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    Started a new job, I hope it doesn't cut into my fishing time.
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  1. I made contact with the guy who found it. Thanks for the alert. I had no idea the group existed.
  2. There was a big electric sign on the East end, Cape side saying what kind of e-bike you could use. I forget exactly what the classification was.
  3. I have one that weighs just over 50 lbs. It folds up and I put in my van. But it is a load for me at age 72 and 160lbs. I cruise at 12-15 mph, when you get to 20 mph it gets a little scary, for me at least. I'm debating getting a helmet, I'm trying to find one that doesn't look too stupid. The great thing about these bikes is that you can ride them anywhere, hills are not an issue. It's a good thing they have disc brakes because when you go down some of the hills around here you can fly!
  4. I hope they're not giving Cape Cod a bad name.
  5. Earlier this week when the weather was really cold my in-ground bird bath, which has a heater in it, was mobbed by robins. Every time I looked at it there were 1-2 robins drinking, at times there were 5-6, sitting on the edge dipping up and down. With the heater in it I was thinking it was like a hot cup of tea, coffee or soup on a cold day.
  6. OK, live and learn I guess. Since I just joined FB this is all new to me.
  7. So I joined Facebook to join this group and this is the response. so ya join FB five hours ago and you just happened upon us. Go ****ing play in traffic asswipe.
  8. Then you go right to the top of my list of suspects!
  9. I frequent the area throughout the season and it is possible that someone I know has the rod and is holding it for me because they don't have my phone number. The orange pool noodle on the butt is very distinctive. But the black ford and beard don't match anyone I know, unless the beard is new.
  10. It was nasty being out in the wind, I should have asked for as much detail as he could give me. He said husky with a beard.
  11. I don't but my wife does I'll have her give it a shot, thanks. When I put the sign up yesterday in a brutal wind a guy came over, described my rod, it has a piece of orange pool noodle on the butt, and said that he saw the guy who picked it up. He described the guy and his truck, a big black ford, not that that does me any good if the guy doesn't step up and do the right thing.
  12. "The long arm of the law?"
  13. I'm putting up a small sign today. I'm thinking that if the person who picked it up frequents that spot they should see the sign. I'm relatively optimistic that I'll get a call.
  14. I'm not sure which is worse, losing the rod or feeling dumb. The local police don't have it.
  15. Thanks Brock, I lost it last week and didn't realize it wasn't in my van for a couple of days. I talked to the Harbormaster this AM, no go. I'll try those places Bob, thanks.