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  1. Unless my memory is playing tricks on me, it was run at Aqueduct years ago when Belmont was being refurbished. Like 1960s-ish.
  2. Were you around for Jim Plunkett's tenure with the Pats? He was the top QB in the draft. Heisman winner with a pro set offense at Stanford, unlike the usual option/wishbone QB winner of the era. How did that work out when he had a Swiss cheese O-line?
  3. Do the colleges still refer to these guys as "student athletes"?
  4. Now he's dithering over reel grease. He reminds me of a low hour pilot who buys a hot airplane and then manages to fly it into the ground. Luckily it's hard to kill yourself by buying more reel than you need.
  5. Just looking at the line score of the Pats game, that must have been pretty much unwatchable. And the Pats O-line allowed 5 sacks? Tank the rest of the season for the top pick, and put him behind that line? Yeah, that sounds like a plan. I'm old enough to remember seeing Plunkett ducking for his life.
  6. Now, now, he had one winning season and even made the playoffs, in Cleveland. And had his only playoff W without Brady. So it was Brady with a small assist from Vinny Testaverde.
  7. With the rate the O-line is allowing sacks, a stud first round QB pick will be Jim Plunkett 2.0
  8. Imagine if these guys had to fish with something like a Penn 704? "Hey, my reel makes a clicking noise when I turn the handle---is there a loose piece rubbing against something inside? And the turning piece that holds the spool wobbles, too. Should I return it?'
  9. That's why we don't do tours. It takes almost a week to get close to the Mona Lisa, lol. I decided to bypass the line, walk from one door to the next on the outside of the ropes, and got a decent side view of her. ****ing thing isn't much bigger than a postage stamp anyway. The Hall of Mirrors was wall to wall people where we were at Versailles. They start lining people up 45 minutes ahead of their scheduled admission too, which is a treat when it's raining. But we did find a great little restaurant in the village.
  10. Probably second and third generations by now.
  11. Johnny Kronuch. Ran a tackle shop on the way to Montauk. He might as well have hung out a sign that read "Locals Only". It was the kind of place where you went it knowing what you wanted, grabbed it off the shelf or asked for it if it was behind the counter, paid and walked out. And whatever you did, you never put any tackle or money on the glass countertop near the register.
  12. I've seen more than that there, with my own eyes.
  13. Huge difference between sending one on consent and sending one unsolicited.
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