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  1. Crabby, I give you and your dad a lot of credit for being on the water this time of year.
  2. Was out in CC bay today with wife. Focused on finding bait for a trip later this week or early next week for rec tuna. Did not find anything except a few mola molas. Nevertheless an awesome day on the water. Bay was like a pond.
  3. Thanks for sharing. My son and son-in-law want to get some traps for next year, so the hauler could be my contribution.
  4. Keep in mind if the estate exceeds 1.2 million, you pay taxes on the entire amount not the excess over 1.2 million. Buyer beware!
  5. Dana, Thanks for sharing. Last year I made a ladder setup for my trailer so that I could launch at pamet by myself. After thinking about it, I envisioned a similar scene that you experienced and gave up on that idea. A few years ago when I was replacing a window in my house on the cape I fell off the third rung of a step ladder in the end of November with my cellphone in the house and no one around. I landed on my ribs and was stunned and in pain for about a hour. At that time I was still playing ice hockey at a very competitive level and when I fell off the ladder I was shocked at how slow I reacted during the fall.
  6. The cabin on my boat is a problem at Pamet with the wind quite often. But... I had to compromise with my family.
  7. I’m at home right now having a new driveway installed. I hope to be back on the cape Wednesday and I’ll have to take look without the boat. Thanks
  8. You have mentioned before that you launched and retrieved after the docks were pulled. II have not been able to figure that one out and I now have the opportunity to extend my season.
  9. Fished the shoal today for about two hours with about 40 other boats. Did not see a single fish caught. Wife got sick so had to head in.
  10. Launched from Wellfleet with wife yesterday and today and the bay was like a pond. Was able to find small bluefish quickly. Awesome days on the water for second half of September. Too bad the bluefish are not as cooperative when heading out for tuna.
  11. I also would disassemble lower unit before trying the You tube method.
  12. I finally got on the water the beginning of the week and forgot to take some pics of the trailer, however I remembered not to back as far into the water on retrieval. That day my friend who I was fishing with and is a very experienced sea captain drove the boat onto the trailer with very strong wind and cross current as I observed from near the winch. After absorbing all your input and watching the boat approach the trailer, it made perfect sense where I went wrong. Thanks for the help and that is an example of what makes this forum great.
  13. I’ll have to pay closer attention next time I retrieve. Thanks