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  1. My last humongous price drop. Botton line, $420 shipped east coast. Out west add $20 to that price, shipping is getting ridiculous Thanks.
  2. This rod is still up for sale, this rod rated line is 450gr or Recommend Rio Outbound Short, 10 weight, 425 gr head. So it can play with the big girls, surf or bay. I’ll take $25 bucks off for your consideration. Again, the is unused and uncasted.
  3. Does Shim keep it in there for 9 months
  4. Sold, thanks DD.
  5. Sale pending
  6. I sent you a pm
  7. Relisting. Will post pictures later, Joe
  8. This one too, taking it off the market for now. Thanks.
  9. Beulah G2 Opal Surf. 7/8 weight. 11’ this is the new style. New condition, unused. $475.00. PayPal payment. Shipped CONUS Pictures up this eve.
  10. Nautilus CCF-X2 10/12w with Rio 10w outbound short, float / 1 ips / 2 ips. 425gr head line. New, unused. Save yourself a few hundred if you’re looking for a Nautilus with backing and line. $425. Shipped CONUS. PayPal Payment pics will be posted up this eve.
  11. What about all the rooms available during off season, motel, hotel rooms. Heck, back door donuts could feed them for months. All the closing restaurants, I’m sure that could feed them. But, no, just not wanted there.
  12. For sure to visit MV you need MONEY. It’s like border patrol, they look in your wallet before you can board the ferry.
  13. At least they can’t get of the island. Kinda like Alcatraz or Australia, with many rich Dems to take care of them as they swarm.
  14. Reel is gone, thanks