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  1. Thanks fishinsurfer, I'm very interested to hear how they work for you and how much was involved to install them. I like the fact that there isn't a big plate sticking out behind the boat. I dug around on the internet last night after I posted this and there is some info on them but nothing I've found saying how well they work, durability, maintenance issues and so on.
  2. Looking at putting trim tabs on this winter. Seen posts for Lenco, Nauticus, and Bennetts w/ some great opinions for and against. Has anyone had dealings with the Volvo QL trim tabs?
  3. I'm w/ geno001, pounding on the old body is enough. I'm selling my 20 maritime cc and moving up a little bigger with a deeper V. Increases the weather window a little more. I fish mostly CapeCodBay and north so its time for something more comfortable.
  4. JohnP, Lurejunky99 thanks for the response. I'll have to say I don't know about ring free being used. I just bought this boat with this engine the other day and I knew it had a bad cylinder (this will be my winter project). In talking w/ the owner prior to purchase he said the injector on that particular cylinder stopped mixing oil. He did use stabil in the gas. I don't know much about Yamaha's and hpdi and was wondering if it will be worth the price of fixing this only to have more problems down the road (out to sea...yikes). I've had great performance w/ my carbed Johnson 112 on my 20 Maritime that I'm selling, and that had ethanol problems when I purchased it. But I got it running and religiously stabiled the gas, I also ran the hell out of that boat so the gas was always fresh.
  5. Anyone have problems with this particuler engine? It's a 2001 150 Yamaha hpdi 2 stroke. Looks like the oil stopped mixing w/ the fuel in #2 cylinder and burned out the rings. Checked the compression on all cylinders and this one was about 25psi, the others are a little over 100psi. Let the flamming begin...
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