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    Fishing, furniture refinishing, living the good life
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  1. Do they make a slut Barbie?
  2. 81 this coming September and planning to hit the trails at The Hook.
  3. Eternally grateful.
  4. Incredible shots Rick
  5. Serendipity Good Will Hunting
  6. Check out the big swirl against the bulkhead just behind the pedestrians. Looks like a 30 poundah.
  7. I am always disturbed to hear of situations like this, particularly involving youngsters. Hopefully there will be a good result after the very nerve wracking tough days of treatments are completed with a good outcome. It's extremely important that your son remains supportive to his wife NO MATTER WHAT. The expertise in the medical field has come a long way since the late 60's and cures take place often in spite of long odds. That was not the case when Melanoma took my 1st wife from me on Nov. 7, 1967 after a 2 year struggle. She was 24. I was 26. Good luck to all.
  8. Just printed mine. Will be heading north mid April.
  9. Grosse Point Blank Standup Guys
  10. Re: The Maytag Washing Machine. I have a late 50's Speed Queen in MINT condition I acquired about 20 years ago.