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  1. Good job--I say that because you made a mistake, and recognized it for what it was. Lots of times, learning comes from mistakes we make that cost us good fish. The next one won't break your line.
  2. That's good news. Might as well get the antibody one. I think the health departments need as much data as they can get, to understand how the disease spread and how far it did, to better prepare for the inevitable next pathogen that finds its way here.
  3. Don't look at me. I did everything I could to keep this place from turning into PG-Lite, removing political posts from both sides, and got nothing but **** for it. So now people have the Tavern they want, Tim seems cool with it, and I have a well earned retirement to enjoy, which doesn't include spending 6 hours a day babysitting this forum.
  4. TAYS? One of the best in Finland, if not in all of Northern Europe. You should see the place now after they expanded it.
  5. Weather permitting--which basically means May-October.
  6. It hasn't killed me, so that's a big plus. I might not have been so lucky if I opted for Italy or Spain. The government here dealt with is pretty well.
  7. We're good. My master key's a little dusty, but I think it still works, and if not, I know chumfish's is up to date. St. Francis Heart Centre in Roslyn is as good as it gets, Tim. I'd seek an opinion there, if your insurance will cover it. Good luck. I'll poke around a little more often if you do go under the knife. Too bad you can't get it done over here---we've got a world class heart care place in my city, and it would probably cost you less than a couple of Franklins.
  8. I wear them when it's -30 degrees. At that point, it doesn't matter much if I'm talking Fahrenheit or Celsius---it's damn ****ing cold.
  9. Are they still excavating gravel behind the new elementary school? Maybe it'll look like that again before too long.
  10. I had to downsize my jigs a bit, but I still know how to do it.
  11. I would never buy a graphite "blem". I had good luck with the glass ones, even the thinner S-glass blanks, but I saw too many non-blem Lami graphites break to ever trust a blem. And not all of them were Arra blanks--I saw a few GSB graphites break
  12. It reopened for awhile. I think it's closed again now. We ate there after it reopened. It wasn't as good, and the service was terrible. We didn't go back.
  13. I think you're talking about Leo's. It didn't burn down. The restaurant next door to it, the Mezza Luna, was the one that had the fire. Both are owned by the same family.
  14. That will last until the first person goes to court and fights it. LEOs can't attach a presumption to a law or regulation that doesn't have one enacted into it. For example, the law expressly has a presumption of hi-grading if there's a live fish on a stringer.
  15. Cape side, there was one under the Sag, and another one by the radar towers near the Jungle. Out of season, there were a couple at the bend in the service road just west of the herring run, mainland side, in addition to those at the rest areas.