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  1. I use the same and maintain the 50 psi cold tire pressure. Great tires for me on two different trailers, single and tandem axle and I am very close to the max load rating on tandem trailer. Very little hi speed towing.
  2. Did my sea trial today out of Wellfleet harbor. Boat ran better than ever since I owned it. What a fantastic day. Wife and I had a great trip and I had no fishing gear on board. Strictly a shakedown run. Hope to fish for haddock soon. Surprised at the number of boats out so early. On return we ran into a retired rookie couple sailors at the ramp. No clue, but we were nice and helped them. We were rookies once also!
  3. Captains Daughter by Gray Sail brewing is also excellent.
  4. I guess I need to do more research. The one I am referring to originates at Coles Beach. Its only been the last few years that we are in Eastham this early in the season. As a kid always remember the Brewster herring run.
  5. Checked the herring run in Eastham yesterday. They are there. Seemed to be more than last few years.
  6. And it looks like a good day tomorrow away from the shore!
  7. I guess this is a good reality check and we should heed the advice of the authority as much as we hate to be told what to do. After all I am getting older!
  8. Pfizer at CVS for me, wife got Moderna at VA. Very similar reactions for both us , she is in early 60's and I'm in mid 60's. Both of us had both shots now.
  9. I have been re-painting a few rooms in our house and talk about sticker shock on quality paint. Now, you can bet on having to apply two coats always, instead of only sometimes. Thank God I keep my boat on a trailer and at one time, I thought having a 16-20 year wait for a slip was a bad thing.
  10. Im working on my annual maintenance on the boat trailer. Will be done by this weekend as parts arrived today. I'm about a month ahead of my normal schedule so that's exciting. No surprises thus far. Maybe next year I can consider spring fresh water fishing.
  11. Wife and I did a small hike in Eastham today. No signs of herring. Bit early yet. Awesome day. Zero wind.
  12. More than likely over count to justify their jobs.
  13. Remember the energy crisis in the 1970's? There was a year or two where they kept Daylight Savings time year round. I really enjoyed that as I remember even as a little kid I always hated going back to standard time in the fall. My favorite day of the year is the first day of Daylight Savings Time.
  14. When I used to have a OS permit at Nauset, it was fun just to get out there in April after a long winter. We fished bait and usually got skunked but the experience with good company was awesome. Just casting a fishing rod in early April was a thrill.
  15. There has been a lack of inventory in many areas in eastern MA in certain price ranges for more than 5 or 6 years now, however buyers are a lot more informed today. I don't see that changing any time soon. Im closing on a property next month and using my HELOC loan instead of applying for a mortgage. I explored applying for a mortgage with some of the more popular online mortgage companies but found that their current rates and fees are not more attractive than some of the local banks. My problem is that my first Social Security check is not scheduled until mid May and the banks and mortgage companies would not count that income even though I provided the award letter, so I will refinance in a few months.