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  1. OK check your PM
  2. Waiting for NJS to get back to me. Keep all posted
  3. Opps, sorry , just saw NJ Surfer was 1st.
  4. Nautilus CCFX2 10/12 Red, with pouch. NEVER fished, NEVER spooled up. Too many reels so this one goes out for sale. NEW< UNUSED shape. Selling for over 200 less than I paid. $450. Will consider Very Reasonable offers. Shipped CONUS by UPS Ground. Thanks
  5. I go along with Arizona, and from what I heard, the North East it considering it also with MA leading the way... But yes, I remember its fall back this weekend..
  6. Alright HT. Hopefully the raffle we were talking about...
  7. Excellent, Please if you hear, keep us posted. Joe
  8. Best of luck from me too Dick, you are in my thoughts.
  9. The weight your casting now like Dr. Bob posted is per their site is not for overhead casting style. Adjusting line? I would be buying a lighter head also or a 550 to 600gr integrated. But then again, it usually takes me a line or 5 before I get it right. Good luck.
  10. Ditto Well said!
  11. I like it.....
  12. I also agree on Kittery. Great water nearby and shopping for the wife,,, oh and the trading post...
  13. Orvis hydros SL IV. it will work fine.
  14. An expensive journey to find the right place.