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  1. Became a fan mid 70's. Between raising 1st child (born 1976), working shifts (6 on 2 off), and wife and me operating a 6 day a week business (used/antique etc with me as pickup delivery man) time was tight. Then job relocation to SC in Oct 1980. I started seeing them play live when the NHL expanded to Raleigh NC.
  2. Oh, these are not theories espoused by me. These were uttered by the reigning conspiracy theorist, the stable genius, the irresponsible, lying criminal in the Office of The President of The United States. By the way. I AM NOT A DEMOCRAT, NOR A REPUBLICAN. I have always been, and always will remain an independent voter. Since the before the 80's I have found myself having to vote for the lesser of two evils. However, in 2016 I honestly could not make that choice. As a write-in was not an option I picked a name out of column C.
  3. Sitting in the Westchester County Airport late fall 1993 in small waiting area to catch a flight back to SC after visiting a customer in the area. Two others with me, nobody else around. Suddenly a large duffel bag plops down on the floor to my right. Guy who dropped it was seemingly alone and of average size. The bag had a NY Ranger logo on it. I thought........hey......helluva fan to travel with a bag like that, then went back to updating my customer visit report. After a few minutes..........plop,,,,,,plop.......plop......and the floor was covered by Ranger duffel bags and the room was filled with players from the not yet Stanley Cup 1994 Championship Team. Within a few minutes Mark Messier was holding court with the group. Our flight # was paged and we had to leave. As a Ranger fan from the days of "EDDIE EDDIE" but had never gotten to see them play in MSG I still enjoyed the brief episode and, of course, will never forget it. Also I couldn't get over the fact that Mike Richter was about my size.
  4. How many here subscribe to the theory that there would be less actual cases of COVID if fewer tests were performed. Or, perhaps as an alternative, it's a proven fact that too much testing creates COVID cases. Anybody?
  5. Sorry about the way the post appeared. My bad. I'll do better on the next one.
  6. So, 40 views and 11 hours later no comments. Has no one been able to find it? Well, here's a teaser to start it off. March 31 2020. A delivery of 1 million Chinese made corona virus test kits to the UAE embassy in Washington DC from Cogna Technology Solutions, part of a total order of 3.5 million test kits for $52 million by client "WH". The purchase did not appear in any government database. Nor was there any contract officer involved as is required by a system intended as a hedge against fraud, waste and abuse. An Abu Dhabi based artificial intelligence company with close ties to the UAE ruling family identified itself as the seller and demanded payment. The Health and Human Services lawyers sought in vain for a bonafide contracting officer. The test kits, some distributed by FEMA, did not work. They were examined in two government labs and found to be contaminated and unusable. The seller did not respond to repeated requests for comment. There is much, much ( a s*** load actually) to the continuing story. Keep searching.
  7. A long read released today filled with tantalizing information on how we arrived in this place. Search it out.
  8. Fixed it for ya Red
  9. Not dead yet but will be remembered for a long time afterward
  10. I knew I'd find you in this thread Cuz
  11. Back in the day......mid 60's / 70's when I perched myself on top of the Sea Bright wall and fished north and south of The Fairbanks Motel I observed Stripers tail smacking both lures as well as bunker I was live-lining from the top of the wall. Those were the days.