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  1. OK lets take a zip around and see how the libs did---looks like a KICKASS night for Joe Biden
  2. Oh ok.. WOW look at all those libertarins and republicns looting and setting minneapolis on fire You boob.
  3. Yep. but a prog wouldn’t get that
  4. The democrat mayor of Fort Wayne Indiana, Tom Henry, has his cops tear gassing democrats and their kids. way to go dems
  5. He let out the S bomb on tv, probably out his vagina too!
  6. Liteb to these Karens at cnn, I kaughed so hard I cried
  7. Police precinct in Brooklyn is surrounded and under attack. Wilhelm not available for comment.
  8. Credit for the Minneapolis progs---they are super persistent. They actually found some more buildings to burn and are lighting them up!
  9. When people start attacking the cops and their stuff, a "leader" would stop asking for things. Anyway, if you people keep fighting with each other, itd going to wreck your party. So go ahead Sylvester, keep asking.
  10. They are retreating again in Minneapolis. The Dem progs 2, Dem whitey 0. Orange man Bad reaches for another bag of popcorn.
  11. Libs tear gassing libs in Minneapolis, bbbbwwwaahahaaaaaahaaaaa!
  12. Vacuum of leadership in Houston (D) Sylvester Turner
  13. Houston is spinning up fast! Sylvester Turner.Democrat Mayor of Houston: