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  1. If you really don't want to be here, I can accommodate your exit.
  2. Keep in mind that for a lot of the years he was champion, Louis was fighting what was referred to as his "Bum of the Month Club".
  3. But the price was having to listen to Howard Cosell.
  4. Ali won an Olympic gold metal in 1960, when Stevenson was all of 8 years old.
  5. Foreman was a powerful but slow puncher. Ali remarked before the Rumble in the Jungle that he drew his fists back as he loaded up for a punch. Tyson, in his prime, had the fastest hands of any heavyweight I ever saw. One punch KO power with either hand. I give the edge to him. Marciano and Shavers also had one punch knockout power, along with the people already mentioned. Ali said that no one ever hit him as hard as Shavers did,
  6. The whole story depends on whether you believed RK, or BP from The Surfcaster.
  7. Wow, I remember when Charlie was just a pup. He was one of the most chill dogs I ever met. Calm, confident, unflappable. I am really sorry for your loss, my friend. He was one special dog.
  8. Back in the day, when I went over in the spring, we'd jig up some fresh squid in Edgartown harbor, and head over to South Beach by the pond opening (assuming the beach was passable that far), where we'd bottom fish. We caught a lot of 25-40 pound bass that way.
  9. Eastbound tug and tow, east current, southwest wind, long wire, it's like the grand slam recipe for a potential disaster. I saw several tugs almost get overrun by their tows. Once I saw a tow go sideways and almost crash the Cape side abutment of the Bourne Bridge.
  10. The 7" sluggo-style baits that I poured myself.
  11. Manley and Chatillion brass scales were accurate enough to be able to be pre-certified by IGFA.
  12. Back in 1986, when that photo was taken, we were getting 50 cents a pound for blues, gutted, at Cataumet Fish. The resource seemed unlimited, as there was very little big time commercial pressure on them.
  13. I got one about 19 on Long Island, and I released one that might have been close to 20 on MV, the day after the Derby ended---naturally
  14. Guy did OK, for a Greek immigrant. Fun fact: he started wooing Her Royal Majesty when she was a mere lass of 13, in 1939. He began writing to her, and after the war, asked King George VI for permission to marry her. I wonder if he was Prince Andrew's wingman from time to time?
  15. "Tulinen" means fiery. And it is. You can occasionally find it at Ikea, in their food section.