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  1. Here is the sordid tale of another creep judge in Mass, Timothy Feeley C’mon down, yet again, Superior Court Judge Timothy Feeley. If you want to understand how hopeless Massachusetts “justice” has become, there is no better place to begin than with the twisted, sick career of Feeley. Last year, after a series of horrific rulings from the bench on behalf of assorted perverts, illegal immigrants, heroin dealers and future cop killers, a band of Republican legislators (and two lonely Democrats) futilely tried to impeach this wrinkly moonbat. A year later, the two GOP legislators who spearheaded the effort are out of elective politics — both defeated last fall, one for re-election, the other in a bid for the U.S. Senate. And the dreadful Feeley now is back in the headlines this week with his same-old same-old M.O.: “Judge lowers bail for Lawrence cop charged with child rape.” How? A 49-year-old Lawrence cop is charged with raping a 13-year-old boy he picked up via a gay “dating” app — Grindr. He’s charged with two counts of statutory aggravated rape of a child and two counts of indecent assault and battery on a child under 14 in a park last summer. The Assistant Essex District Attorney asked for $100,000 bail, another hack judge cut it to $75,000. Then the case goes before Feeley, and suddenly, the alleged perv police officer’s bail is cut to $10,000. So what if the cop is a “mandated reporter” — that means he’s required under law to report exactly the crimes he’s accused of committing against the child. So what if he’s somehow “lost” at least two of the firearms registered in his name. If you’re accused of a sex crime in Essex County, there is no better judge for you than Feeley. Here are some of the earlier headlines from his extinguished career: “Alleged sex predator released after hearing … Judge releases Salem man charged in sexual abuse … Judge further lowers bail in Salem rape case … Bail for alleged flasher reduced.” But it’s not just sex offenders. Feeley also has a soft spot for heroin dealers, especially if they’re not U.S. citizens: “Alleged heroin ringleader jumps bail … Man out on bail in drug case arrested for trafficking heroin.” Check out his disheveled photo. Feeley looks like a guy you’d see snoozing on a park bench on the Common, wearing six layers of crusty clothing, waiting for that night’s hot and a cot at the Pine Street Inn. He reaches the mandatory retirement age of 70 next February, which should mean his reign of error is almost over. But you can bet he’ll be back on “recall,” double-dipping with both his six-figure state pension and a per-diem for cutting loose more pervs and illegal heroin dealers in Essex County. You might say 2018 was a career year for Feeley. He reduced the bail for a tattooed career criminal facing firearms charges to $5,000, and just days later the bailed jailbird allegedly murdered a 61-year-old cop in Maine. Then there was the Dominican heroin dealer, whose brother was already in prison for selling Class A controlled substances. He was arrested with 40 bags of heroin, not to mention cocaine. Feeley refused to give him a prison sentence. Instead, he handed the Dominican merchant of death a suspended sentence, lest he be deported and separated from the anchor baby he fathered with his girlfriend — not his wife, his girlfriend, it goes without saying I suppose. Here are the judge’s exact words in cutting loose the heroin dealer: “Uh and um, I uh am uh also uh giving uh consideration to the fact that uh this was not a uh drug addict who was uh dealing to fund his him um uh addiction uh bu rather was a person who mad some uh terrible uh judgments and decisions but uh made them for um reasons that at least he thought uh were helpful to his uh family uh and that’s a little uh different than uh the usual uh defendant that presents before this court.” In other words, the Dominican wasn’t an addict, so that made it okay. Of course, I’m guessing that if the Third World fiend had been hooked on his own product, that too would have made it OK, somehow. Because Feeley, from his privileged background, seems to have more than a touch of … white guilt. In that case, the prosecutor begged the New York-born judge to show even a lick of common sense for once in his worthless career. “I think it’s a dangerous view to take,” the prosecutor said, “that being someone who is not a U.S. citizen is somehow mitigating when you’re talking about dealing a very dangerous substance … he was in the ongoing business of dealing heroin.” Naturally, the libs can’t get enough of Feeley. He’s protecting their constituents, those they fervently need to “fundamentally transform” America. When he was in that little jam last year with the legislature, the presiding justice of the Superior Court lauded him as someone who “has widespread respect for his scholarship, dedication, courage and compassion.” He was, of course, nominated by Deval Patrick, who lauded the bust-out lawyer for his “humility and an understanding of the human condition that will ensure fair and thoughtful administration of justice.” Especially if you’re a Dominican heroin dealer, future cop killer or accused child rapist. In the halls of justice, the only justice is in the halls. Howie Carr
  2. Bet that crooked judge wants that too.
  3. Tune in today to WRKO Boston at 3 pm. Listen to local gumshoe Howie Carr eviscerate this crooked judge.
  6. If you dont wrap brisket, you can get a beutiful one, the real Texas deal. But you have to be freekin claivoyant to know when to pull it off. Wrapping makes it much much easier to hit that doneness time, and the bark/smoke is still pretty damn good. My notes (from none other than Johnny Trigg) Lawrys Season Salt Garlic Pepper Head Country Rub Most Powerful Stuff Rub Parkay Plan on 8 Hour cook @ 275 Trim heavily on top, leave bottom fat largely intact Rubs Lawrys, Garlic Pepper, Head Country, Most Powerful Stuff On pit Fat side Down for 2 hours Cover with Parkay and use an Apple Juice spritz Flip Fat side UP, more Parkay, 2 more Hours Wrap in foil with Honey, Parkay, and Beef Broth Cook to 203, Save juice and separate fat from juice Separate point and flat and prep the burnt ends from the point if you want em Make burnt ends 1 x 1 inch max so they stay moist. Discard any with any visible fat streaks. Hot Pepper Jelly sauce thinned with cook juice for glaze BBQ sauce for Brisket: 2 cups Head Country BBQ Sauce to 1/4 cup honey Slice point, serve burnt ends
  7. A very popular hair care product in the 1970's
  8. The only person so far that is willing to taclke this issue in candor is Old crazy Bernie. He said it flat out, doesnt believe in charity. Why? Well he is a socialist. Charity-one person freely helping another-suborns/subjugates the role of the collective. Cant have that This was fun.
  9. Conservatives give more to charities than leftists. By HUGE margins. How come?
  10. More than leftists. And I DONT count volunteer time as money, cause Im not a moron.
  11. Conservatives give more to charities than leftists. By HUGE margins. How come your people dont cough it up? How come?
  12. Conservatives and Patriots donate more of their money, (which is their time and their property-hence their liberty) than Leftists. Its a simple matter of adding some numbers. The current leader of the Democrat Party SAID he does believe in the "concept of charity". No yelling, no obfuscation, no flim flam, no topic switcheroo, nothing. NADA can change that. That is the reason I asked what I asked. Why do leftists cheap out on charity? Its not a question of whether you do or not. You do. I asked why? Care to restart the discussion?
  13. "These people" are mostly old and unable to work. Many are veterans. Your ideas about the poor are like something out of an Ayn Rand fantasy, but they are certainly not reality. No. Lets see YOU get out your wallet and cough up dough. Any dickhead can drive around town all day, let see YOU buy the food and the gas. Jesus these people drive men bananas Left wingers and pinkos give less MONEY to charities than Patriots and conservatives. PERIOD.
  14. Fried shrimp Po boy from the Corp: