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  1. Ole Rosalyn has some titties like Ms Chokesondick from South Park
  2. If you have a sous vide (another tip from number one son) Pound (or more) of salted butter. Three heads of garlic cut in half. A bouquet garni of herbs (tie it up well so the leaves dont get loose) of your choice, I went with just thyme. In a ziplock bag. 175 degrees for at least 4 hours, I went 5. When you are done, the milk solids are all at the bottom of the bag. Carefully pour it off, and you have the most wonderful clarified garlic butter ever. Double bonus-you also have three heads of confit garlic! Can do it with any herb preparations you want as well. WOW
  3. No they are coated in a nice meatfat goo. I scrub my grates down hard after use, there is a tad of rust on some, but they are ok. as soon as you are done cooking, soak a 3m scrub pad with water and scrub, the hot grates make steam and they clean off well, rust and all.
  4. Whoah!!! Look at my paisan making some good old boy food! Good aint it? So who has a Pit Barrel Cooker? I just got one and I really like this thing. SO simple. 5 holes, light it up and away it goes. Makes a great rib, makes an unbelievable chicken. Its a lot like old school "pit" barbeque. Highly recommended. I also bought a 22 inch Weber Smokey Mountain (total fluke, a neighbor wanted to get rid of it for a pellet pooper). Works just like the little one, except you can put a whole feed lot of meat on it Takes a lot of charcoal to get going, but nice. So now, after 10 plus years of making sure that Little's Manly Macho BBQ world looks nice and clean and orderly, it now looks like the very thing I originally built it to eliminate. I need an old minivan on cinder blocks to complete the vibe:
  5. Keep in mind, this table reflects almost all of your state tax burden.
  6. Yep. Just popped in my head, what does the Bank of Cuba "look like"? How does that work?
  7. Ok fair. Will you at least acknowledge that the way it is currently done is immoral?
  8. What does that mean? be specific.
  9. 1.What makes gold and silver lose value? Whats the "trigger" 2 Will leftists try to replace failing currencies with digital currency?
  10. What leftist dogma do you fall for?
  11. three times the size of France
  12. I was raised by two very very typical democrats, but that is just a dodge.