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  1. My one and only bobcat experience was on a green on a golf course in Tucson. About to pull the pin to putt and a rabbit comes flying across the green about 15 feet away, followed closely by a bobcat. They kept going, not sure of the outcome for them, but I had a 2 putt bogey IIRC.
  2. To answer the question, Idlewild is in Jamaica Queens, that is.
  3. Mine was a 30 year fixed, but it was a “private” deal. Sold the house a year later and the realtor was drooling about letting a buyer assume the mortgage as rates were up . Wouldn’t let them do it, a favor is a favor.
  4. My first mortgage was 10.25% and only because I was a friend of a friend of the guy who owned the bank. Rates were rising at the time.
  5. Maybe nobody went up and told you while you were away, but the squid snit is still on, and the MP doesn't care.
  6. They had the camera out of the water this morning. Watched the crew as they scanned the area then reset the camera into the water in a new location. Now they are moving it around and adjusting the view.
  7. At your age it’s a far higher probability than YES! YES! YES!
  8. So you swapped 1 hard boiled egg for 2 frosted donuts with sprinkles - Nice!
  9. Oysters look good (assuming they were on ice when served), but what’s with all the extraneous crap on the plate of steamers? Were they old and needed to disguise the funkiness? Almost looks like an attempt at some sort of steamer chowdah. And that melted yellow stuff doesn’t look like butter. Steamers don’t travel well, jus sayin.
  10. Nice ride
  11. I have no doubt you could put together a crew from the BFF that would cover fuel for a tuna trip, and then some (have you seen the sandwiches TomT gets?). Snaps could handle the ice just from his personal stash. No doubt whatsoever.
  12. ^^^^^^this results in this
  13. Condolences Billybob & family, may he RIP.
  14. Lake fishing, nice.