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    Married 47 years. Two sons 42 & 37.
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    Fishing, furniture refinishing, living the good life
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  1. I can't help it.....I can't stop laughing.
  2. Carlin Pryor Steven Wright Louis CK Johnny Carson Kinnison Chappelle Lewis Black Dana Carvey Jim Breuer
  3. Bo Derek at #6
  4. You have a lot of company
  5. Night Court ( they got away with a lot of stuff) Cheers Seinfeld Chicago Med, and Fire, and PD Taxi Home Improvement SNL (early years) Amos and Andy (reruns not available) All In The Family Major Crimes Jeopardy The Drew Carey Show Mash The Honeymooners
  6. In the 50's, when all the industries were located on or near the Raritan River, they were all discharging polutants directly into the river and the bay was completely devoid of life. They were all forced to join the trunk sewer that was constructed and placed in the river or to shut down operations.
  7. Standup Guys
  8. Roadmaster bicycle Fishing rod/reel Baseball glove Basketball Indoor roller skates with travel box Pickup sticks Cork ball and bat Drum sticks and practice pad
  9. Larry
  10. Silver Spring Beer'n Brat Horseradish Mustard
  11. Late 70's I bought a Chevy pickup and had it rustproofed etc by Ziebart and was well pleased. Not sure of their reputation at this point as I relocated south in 1980, sold the truck in 1985, and have been driving Honda products for 30 years.
  12. Thinking Okracoke? Nice.
  13. Are you taking your car on the ferry? We used to go in August and stay in campground. Very comfortable weather wise. I had a pickup with a cab-over camper for wife, me and 2yr old. Buddy had a cargo van for himself, wife and young son. Stayed 2 weeks that first time.......hated to leave. Could give you info that you might consider depending on what you want to do. We scoop netted crabs in the salt ponds, fished the Menemsha area and Wasque Point etc. Made several trips afterwords that were all worthwild.