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  1. The cones at the Sandwich pier are gone also so I assume they were picked up. The lots here have not been that busy.
  2. It was on the small side, about a foot long and very skinny. Smaller than a mink, I've seen them at the Canal.
  3. I just saw a weasel run across my lawn in hot pursuit of a chipmunk, which he caught and killed in the bushes. I haven't seen a weasel in more than 50 years, I was living on Long Island then. I'm on Cape Cod, how common are they in Mass and on the Cape? I fear for all the chipmunks that are around, we hand feed a number of them.
  4. I found a backpack with tackle and lures in it at the pier by the Sandwich Marina. PM me if you left it there.
  5. Benadryl can inflame the prostate, keep that in mind if you're over 55. A friend told me that.
  6. Numbers don't tell personal stories. If my daughter or son-in-law had not recovered from Covid the death toll would have gone from 40,000 to 40,001, statistically insignificant and meaningless to everyone except me and my family. There are 40K stories of grief and loss out there. For those who are hell bent to open the economy there is something you can do and that is improve herd immunity. You should find the nearest hot spot, rub every door handle and knob you can find, then stick your finger way up your nose. When you recover you can take pride in having done your part, and if you don't recover, well, you can be number 40,001.
  7. Without an autopsy cause of death is an unknown. If Covid is present it is being listed as cause of death. Conspiracy theorists would say that this allows the number of Covid deaths to be inflated thus making the virus look worse than it actually is and this serves certain political purposes.
  8. i will add a political flavor to my post. My son-in-law is a good guy and I like him. He is however a Trump supporter. Even though my daughter had developed a cough he went in to work. When she came down with a fever he still went to work, 'it's probably the flu'. I wonder how many people he infected in those 2 days? I cannot help but think that the Trump/Fox News ho-hum attitude about Covid affected his behavior. What happened to my daughter is also interesting. Her ambulance company wanted her tested when she developed the cough, it took 2 days and they had to pull strings. It took five more days to get the results. She got a phone call with the results along with a request to come in and work a shift. According the 7/3 guidelines she was eligible. That's symptom free, 7 days from symptom onset and 3 days without a fever.
  9. My daughter is a paramedic in Buffalo, she had Covid. Luckily it lasted less than a week for her, just fever and a cough. She gave it to her husband, it was basically the same for him. His father is now in the hospital and on a ventilator. How do you think he feels knowing he might have given it to his dad? Your view on the this virus can change when someone close to you gets it. How many people posting here have family or close friends who have, or had, this virus? I've had sleepless nights over it.
  10. I watched the first ten minutes and that was all I needed. There is no mention of asymptomatic viral transmission, it was virtually unknown at the time. That blows the whole theory to bits. Indeed 'patient zero' might not have been the first person to have the virus, he was only the first to be hospitalized. It also says that 14 of the first 41 patients diagnosed with Covid had no epidemiological connection to the seafood market, by then there could have been numerous asymptomatic spreaders walking around in the general public. In all likelihood the first person to contract the virus could have had mild or no symptoms at all making it extremely difficult to trace it's origins. My daughter contracted Covid in the end of March, she had only mild flu-like symptoms and was back on the job nine days after her first symptoms. If she wasn't a paramedic she wouldn't have even been tested. As it was her employer had to 'pull some strings' to get her tested and it took a full week from symptom onset to get her test results. She has no idea who she got it from or who she gave it to.
  11. " The Hamptons in Long Island basically have little food avaliable, no fruit or vegetables in some areas.... " Someone posted this in the Mass forum a week ago. Is it true? He quoted a newspaper article.
  12. Where did you hear this, Alex Jones, DJ Trump, Fox News, maybe a QAnon website? I Grew up in the Hamptons and have 3 brothers and many friends who still live there. No bare shelves that they can see except for TP. You're just another guy who loves spouting nonsense.
  13. They haven't canceled this yet. http://www.bostontri.com/
  14. Sorry but Governors and Mayors to do not have access to DHS briefings on pandemics, it's a federal issue. But the whole thing is a Democratic hoax anyway. right?
  15. This type of infrared thermometer can be gotten in a hardware store, but they are not calibrated for skin surface temps are not of any use when it comes to taking human body temps. And plus or minus 2 degrees is too big a margin of error. I have a similar one and tried it years ago with my kids.