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  1. Look at this: KANSAS CITY, Mo. (KSNW) - An inflatable colon has been stolen from the University of Kansas Cancer Center. The colon, valued at $4,000, was stolen from a pickup truck that was parked in Brookside, Kansas City. “Colorectal cancer screening is the most powerful weapon we have against colorectal cancer,” John Ashcraft, DO, surgical oncologist at The University of Kansas Cancer Center said. Ashcraft is also co-leader of the cancer prevention and survivorship research program. “Colon cancer is a tough subject for many to talk about and the giant, 150 pound, ten foot long inflatable colon is a great conversation starter.”
  2. And a serf
  3. Not at all.. Money goes where money goes. Period. If a pol has something to "sell" he will reap the money. Get it?
  4. Hes in though. Panhandle is wiped out. If those people dont vote he's in.
  5. Left wing people that still think the Cloward Piven Strategies are worth pursuing.
  6. Nope. God assigns gender, or if that idea doesnt cut it with you, then gender is assigned by which skeetball makes it in the furthest. Im good with either one. If you want to say you are a 4x6 picture frame, or one of those screwdrivers with the different heads in the handle, or a backpack, or a woman, you are absolutely free to do so. You aren't, but you are free to be whatever you think. I am free to recognize the truth, the facts, the science. And the gummit stays out of it. We have a situation in many states now (MASS) where if a man goes into a gummit office and states that he is a woman, the state is forced to say he is a woman. AND in states like New York, there are laws that say if I call a man a man, and he does not want me to say that, then I am afoul of the law. Lets just end that nonsense, and the trannies can go about there, uhhh,,,business, whatever the **** that is. Dont like it? Take it to the Supreme Cou..........................BWWAHAHAAAAHAHAHAAAA
  7. "Its not the abuse of power that is the problam. It is the power to abuse" Harry Browne.
  8. The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, plus a lot of court cases.
  9. No actually its pretty big. You cant let Frankfurt School Marxist types define society. I doubt any guy will be forced to take off a dress and put on khakis. That would be wrong in my opinion. It would also be wrong to force a man to stop saying he is a woman. But we now have gummits in many states agreeing with these people and falsely assigning a man as a woman, just cause he says he is. Just end that, no harm there.
  10. One against a left wing easily dismissed.
  11. I wonder if he ever "t boned" T Bone?
  12. No the leftists rounded them up
  13. Sounds like Corey Booker.
  14. Alinsky......Rule 4 Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.” If the rule is that every letter gets a reply, send 30,000 letters. You can kill them with this because no one can possibly obey all of their own rules.