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  1. Hips can be replaced and will make an extraordinary improvement in mobility. Severe pain to none extraordinary, first hand experience. Still, age catches up with us all. Enjoying grandkids is a blessing.
  2. And the count is 0 and 2 will probably have a nightmare now No love for segue? It’s Italian.
  3. Today’s two-fingered prostate exam makes for a fitting segue. Kinda like you’re stuck between your health and a hard place.
  4. Are Mona Lisa Vito
  5. And he wonders why, when he stops by The Ramrod, someone drops a quarter on
  6. You clearly know foolish
  7. When you arrive be careful getting out of the car.
  8. Nice Mick, looks like a sweet ride!
  9. Sounds like I’d only be a second opinion at this point.
  10. Just saw that. Apparently it’s on his mind. Hope they don’t wiggle it too much
  11. Absolutely, and Wolfgang has a bottled steak sauce as well, set on every table. Tastes like Luger’s sauce. Not served on the steak like Bernaise, Bordelaise etc. And why do you feel I should stick that in my pipe (haven’t had one in years)? Did you happen to sit on yours? Maybe you should have it removed, you might feel better. My apology, I just saw your post #52185. So you have a finger up there, hope it doesn’t stay long.
  12. And both of Trump’s budgets were passed by republicans whole controlled BOTH the house and senate. Foolish is looking to the Democrats for a balanced budget.
  13. Classic NY steakhouse menu - you don’t need “sauces”
  14. Which is how he tried to buy votes by announcing a 10% tax cut for middle income families just prior to the midterm elections. Anyone aware of Trump’s follow through on that promise?
  15. That’s all you can come up with? Classic Trumpet dismissed