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  1. She/he left right after the “meal” was served.
  2. We have a Ring doorbell camera system that works great. Tied to internet so we get alerts even when we’re away; and can even respond verbally from a smartphone. Easy to hook up. Bestbuy had a deal. You can add additional cameras.
  3. That photo is the most pitiful argument FOR eating at a place as I could imagine (within health code standards).
  4. Apparently a diet of salt cured pig can wreak havoc with your sense of humor.
  5. If anyone could pull it off, besides Y, who’s better than you? Are you staying over for the auction tomorrow? I’ll bet it would be a content rich environment.
  6. Calm down, you’re the guy that posted the photo, then posted about her a week later.
  7. Positive steps Mick
  8. Pay attention SharkMike, he was quoting your post “Paula”
  9. You’re the one who brought her up. See post #64111
  10. Things were a little slow this morning and now we know why. A long drive for such interesting content, we salute your efforts
  11. que diablos significa eso?
  12. Catchem up, look forward to your report. Matt’s egg sandwiches in the morning are the bomb.