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  1. Originally Skitter Pop, passed away in November. RIP Mike. https://www.stripersonline.com/surftalk/profile/3238-skitter/
  2. If you guys hate living there so much, why stay? I didn't.
  3. I have seen one. Over 30 years ago. And I was wading at the time.
  4. If one's idea of ambiance and atmosphere is the hangar deck of an aircraft carrier, with a comparable noise level, FV is the place.
  5. If it's breaking at the knot, it's not the guides or the tip. It's the knot, or maybe that cheap Chinese braid is a knock-off of the real thing (years ago the market was flooded with fake Power Pro). That also can affect knot strength. The only knot that I ever used in braid was the palomar, and I never had one break. It's not only close to 100% strength, it's also as idiot proof as knots get. You have to really work hard at it to tie a bad one.
  6. Years ago there was a guy on this and other websites named Russ Comeau, who posted as "Bassdozer". Whenever the subject of clips and lire action came up, he would tell people that they could use a clip the size of a New York City cockroach and it wouldn't matter, because "the bass just don't care". Looking back over 50+ years, I have to say, he's right.
  7. They often behave like that when they're feeding just hatched worm larvae--what they call a cinder worm hatch on Long Island. Only thing they'll hit is a cinder worm fly. Looks like a glowing small ember from a wood fire.
  8. You can put 72 hours in, in time out. I'm seriously considering mod queue for you when that runs out.
  9. Because it's illegal on both ends. That's how it's different.
  10. That's a great all-around Canal stick. I had one.
  11. I've never used anything longer than 9' from the Cape beaches. Why hold on to more weight than you need?
  12. I thought it interesting that largemouths are some kind of a delicacy in China. Every market that I went into in Beijing had live ones in their tanks.
  13. My sense is, the farther west you go, the better the chances that the police--both state and townie--will make an issue of it.
  14. If it's the same market I'm thinking of, I've seen bass close to 30 pounds in there. Is it in Woostah, perchance?
  15. 'shrooms.