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  1. Alright HT. Hopefully the raffle we were talking about...
  2. Excellent, Please if you hear, keep us posted. Joe
  3. Best of luck from me too Dick, you are in my thoughts.
  4. The weight your casting now like Dr. Bob posted is per their site is not for overhead casting style. Adjusting line? I would be buying a lighter head also or a 550 to 600gr integrated. But then again, it usually takes me a line or 5 before I get it right. Good luck.
  5. Ditto Well said!
  6. I like it.....
  7. I also agree on Kittery. Great water nearby and shopping for the wife,,, oh and the trading post...
  8. Orvis hydros SL IV. it will work fine.
  9. An expensive journey to find the right place.
  10. Depends on the line I'm using.....but, I usually keep them short 6, 7' and not tapered. It seems to work. I don't like long leaders
  11. I have a heck of a ride too, 3 to 4 hrs depending where, so I just bring to whole arsenal. This winter will be building the out front weapon, for now, I just sit and watch on those windy, surfy kinda days.
  12. She'ssss SOLD, Thanks
  13. Message sent, thanks
  14. I really can't, it's basically a new line, paid 80 bucks for it,, I am giving a heck of a deal including shipping with the 35. Sorry.
  15. I believe when you inquired last time it's was like riduclus. Trying to look it up it looks like $43.00 . I could be wrong but since I am asking less than half price on a basically new line no matter what the cost it's too much. And I believe it includes surcharges. Sorry, I'm not willing.