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  1. Exactly!
  2. chit happens sometimes, never know when.
  3. Blowfish made it incredibly hard to fish for Drum this past week, 4 fleas (if you could find them) gone in five minutes. Between the digging for fleas and the constant reeling and casting it was enough to wear me out.....hopefully this storm today will blow them somewhere else. Bill and I did have quite a few fish previously, but none this week.....
  4. Thank you all for the condolences. Mac and I hung out for almost seventeen years, for ten of them we were pretty much inseparable during Red Drum seasons on Paramore....... I caught my first Red ever with mac (outside the breakers, boat) AND my first surf caught Red. As many said about the old man at the service, (he was 73 when we first fished), he loved people who loved what he loved, be it quail hunting or fishing. In his last few years dementia had taken the ability to carry on meaningful conversations with him but the spirit was always strong and he would sometimes remember days we fished clearly. He would always greet me with "you been catching anything"....... On the day of his funeral my good friend Dennis, who fished with us often in Virginia, came up and we fished 3 hours early in the morning, kind of in remembrance of all the times together on the beach. About twenty minutes after we arrived one of my rods went down good, it was my first black of the season. I'm sure there was some kind of spiritual connection. In my truck I had several large photos of Mac for the funeral display which I dropped of at his house, along with the fish. It was almost enough to make a guy turn religious.
  5. Don't know if the link is allowed, nothing for sale there. An Assateague Icon.
  6. Worms are like build in flavor pods, sweet and soft with a slight aftertaste.....
  7. Bill and I put in about 4 hours today, I did loose a couple fleas which surprised me, but no fish.
  8. no blitz today, must have missed it......
  9. miss you man!
  10. Dug some fleas today, it won't be long before I am eating Black Drum.
  11. as usual the Herons can be depended on for a last minute save of an otherwise unproductive day....
  12. Merlin yesterday
  13. but the reels are upside down......
  14. Taken through my sun room window as I drank my coffee.....what a great way to start the day.....
  15. Mac Simpson Random Drum Paramore Island 2004
  16. Long Tailed Duck, OC inlet yesterday.
  17. Ipswich Sparrow, only breeds in one place on the planet...Sable Island Nova Scotia....winters beaches east coast. Researchers were banding them,stopped for some photos.
  18. few snow geese today, d850 200 mm
  19. Snow Geese today mile from my house.
  20. Eagle waiting for seal pup to croak so it can eat it....