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  1. Thats not the point of liberal practical politics anymore. And you dont seem to see that. The whole point is to make YOU dance to his tune. And Nicky did that, to you for what--?---good 15 minutes. he wants guns restricted. Period. Every single leftist you let in her wants MORE gun regs, and they always will want more gun regs. Period. Ya know?
  2. Government. Gummit kills more people with guns than anyone else. Duhhhh.
  3. Cause their dicks are small. Imagine a life where you hide behind the coattails of a man like Joe Biden.....
  4. They are crooked people. Look it up. Crooked as hell. Mass did the same stuff as New York with the nursing homes and the coverups, and they were in on it.
  5. Qoting/posting/citing the MAss Dept of Public Health. No bueno. Been caught lying and cheating on this stuff since the nursing home holocaust of MA. Jus sayin
  6. Kinda defeats the purpose don’cha think?
  7. So comment, retread. would you move away from a freer state to a more professional state to hel the cause? I did and it worked.
  8. Ive made the "round" loaves, and the method is frickin amazing. And I know you can use it for anything, just havent tried anything else.
  9. Are you making "regular shaped" loaves or just the rustic round ones
  10. Its the Sausage. When you have really good sausage and you nail it with the smoke and time, thats special.
  11. Pretty simple. Isnt it? "We need the labor" Sound like some line from DeCaprio in Django Unchained.
  12. About the time I moved here, the Free State Project began. Thousands nd thousands of liberty minded free men and women began moving to NH. It took a while, but their success in governing NH is on track and working. See what has happened here in the last few years. Well the pinkos are upset, and a new movement that mimics the Freestaters has been formed. The Progressive State Project. Like minded progs can now gather and move to prog states and live out their wishes. https://progressivestateproject.com/ Here is what the progs are upset about and looking to escape (Dennis at Granite Grok) So now you NH progs can find your "Forever Home", and the site has several places to consider and outlines some of the issues to take into account: Would any of you progs consider moving to another state to increase the density of your "progginess"? You cant believe what it did for the free staters. New Hampshire currently has FORTY FIVE free staters in the House, one in the Senate, one on the Executive Council. The Speaker of the House in NH is a damned Free Stater, came here the same year I did. That alone has kept that Mike Pence like squish Sununu in line. It works. What state would you go to proggies, and who would you take? Who would you like to be your leader?
  13. He, like Biden, sexually molested children
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