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  1. I blame the one who brings the Patron all the times
  2. What's going on T, yeah couple shoots to easy the pain
  3. How many shots of patron before you pulled that hook?
  4. Nice fish there Martin, you killed them that night.
  5. Had the same problem with my Emerger 2 but I sealed the holes with aquaseal problem solved.
  6. Received the pics, I'll take the bag and weghts, will PM you to arrange pickup, thanks
  7. Sounds good, send pics please, thanks
  8. Thanks Frank, I'll let you know, for now I want to see the stuff Fishgeg is offering because I need to get free weights too.
  9. That's correct, thanks
  10. Interested, that will work, please get me a price on both bag and free weight set. Thanks
  11. Ok let me know, thanks
  12. Cool, let me know thanks
  13. Thanks Andy but looking for something like 40 or 70 lbs punching bag to practice his power punches, I really appreciate it, thanks
  14. Thanks OLC, nice bag but looking for something cheaper to hang on the ceiling.