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  1. These are special yellow helmets in this district. They have learned (as Reverend Dobbs taught) to pull the wool over their own eyes!
  2. Work with me here, dont be a dick. Lets find the money to pay for this stuff. Together. How about we take away half from food stamps and half from the fake global warming scientists at NASA?
  3. Im WITH HIM you fool.
  4. Actually Rand Paul and Mike Lee were trying very hard to do just that last night, and for their efforts they were savaged by the press and the progs on both sides of the aisle. Sone here will do the same.
  5. Pick one
  6. Not the worst idea you ever had.
  7. 900 billion. Peanuts compared to the food stamps.
  8. Order this from Sith Lord Bezos. If you dont flat out love it ill come to your house and eat it for you. Vietti Chili Nashville Tennessee. The original owners son taught me how to ski. Second is Skyline from Cincinnati. But its sweet
  9. We have a hippy store that grinds peanut butter from honey roasted Peanuts. It is crack. I Havent smoked it yet, but I could be tempted.
  10. Cough up some dough. Whats more important to you, money for the 9/11 responders, or money for planned parenthood and global warming? Which of these? And dont say we have money for both, thats not true and we all know it. Go ahead, pick.
  11. Their manhood. Their self respect. Their gender.
  12. Turn on your tv. Right now. The senate was voting on this 9/11 fund bill. So Rand Paul stopped the vote to put an amendment on that said the money is not just an add on, but it has to come from some other department, cut their budget. And Republicans (statist wing anyway) are losing their minds. Mike Lee is with him. Who in gods name would be against that? Well a bunch of statists. I was listening to Fox 20 minutes ago driving home, and the "conservatives" were calling this guy every name they could say legally on the air. It was shameful. I would take it, GLADLY, from the Warmal Globing hucksters' take, and dare anyone to criticize it. But they are all turning on him. So who is what side?
  13. BULL ****. The monry the feds have put into the welfare state since it was revved up under scum Johnson, and the current debt? Damn near the same ninber. Horse ****. Shame on you
  14. Is what it is. Dont shoot the messenger. "Vote for me, I'll manage the welfare state 4.5 to even 6 pervent better than the Democrat.! "
  15. Told you he wasn't a conservative man didnt I ?