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  1. One little guy around 9 am, on a Hurley eel . Saw a few others caught, heard of one keeper Caught a duck too, guess my lure was pretty good offering
  2. Picked up just one at around 20” or so, saw a few others caught. Was right before high tide. Heard it was decent at dawn Tried to get a pic before he breaded himself, guess better him than me...
  3. Is that an old Mitchell reel? Looks cool
  4. Just one on a yellow clouser
  5. Saw much of what you experienced this morning. Can be frustrating I took a long walk past the crowd and was rewarded with a two stripes. The one that was 27 felt much bigger Beyond the two it was like a shad fest out there, some bigger than the stripers I saw being caught
  6. Well said Bob, thanks for your service, will keep all those selfless soldiers in my prayers. We should never take our freedom for granted, and the sacrifices made. Great seeing you again, hopefully see you and that duck soon
  7. I am not sure about the whole global warming facts vs fiction, this show talks about that and other factors. I only saw part of this special the other night, but thought it was worth passing on. Think there was one statistic that 70% of the coral reefs are gone, etc. I only started fishing back in 2006, but really feels like the good old times back then. Very rich memories. Perhaps this year is an aberration, perhaps not. This show broadened my vision to more than my crappy season, NJ, and more than the ACOE activities.
  8. Not sure about the water quality, but surf should knock down relatively soon
  9. Is the jiggy much different than the clouser? What is the stripping technique for the jiggy Hitting it tomorrow morning, appreciate any last minute advice
  10. This pattern is killing me. Hopefully the one day of east doesn’t make the water too dirty, but as you said the west right behind it to push them all to the boats. Ugh
  11. Ocean county, nothing for me out front at daybreak then tried taking a long walk to try the back. Was going to stay for sunset, but ran out of gas
  12. I saw birds working this afternoon, felt like a good sign. My optimism is telling me sunrise could be good. Falling high tide, light west. Either then or later tomorrow, clean up even more?
  13. am low tide , hard west, i am hoping there is some water and bait left to work with!
  14. Not too much to speak of, in terms of success this year, but for what it is worth, they all hit on Bill Hurley sand eels
  15. Nothing for me this morning north of an inlet, except a bad wind knot. Arranged for an hour at dawn, nice and foggy, light wind, rising tide. Saw a few gulls trying to pull some larger baitfish out and fly away, but they kept falling. A bit too far to identify. It was at that moment I got the debilitating wind knot