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  1. waves in oc today.
  2. I know I tool a photo of the tag Dennis, but it is not in the files....I think it was this fish though...that was the first time I ever talked to Earl.
  3. Juvenile Black crowned heron I think.
  4. Thanks for the 2 spot Steve they did catch something.....
  5. Tree Swallows relaxing on the beach today.....millions of them.
  6. John, Jim has given you an excellent overview of the internet selling thing. I sold off my web page for many years (smugmug)....but never made much more than enough to buy my gear. Smugmug has become something that is too complicated to customize for my old brain so I use it as simply a viewing platform to send my commercial customers to. Like Jim I don't shoot people unless it is something unusual or they are friends. I mostly do work for commercial magazines, books, and some advertising. The best advice is find what you are really good at and then specialize in a niche market that can use your images. I do a fair amount of National Park Service work which I enjoy doing and there is no pressure. Wedding photography is where the money used to be but now the cell phones have gotten so good that even they are feeling the pressure. As Jim noted don't sell cheap, I have a fixed price for material used inside publications and one for covers....I don't "wheel and deal" with prices. Here is my most recent cover. Inside they used images provided for free by the park service.....but I got a grand for the cover. Good luck!
  7. The Black Skimmer from the side appears to have a massive thick bill.....but a straight on frontal shot shows the razor like thinness well. never got a frontal shot before. Birds were resting during migration and did not fly like they usually do when I see them...
  8. no but it was washed over about 1 mile from the entrance, quicksand...prob dried out by now.
  9. Assateague surf this morning
  10. C J ....sorry to have missed all the fun, lost my year-round employee this spring and had to run my business solo up till now.....hoping to get a few late ones after the storm moves off. congrats to everyone!
  11. Peregrine release yesterday
  12. FWIW.....There is no such thing as a "clear-nosed ray" those critters are clear nosed skates. And while they are harmless the barb on a RAY (if it has barbs) can indeed harm you. Mac's relative died many decades ago from a barb that penetrated his boot and got his big toe. Also beware of the tail hitting you, if it breaks the flesh you may suffer an infection that could be fatal if left untreated and goes septic. I handle rays with extreme caution....
  13. Peregrine and Tree swallows staging on Assateague yesterday
  14. Royal Terns and an Oystercatcher yesterday.
  15. seen today.............
  16. one was caught a few weeks ago, but this is the first "local" report....that I've heard of...
  17. Fished about three hours this morning. Rode to Va and backtracked to CJ's fish camp area and put 2 rods in the water...........after several skate (clear nosed) and a small sandbar I knocked off as the flies were coming out even though it was breezy. First day fishing, sure wish it had been cooler....around 80 when I left at 11 am. Loggerhead was dead but not more than a few days, no stink.
  18. Caspian Tern at the surf's edge...
  19. makes sense.....couple hours ago...
  20. OC from the Ferris Wheel last night.
  21. Blocked by clouds sunrise was still beautiful here in Maryland.
  22. ruddy Turnstone ocean city md