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  1. I’d go but I’m in the middle of happy hour which under pandemic rules goes pretty much 24/7, so if he can wait until we get the all clear, I’ll be right down.
  2. ^^^^^ If you didn’t say, I was gonna
  3. I’m shocked that’s all
  4. Which small city did you have in mind?
  5. It’s a White Diamond, just beyond the Target/Marshall’s plaza we’re we met. They completely renovated the place about 10 +/- years ago, but still slinging the same sliders. Excellent for a quick plate of eggs/omelets and home fries at any hour.
  6. You need to stop the men’s room surveillance outings with Spiglet. Your enthusiasm is palpable.
  7. If they called you, shame on them. If you called them to tell them you were good
  8. Maybe in English, but not in Snapanese.
  9. We need photos.
  10. So much for “the Oracle of Bumeff” bs.
  11. WTF is a gobbler (per your reference above)?
  12. Thanks for adding nothing to the discussion, your lack of knowledge in this particular area is notably impressive.
  13. You’re an expert on Wawa pretzels, but don’t know if Wawa sells a hot dog.
  14. It’s a large glass and I’m having more than one, so it’s from the big bottle. Not a sipping time. Maybe later.
  15. And how do you fell about the Wawa hot dogs - better/equal/suck vs Sonic/Cumby dogs?