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  1. Fished 5 hrs today, AI , offered the boys & girls bunker, squid, and butterfish.....they weren't truck is starting to smell a lot like skunk.....a
  2. Hey Steve.....I use a Nikon 990 camera, Epson 870 photo printer,Adobe photo Delux, and a nikon coolscan 4000 to scan regular negatives......My digital stuff is about 3 years old, so you can get the same mega pix.(3.34) camera for about 500 bucks less than mine ....The curent epson model for photos is called the 890 and is supposed to be.. better? As you know this is a great setup for FISH photos...keep the camera with me when i fish..a
  3. I've missed the pepsi mafia on the beach this year...sorry to hear about your accident!! but i'm sure dean and chris will look out for the fish you WOULD have caught..heal up & come on down...a
  4. 3/18/02 AI. drum rig, chunk frozen bunk,26 in. thought it was seaweed til i seen him..never even saw the rod move...
  5. Fished AI today 9>3, grass was moderate, current same. Skunked. At least i wasn't workin'....a
  6. wife sent me to wal mart yesterday...course i drifted by the fishin stuff....sure nuf there was a pair of shimano short neednose pliers,real shiney with clean braided my tackle box has at least two similar devices BUT I COULDN'T HELP MYSELF..i need to see dr fish...this weather is driving me crazy..
  7. I do the same for bunker, fillet, salt about 10 lbs left been usin with sucess all winter...hook frozen if possible, eat in place of pringles when yur hungry....yum
  8. hey of my highschool(yes i still remember a little of the 60's!)buds operates the heavy equip on the island...saw him down ther around 11 stealing a lot of sand from the beach and takin it backside so the road might be a little better back there...a
  9. hey steve..hadda laugh cause i had just e'ed B.K to ask what the hell beads are..then read your reply! Don't think the AI stripers give a crap about beads..least not the four i've caught since jan..don't think that hog i saw you catch on the sandbar at #8 was into beads either...a s
  10. Ass Island Today friday 1030 am 1 26 in baby(that seems to be my rut these days( some friends M.Littleton & mike killer hastings also scored today 1 30in and One THIRTY NINE in HOG (a 39 gets hog status this time of year)south wind 15... seaweed on/off.. fog.. raw ..GREAT FRIGGIN DAY!!!! stop whining and go fishing.....a
  11. Forgot to mention bucks has fresh bunker at a buck a pop..seems the fish are hungry and will eat bunker,butterfish, squid, and maybe some fried chicken if ya got any...a gotta work the weekend but mon ,tues look good for me I WANT A HOG OF MY OWN!!!
  12. I'm not much of a tech hed so i'm hoping for some advice..have several shim.6000fd reels which have served me well.. but they have corroded badly even tho i rinse(usually) them off..anyway do the expensive(i thought they were expensive) reels resist corrosion better? i'd spend the money if it was worth it..any and all advice appreciated!!thanks allen
  13. alex...Ass. Is. past#14...there are some nice holes down there, tho my guess is they are everywhere...bunker/butterfish...lo tide GO FOR IT! a
  14. one 25 today...god how i needed that!!fat fish... nice fight(for a baby!)and now i wish i didn't have to work the weekend...Good luck to all you fishheds this weekend! allen
  15. wife bought me some new waders for xmas ...used them about 10 times since the cloth comfort but they are leaking a little at the topof the boot in both legs...can i spray some waterproof stuff onthem or should i send em back??allen ps these are not real expensive ones ..cost about 130 bucks....
  16. Hi guys, i finally figured out how to find the web site...i kept putting 1n and all i could get was porno...anyway i am the fishhed in the red/tan bronco you see at 8 a lot..trying hard! old timers have been telling me that they used to catch em all year long so i have been trying ....did catch a 31 on jan29 and one same size on feb22..gotta tell the truth though..i fished a lot to get those 2 fish...was down yesterday but no fish in 6 was a good day to check out the beach though..extra low lunar tide..the beach has changed quite a lot this winter # 8 isn't what it used to be but there are still a few sweet spots that have opened up. lately i have been the only one fishing the whole 12 miles..its kinda lonely hope to see some of you soon....also i would say this website is the coolest and most informative i have ever seen...maybe i'll catch fish like you guys this year!! allen PS if chris and dean and bill read this see ya soon!!
  17. Recently spooled up some of that no stretch line (it takes me a while to catch up on new stuff)...anyway the feel is great but the knots are hell...i can barely see it, hardly feel it, and it's limper than you know do i connect it to the partial spool of mono they recomend, i tried the 2 uni knots but my fingers can't manage the line....also is a palomar or uni the best knot for the swivel? Thanks!
  18. Hi Bill! spiderline, 20lb. i also bought some fireline 20 but haven't spooled it yet.What is the dissadvantage of not putting mono under the line? It seemed to work fine (without it)but i'm no pro.....I also had some "eratic" casts, i assume that's because the release point of the cast must be perfect? sure did feel great with a rock on it!!!! Thanks allen
  19. sounds like a great idea but i sure don't want to give my friends pain or infection..allen
  20. hey bill....was up at old inlet yesterday...was told someone caught 7 the day before details. plenty of people fishin as i crossed the bridge..never fished the rocks myself but might have to give it a try if things stay slow at AI..allen PS saw my feb rock post at the bottom of the reports.....i figured new members get the tail end....allen
  21. RE: AMSA .. don't forget that if you are out of state..(or out of worcester C. for that matter) must get a local to sponser you, I've dropped my fee to one case of beer(import)..most other AI fishheds charge 2 cases ..some of the berlin boys demand kegs....come on down! allen
  22. hey now...only live a few miles from OP so don't need a place to stay...but would love to hook up while here...look for a red bronco on the beach(usually around #8) or give me a call 410 352 5131.. don't sound like a tellmarketer or you will learn some new cuss words! allen
  23. 1974 was a good year for AI! too bad i was chasing the grateful dead around instead of fishin....maybe tommorow.....allen
  24. After 4 unsucessful attempts finally coaxed a rock out of the surf friday the 22nd ...only 31 inches but it was a great fight! never caught one in feb before...
  25. Thanks everybody! It was swell to read your mail! alas the fish gods were not with me today....sea grass and current...but it was extremely peaceful....allen