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  1. Did you try to lick it?
  2. Stonesipher, I'd be curious as to how long ago this was put together because there's more than enough additional material to start a AA to ZZ list of idiocy to share. And there always will be as long as this useless waste of otherwise good carbon remains.
  3. Did you try to feed it the white material in top pic? This is spitting image of one that used to show up in the spring on my property every year for about 6 years. I would put out cut strawberries, apples and peanut butter suet, which would get eaten, but the rascal really loved mushrooms. Have not seen it in several years now. Hope it did not get run over, while crossing a road, by one of the mouth breathing jacka**es that do that for sport here.
  4. Hopkins shorty........never leave home without it.
  5. Gonna mark my calendar and speak with my cuz when he gets back from Ireland next week.
  6. This fall at the Hook? I'm game. I'll carry my late 60's Harnell 9 ftr with Silver series Daiwa 2600. I never leave home without them.
  7. Looks like he's wearing chaps too.
  9. Guy in Philly hijacked a car containing 2 kids. People in the area chased & caught the car, pulled the perp out, and beat him to death.
  10. Tim's gonna s**t when he sees that nipple
  11. Nice find Eric.......Is that a new fishing bud?
  12. He sees himself as an Autocrat deserving praise from the multitudes........not as the psychotic doosh that he is.
  13. I use GLYPHOSATE which is/was the primary ingredient in Roundup. It is concentrated ie 46%. I dilute it myself for weed control following directions that come with the product. For tough jobs I paint the concentrate on with a chip brush. This is the chemical which has Bayer in the crapper. Used properly it has not been a problem.
  14. Sat in on a few of their practice sessions in South Amboy with my youngest son way back when. They were big in Germany for a bit.
  15. Matawan, NJ