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  1. You really should attempt to expand your culinary horizons beyond Sonic and frozen chicken pot pies. Weren't you raised in muskrat mecca? Embrace the rat! Once the toughest ticket in town, muskrat dinners still in demand in Salem County In parts of South Jersey, January is the month for Muskrat dinners. For more than 75 years, the fire company in Lower Alloways Creek, in Salem County has been holding its dinner. Tickets were once so sought after that regulars had to pass away before new people could attend. In this section of South Jersey, eating muskrat was originally just an outgrowth of the market for furs. Trappers could earn a lot more money selling fur pelts and they would sell the meat just to make a little side money. One of the first things long-time muskrat aficionados will say is it does not taste like chicken. CAMBRIDGE, Md. – Rainy and blustery weather did not stop hundreds of people on Sunday from going outside to celebrate the 8th Annual Crawfish Boil and Muskrat Stew Fest in Cambridge. This Cambridge tradition attracts people from all across Delmarva. Visitors can enjoy all sorts of delicious food like boiled crawfish, raw oyster, crawfish cake and even barbecue muskrat at the event. “The muskrat is part of the history and heritage of Dorchester County in Cambridge, Maryland so we like to just celebrate that this time of the year when we have the national outdoors show Friday and Saturday night with the World Championship Muskrat Skinning Contest,” said Graffius. In a recent listing of tasty furbearers, muskrat was number 3 right behind beaver tail and seal. Muskrat fur is not as wildly popular today as it once was, but it’s still the most trapped furbearer, accounting for 35% of animals taken in the US and 28% in Canada. There are many ways to prepare muskrat including: Stuffed or braised or, if you just want to take baby steps, try some muskrat pot pie
  2. Illegal aliens are smart enough to know that there’s real money to be made further north. You need to focus on local white trash trailer park “cuisine” like roadkill rodents. Surprised she didn’t bring home a few squirrel on a stick. Doesn’t the IGA have a hot buffet?
  3. And a theme song
  4. Maybe drop off a load of wood on your trips to Watchung. I’m sure Kml would be happy to reimburse you. Do the fuel docks in Point Judith accept rupees?
  5. JD is a cool guy, “slightly” neurotic, but cool. Been a while since we fished together. Looking forward to hearing about Wednesday and Thursday- catchem up JD!
  6. Plenty of good info here, you’re gonna be fine. Looking forward to the photos.
  7. No clue how to smoke that beast, but I do have a terrific opportunity for you to invest in a bridge here in NJ.
  8. It was an interesting excursion. The waffle is a very versatile food and should probably have its own group. They can be savory or sweet or for someone special
  9. Could be more than MP hurt your feelings. You may feel better with appropriate medication
  10. He’s been very moody since posting “the hat” photo and MP said it looked a little gay, when he was aiming for big gay. I think his feelings were hurt.
  11. And for Slacker, the garage is where he works on his aim.
  12. I’ll take that as a yes regarding my question. You shouldn’t feel the need to be so defensive.
  13. I need to replace a 25 year old driveway and contacted 3 companies- got bids of (for exact same description of work) of $3,500, $4,500 and $7,000. In another job I’ve been trying to fill I want wallpaper installed in kitchen and adjacent mud room (old paper removed and walls primed) and got proposals of 12 rolls/$480, 14 rolls/$750 and 16 rolls/$1,000 - for the same job. Makes you crazy. The range of bids for the EXACT same job description are all over the place.
  14. I don’t recall any such statements to that effect, but I do appreciate your acknowledgment of my keen observation of your obvious lifestyle display. A question, in Bumeff does leaving the garage = coming out of the closet?
  15. Don’t listen to the doubters, you nailed it.