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  1. FYI, an 11' 2-4oz just popped up for sale Craig's List Cape Cod
  2. This is great! At least you know what a prophecy is, I'm on page 4, it's been 6 days since you started this thread and all is see some hints, no clear cut predictions like; Build the wall. Mexico will pay. Label China a currency manipulator. He will give us "great healthcare at a fraction of the cost". Indict Hillary Clinton. Drain the swamp. Cut taxes for the wealthy. Pass a huge spending bill. Explode the deficit. I'm just not seeing where you came right out and said ............will happen.
  3. I assume this is a prediction? WRONG!
  4. These were my choices, not bad, what I got wrong was that Congress would acquiesce. But you know what I just noticed while going back over this thread is that the guy who started it, Mr. J himself didn't have the balls to make any predictions himself. It's really easy to sit back and mock others but not take any risk yourself, what a wimp!
  5. The stump might be only part of the problem. If you are going to plant something to replace the crabapple you're going to have to dig a hole slightly larger than the root ball of the new plant. This means you will have to chop or cut a lot of left over roots. I would plan ahead and try to get an idea of what is going in there and how big a hole it's going to need. You might save yourself a lot of extra work if the replacement plant has a sizeable root ball by just cutting the roots around the stump and popping it out now.
  6. Nike doesn't make waders, steel toed shoes or cowboy boots, they ain't worried about sales to a certain group of people.
  7. Is it possible that the lead weights were heavy enough to cause the stomach and intestinal perforations? I wonder exactly where in the body they were recovered?
  8. Those weights don't look corroded at all, if stomach acid was eating them they wouldn't be that smooth.
  9. Whistling past the graveyard.
  10. In about 2 hours I will turn 69, I am one of those old timers at the East End bulkhead. I'm dealing with the rocks only when I have to land a sizeable fish, whew!
  11. What are you thinking, asking guys on this forum to do a little research and think for themselves!
  12. For a couple of years before I left Long Island I saw families taking all the bluefish they could catch. Sometimes they would catch and clean 40 or more blues (by my estimate).
  13. Rather than spray use the wet naps. I keep a few in my plug bag and I'm never caught unprepared.
  14. After dark I would always stop and help. With plenty of daylight left I would often stop and see what was going on but not always get involved. I found that as a general rule stopping to help was a rewarding experience. It's not often that you get a chance to be the Good Samaritan.