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  1. Ducks are tough enough to shoot in flight, but Kingfishers are near impossible....too small, too fast, and too arrogant...big crop from a 200 mm lens, hand held of course.
  2. good read.
  3. Coopers Hawk on a nature trail at Assateague yesterday.....several folks walked under it as I stayed in my truck watching so I ventured forth and was rewarded with a "close encounter"....
  4. I would like to note that we used to catch a lot of fish in the winter....but hardly anyone is fishing now....maybe that is the reason.....but more likely there are no fish. Here's a 2007 shot...... Jan. no less.... I think Ron Evans or Gary Smith's dad took the photo..
  5. new baby colt
  6. Gummy November 16 2002 November in 2002 was just freaking awesome.
  7. As I drove the beach yesterday I thought about the good old days when the beach would be packed the day before thanksgiving....and we would all be catching. It did make for a fast ride off the beach though, only 2 people fishing the whole island when I left......stopped and chatted with one fellow who had no stripers but noted that he had a big hit yesterday but it spit the hook on the way in........
  8. fished today, nothing....Bill did catch a skate.....
  9. Leaving the beach yesterday (not fishing) I noted 2 gulls one with a bunker the other fish, still alive, pompano?
  10. Can't match the dam eagles but I did get to see one steal a bunker from a gull at Assateague today as I drove down the beach...
  11. Coming on the beach Sunday morning There is a strange CAR at the top of the OSV entrance....not stuck but just sitting there.....Turns out to be a photo shoot for the new "Bentley Continental Range" This model starts at $218,400 and features horsepower of 500 to 700. Wonder if they had a commercial use permit? If only it had 4 wheel drive and a little more clearance I'd get one....
  12. Wood Ducks, there were 22 in the flock.
  13. Jim that sure is pretty!