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  1. oh No... this isnt the best of news
  2. I did that? Show me where I said any of that??? DONT PUT WORDS IN MY MOUTH .. tired of this Keybaord warrior ****... ENJOY YOUR INTER WEBSITE
  3. oh and btw ...... there are many on this forum WHO DO NOT FOLLOW YOUR RULES..... WHO YOU DO NOT ABUSE, WHO YOU DO NOT BLOCK. MOD QUE AND MORE But I wont go there. this will be my last post. Enjoy TImmothy....
  4. you can say watever it is you want. You just claimed i was here for 17 years., But I can prove you wrong everyday all day Have a good Night and Enjoy your POWER AND CONTROL!!!!!! Ill enjoy trying to stay alive, and arguing fighting doctors. Than sit here and deal with a Power Hungry controller, acuse and point fingers. Look at what you did to a 17 yr old kid who wants to learn and become better Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmwauh
  5. Like I stated long ago and still to this day. IP Addresses people steal, take, and go a very long way guy. But you think you know everything. I can careless what you or others say. YOU ARE ALL ABOUT POWER AND CONTROL GUY.... just like the lil kiddies i mean adults on FB who block you and kick you out groups because u let them have it, and blow them up as they lie. And yes you are enjoying this. look you just mod qued a 16yr oold kid who is wanting to learn and do his best in surf fishing. and also stated Boat fish do not count. then he stated he is typing to see an outcome. and you call it trolling. SO if u wish to block me go ahead. Like I said you enjoy your POWER and Control over everyone! But it will NOT stop me from fishing, learning, and becoming that avid fisherman I am. Oh And boat fish Dont count =)
  6. YOu should go back to Math class buddy. 17 years ago I was locked up behind bars upstate in Elmira Prison -=)
  7. I do what I do Guy, OR I should say what YOU accuse people of. Enjoy your site dude, As you see all the dramma here like FukBook. I can careless whatyou have to say, what you think etc.... your a Nobody like everyone is htis world to me. when you provide, do somehting for me, or are there for me then youwill be somebody and have some care. But we all know, that will never happen ANd Ill say it all day long BOAT FISH DONT COUNT!! Hey TIm Enjying this?
  8. A Nice little guy from the other day. Had some time but Trying to stay off this site... As you See Tim loves his Power and Control That fat lady aint singin for a while. Water Temps still High, TONS and TONS of Bait everywhere I go. And found about 2 miles of Bunker the past two days with no fish on them. Its going to break all loose very soon guys... That FULL a Moon is a Comin!!!! But Tight lines guys.... --Chris
  9. hes right boat fish dont count if ur a true surfster.....
  10. Here couple shots for yah.
  11. bump
  12. Guys no help for a sick fellow fisherman? Guess not ... . . .