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  1. Fished with some old friends this past week, we were blessed with bent rods and many smiles. I was also able to do some nice release photos, this one of D-Man is especially nice.
  2. tough lifting them anymore....
  3. I started fishing assateague some 27 years ago the stories of critter and friends (coleman evans smith etc), forced me to get serious. Eventually I did catch a few fish. Recently i had a flashback of them days, probably never see it again, but it sure was a nice day.....made more memorable with D-Man and Bill there. Dennis:
  4. Random old man releasing fish today, same dude helped me beach one yesterday.....he noted that the fish he helped me with was caught on a rod he made me many years ago.......
  5. plenty bunker in the surf.....this one stolen by fox from gull...
  6. Owl in the fog yesterday....sorry should have been in the random images...but on the fishing front there are a ton of bunkers in the surf, the gulls can hardly fly....
  7. Denny Groff? He taught me all about bucktails for trout and stripers, I never could master tog....Denny had passed.
  8. Green-winged Teal backcountry today. Peregrine was overhead but I was unaware when I first saw the ducks. They kept low avoiding the deadly high speed swoop dive.
  9. That's a nice pic....remember we had 9 fish that day..... A few months ago an accident separated (completely) my shoulder tendons from the bone, ruptured bicep, and badly tore my lone remaining tendon. ....surgeon says just live with it but no more casting. After three months I can lift my camera for a few seconds but that's it. It was a good 25 years though.
  10. there were a lot of good years......I eventually gave my Bronco (1996) to the mechanic that had kept it running but not before snapping my stickers... ..
  11. fishin is the least productive type of fishin a man can do, its advantage is just have time to reflect on life and nature cause there sure ain't a lot of fish in the surf.........however if there happen to be big fish in the surf...... and you are there at that exact time......... fishin can be better than lasts longer and you can take pictures of it......
  12. It will soon be September
  13. Reelin in your own lost surf rod is right good luck.
  14. Yes, I humbly accepted the "first Black Drum" award at 17 grand for the fish and most importantly get to see my name in every issue this year....bill's fish came an hour or so later....
  15. ....perfect day, no trucks on the beach at 7am, (bad weather forecast) never saw another person till 11 when we left. Last time that will happen I'm sure. We each had a fish around 31 inches or so. Our second day fishing this spring.