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    I am an outdoors type of guy, born in MA in 1971 raised in Portugal returned to the US in 1987.
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    I love fishing specially for Stripers, camping, off road 4x4, etc
  1. (*edited - I'm sorry, that's not how it works here. We have a Buy/Sell/Trade section here. If you want to sell here, please check out the rules first - all items must be listed with individual prices, for example Thanks. TimS)
  2. Darter is by far my favorite, herring pattern
  3. I guess ill put my 2 cents in. I use 2 rods for jigging a rainshadow 1209 and a lami 126 mh both with Shimano Calcutta 700b with 65 lb sufix braid on a 50lb mono leader. I use the 1209 for 5oz jigs/tins and 9" shads the 126 I use for jigs/ tins in the 3 to 4oz range. Proper jigging is impossible if the area is crowded, proper jigging requires A LOT of room in order to drift and bounce a jig or tin correctly. I favor conventional reels over spinning reels because I have more control while fishing and I can feel my line with my thumb while fishing, to me having constant contact with my line is VERY important because I can feel a lot more then if I were to rely on the feel from my rod alone, specially when fish hit light. How I bounce a jig/tin/shad, I cast a little up current leave my clutch open until my spool stops turning that tells me I have made contact with the bottom, then I engage the clutch and allow the current to tighten my line, once I feel my jig/tin/shad in the current I snap my rod tip only in order to bounce the jig/tin/shad giving it an erratic action, I don't reel in line while bouncing jigs/tins, I only reel in line when bouncing jigs/tins if the current is not that strong or is slack in order to keep constant contact with my jig/tin I don't swing my body back and forth to bounce my jig/tin/shad no need for it the proper rod and braid do the work not me. I also swim jigs/tins/shads I do so by casting a little up current has soon has my offering hits the water I engage my reel and begin a slow steady retrieve snapping my rod tip every 3 to 4 turns of the reel handle that allows the jig/tin/shad to swim at mid water with a very erratic action. If fish are active I will fish with a much faster and steady retrieve looking for reaction fish strikes. So there are many ways I fish jigs/ tins etc I try them all, once I develop a pattern that the fish want I stay with it but sometimes the fish change patterns in the same day so being able to adapt and change is key in fishing not only the CCC but anywhere else for that fact. Having the proper rod/reel/line combo is a must specially for heavy jig/tin fishing. I have learned that confidence fishing a lure will catch more fish than changing lures all the time, I keep things very simple not much of a selection in my bag lol but my choice of simple lures are deadly and catch and that's all I need.
  4. In 26 years of canal fishing ive never seen SO many guys fishing it makes me sick in the sence that there is no respect for others and someone is going to catch a beating one of these days before the season is over. Good thing i was tought to remain calm no matter the situation im in. Respect and integrety is hard to find these days.
  5. Hello all I love kayak fishing but due to back injury ive only been surf fishing, but in general i do more surf fishing than yak fishing
  6. Im in
  7. It hurt to retire 1of my 706's and it hurt to spend a lot of $ but I will admit the 275 is a very nice reel, I put it on a lami 126 1mh.
  8. I have meet a few guys from this site and they were all cool guys. I will be spending a lot of time in the Cape this fall fishing so if you guys see my jeep (pick on avatar, green with tan top with 35" tires on a 6" lift) dont be afraid to say hello. My name is Robert.
  9. Nice
  10. Im more of a conventional type guy, but also own and use spinning reels. How about you?
  11. Yes it does
  12. Is it to much to pick up after yourself? All you guys that leave line on the rocks I feel like ringing your neck, I almost broke a leg this am because I triped on mono and braid that some moron left on the rocks ***.
  13. I agree