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  1. Short trip today. Launched at hi-tide because of other commitments and headed toward the #1 can at the shoal. Had to be back home by 2 pm for another commitment. Good steady action on the south edge but no keepers. Fish ranged from about 15" to 26". Awesome day on the water with my wife. Unfortunately I'm running into a boat issue and don't know how soon I'll be back.
  2. I bought and sold several older (mid 80's to early 90's vintage) two stroke 9.9 Johnson/Evinrudes in various conditions in the last 15 years. Best one of the bunch was the first one which the guy sold to me for $100 and told me its good for parts only and it will never run. I ended up selling the others I picked up over time as the parts motor was the worst looking yet the best running one. All were within the price range mentioned by 757.
  3. Fished the shoal today. About 25 boats out there. Kind of slow until the last hour before hi tide. Almost all fish were in the 24-26” range and in 40’ of water.
  4. looks like an awesome project and a kid is getting a chance to learn! Win Win! He will remember that experience the rest of his life.
  5. How far south can one travel on the oversand route on Nauset beach these days? Last time I had a Nauset permit was 25 years ago.
  6. One interesting point is that you rarely run over 4100 rpm. I routinely run up to 5000 rpm. My WOT is 5500 rpm. I have checked the oil adjustment linkage and it appears to be spot on. By comparison to Cuttyhunker's oil consumption Im using more than twice as much. Last year I used 420 gals gas and 50 quarts oil or about 34:1 which I think is excessive, but outboard runs perfectly. Im thinking that if Im running at 5000 rpm 100% of the time the oil consumption should be about 50:1. I have an appointment next week to have the oil linkage adjustment checked again.
  7. My son works for an insurance company and today they announced that working from home will continue until 9/1. That tells me that his employer sees the Covid getting worse before it gets better.
  8. One of Bakers big decisions does affect the Cape as it is approaching peak season. Just look at the vacation rentals how as an owner or renter can you be assured that a property has been completely disinfected? As a property owner I would not even consider renting out right now. Then as a vacationer are you willing to endure the long take out times from the restaurants who can’t produce at the required demand? Look at the recent incident at the Mashpee ice cream parlor. I agree with Baker on the need for data but it’s not flowing as fast as we would like and it’s not coming to him as fast as he would like to see. Look at Germany which is currently dealing with a setback and is about a month ahead of us with this Covid-19.
  9. First of all I sympathize with the small business owners in these times. At the same time being a retired engineer I think Charlie is handling this crisis as well as he can. There is still a substantial amount of unknowns with this Covid -19. He needs to side with caution in his decisions and every day we learn something new so I can fully understand his decision making which I think is much better than the project managers I reported to over my working career. I’m hoping that the short term pain and struggles will be forgotten if we eliminate the Covid-19 in the long term.
  10. This will be my fifth season with this boat and I agree it’s a great outboard and I’m approaching only 1000 hours. There is lots of life left and lots of power, fuel efficient but the oil consumption could be better. Definitely plan to run this outboard as long as I can. I will research further. Now that I’m recently retired it’s kind of fun to gain a better understanding of this outboard and do more of the work myself.
  11. It’s a 2002 model year. Is it the oil pump that is near the Vst tank?
  12. Just ran the Yamaha Diagnsotic system on my outboard. In the Engine Monitor section everything was fine except I noticed that the Electric Oil Pump result indicated Low. Is that low pressure because it is at idle or is there a potential problem with the pump? When running the cylinder drop test, the engine stalled everytime when I executed a cylinder. Am I missing something when running the test? Compression on all cylinders is within 10 psi. Unfortunately I lost my previous data. Thanks in advance.
  13. That’s only the beginning! As this Covid drags out there will be a lot more interesting stories reported.
  14. Any rumors or updates on the recreational boating restrictions for MA?
  15. My town is requiring all permit tansactions online. I need a transfer station permit and want a senior shellfish permit, but do I need the need the beach permits at $25 each? I usually get two. Wife wants them. Town makes it very clear no refunds.