday. What do you do with the Jonah crabs? The traps are a new game for me and it’s been fun for my family thus far.
  12. How was the lobster fishing today? I plan to check my traps tomorrow.
  13. Fished the afternoon tide on the shoal. All shorts not very much action by anyone. My neighbor headed toward Brewster with the same result. Awesome day out there! Boat is running well now.
  14. Never got to fish. Was shakedown run for boat and myself and found a problem with boat, so trip was short.
  15. Finally got on the water yesterday after hip replacement surgery!