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  1. Customs? I've never gone through customs in Finland. Coming over permanently, I just went through passport control in Iceland. Once you enter Europe via an EU or EEA country, there are no passport controls or customs. You only go through customs here if you have stuff to declare, and that's pretty much on the honor system.
  2. Hey, I caught a scup bouncing worms at Bell Road back in 1979. Is that enough of a spot burn?
  3. Tim bounced him, I didn't. I don't remember ever banning anyone in this forum.
  4. Guys on the Outer Beach have been saying for years that they've figured out that fishermen means a potential easy meal, after they hook up. They practically stalk fishermen on the beach. You move, they move with you.
  5. Play nice, guys. I might be a little rusty from lack of practice, but given enough time---which I have a lot of nowadays--I think I can still figure out how to hide posts and lock threads.
  6. On a Federally owned multi-purpose resource? No way it could ever happen.
  7. The reason I liked it was probably because I've had Finnish liver casserole.
  8. TBH, I forgot. I'm trying to picture it in my head from 4500 miles away, lol.
  9. The owner was a real jerk to my wife and stepdaughter. Even if he rebuilds or finds a new location, I'd never recommend him.
  10. You didn't do or say anything wrong.
  11. I had fish and chips in three different pubs in Edinburgh last March. All of it was cod. Maybe the Brits eat doggies, but Scots seem to prefer cod. I mean, they eat haggis, ffs. All joking aside, I was pleasantly surprised at how good haggis is.
  12. I know someone who had a custom built Ribb rake that was the absolute balls for quahogging. Two perpendicular handles welded to opposite sides of the shaft.
  13. More likely a brown shark, or possibly a blue, if it was a shark. I've seen what looked like an 8' blue slowly cruising about 10' from shore one night. Didn't faze it a bit when I put my light on it. Tuna are way more common in the Canal, and they also eat bass.
  14. I've read a number of studies of release mortality. If I remember correctly--never a safe assumption for someone getting on in years--the most optimistic studies put it at 8%. I was pretty good at this Canal thing when I did it. My gear was up to the task, I horsed fish in as quickly as I could, 90% of my fishing was night jigging with single hook jigs, but almost every night during good runs of fish, I released a couple that I knew were goners. Those were the bleeders. My feeling was that even a 5-10% of surviving was better than the 0% chance in my cooler back at the truck. Everyone who fishes regularly night after night kills double digit numbers of fish every season, even without keeping one. Even if a fish is jaw hooked, released in the water without delay, and not otherwise injured, it's disoriented and has built up lactic acid in its muscles from fighting you that restrict its swimming until it subsides. It's a sitting duck for any predator (shark, seal), a big blue , or even a bigger bass. I'm not saying that anyone should stop fishing, just accept the reality that even the best C&R practitioners still kill fish.
  15. It also worked because there were probably a tenth of the number of people fishing than there are now. That's a factor that can't be overlooked. Just as a historical aside, there never was a commercial moratorium in Mass. i still have my last commercial bass permit, from 1985. I found it in an old box when we were packing up to move.