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  1. Stuff I used to do for a living. I have thoughts but I want to hears a layman's perspective first If you saw what did you think?
  2. How many dollars should the pills cost, and how do you arrive at that number?
  3. I keep piling on, I cant get enough of this guy. Refreshing shot in the arm for bluegrass
  4. I have a desk to sit, but I have a big work station thing that is standing height. I like getting up from time to time. I am blessed (!!) to have never had any back issues, but it still does me good. When I am sitting at my desk with my laptop, I will find myself in this weird position, hunched over, leaning forward and on my left elbow. When I notice it, I try to grab my laptop and go stand a while.
  5. The motivation for hateful behavior-socialism. Raised wrong? Youngest sibling, didnt get his way? Overlooked as a child? Bullied in school? I dont know. what do you think ****ed him all up?
  6. yep yep yep
  7. We are discussing business policies, not real estate.
  8. No it was to muscle and intimidate political enemies.
  9. an over reach of government.
  10. Si is the website more to your liking now?
  11. Owning land does not "exploit" others.
  12. No, it really isnt ironic. It is simple stuff. it just is.
  13. Its not rigged. Its just hard as hell. If it was easy everyone would do it. The jobs everyone can do (pick lettuce) dont pay. Why? Everyone can do it. It takes nothing.