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  1. Hi Tom and Dennis miss you guys, and of course, the fish! Steve Coleman first introduced me to big circle hooks.....that was so long ago I can't remember when....
  2. owl at assateague yesterday
  3. Hey that's my rod that's bent!
  4. Feeling nostalgic for fishing 18 years ago......2002 got my first digital those days my neighbors would tell me the week before thanksgiving if they wanted fish for the holidays......I could almost always fill their orders.....guess that's why there aren't any fish now.....miss fishing in foul weather......
  5. Since the virus there has been a HUGE increase in osv use, more than fifty percent. Even some weekdays have been at capacity. Plan accordingly for possible delays and heavy traffic on the beach....with schools not reopening people from everywhere are taking to the beach like never before. With the increased load of course, more speeders, trash throwers, and unpleasant situations may occur. I really wish I could pull something positive out of this situation but I find it difficult at best. With no increase in law enforcement it will be up to us fishermen to report dune riders, racing, and other illegal activity. I might also suggest you put chairs and or buckets between you and the surf as many new users drive the surfs edge at high especially careful with your pets and children. Hopefully fishing will be good and all the traffic will be only a minor distraction. Hope to see some "old" pals in a couple weeks when the turtles have hatched and the beach re-opened to Va.
  6. Beach looks great, I figured the turtles are dead by now( they drown if nest is flooded and they can't dig out)....but there were two park service trucks at the turtle closure today so maybe they are digging up the nest....beach "looked" great past there from what I could see. This photo is looking north from KM 27.
  7. Despite my love of conspiracy theory's regarding beach closure, it was pretty wet in the osv today, dry when I hiked in but 3 hours later around 1030 am it was well flooded...
  8. Could be your only chance at an uncrowed beach.... right now...only 7 vehicles on the beach, but the wind is steady 22mph with 30 gusts. It's a critter gitter kind of day, 10 oz. Though I don't think dave uses 10's anymore....
  9. NPS closed the beach today just past bull pen, plover chicks have hatched. internet osv count was 147 at 9am, never been there when there are 147 trucks in 2.5 miles of beach, must be pretty tight. I did get to drive all the way to va yesterday but no fish for me unless you count skates.
  10. Chief engineer of the "Satilite Boys" he was a great man, great fisherman, great friend....
  11. One good reason: Dennis and I want breakfast in drum camp, Cost of breakfast is no we will help you with any fish you have trouble beaching, given your age and all ......
  12. Capt told me they are thick right off the beach....I'm so ready to leave the house and soak bait.
  13. Hey Salt roach...I was mistaken about the show.....I was at 12/16/94 LA sports arena.... but no hornsby, though I did see him with the dead several times. Had a photo pass for the LA shows, shooting for a couple fan mags, did that for 5 years.
  14. Wait... it was Dave that once told me big fish don't eat bugs......he must have learned something....
  15. I was at that show.
  16. Pretty sure they are, DNR were there as folks waited in line in their vehicles to get fish, I've been three times since this started, sure beats chicken.
  17. Local commercial fisherman (net) have been doing better than they ever remember for this time of year. Plenty of fish. While one capt told me he could see surf fishermen on the beaches in Ocean City, you have to live within the town limits to be on the beach. At least I am eating fresh fish, bought a drum (bycatch) yesterday it was awesome.
  18. It was seventeen years ago....... I was fishing the spot know to locals as "Two Tits" on Assateague. My friend Dean Truitt and I were catching a few fish on the north side of a slim bar point that cut the front water and created deep pockets on the north and south sides. Watched steve coleman catch a decent fish, was the first time I had seen some one use big circle hooks. We both had an interest in the Grateful Dead and fishin.....great fellow.
  19. Md State park closed the Assateague beaches today, imagine the good weather forecast for tomorrow had something to do with it. The Fed osv had forty trucks on Thurs, prob one on one off tomorrow if they keep it open. Be safe, stay home.
  20. While most of my friends don't follow this forum actively anymore, there are a few left that will recognize these trucks.......some fine folks.
  21. Recent AI fisherman with catch, not sure of the fish species, but it sure was sweet watching it catch. The red color of the raccoon is a genetic variation (somewhat rare) called red-phased.
  22. Park visitor center, offices ranger station etc closed now but osv and parking lots open.
  23. Think the visitors center will close and the ranger station on the island but hoping the osv stays open.
  24. Bill K. turned me on to Gene, he made a rack for my old bronco, swell fellow.
  25. 2012 December 8th.... ....back then this was one of the best striper months you could wish for.....Mac had a real good time that December. Still miss him both hiking the backside and fishing the front.