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  1. Caspian Tern at the surf's edge...
  2. makes sense.....couple hours ago...
  3. OC from the Ferris Wheel last night.
  4. Blocked by clouds sunrise was still beautiful here in Maryland.
  5. ruddy Turnstone ocean city md
  6. 10 turkeys and 7 deer today.
  7. Bucktail fisherman, a good one.
  8. Humpback
  9. Photo by Mike Burchett, Assateague Island NPS Biologist. coolest whale photo from the beach at AI i have ever seen. Note the baitfish it is feeding on.
  10. waders are nice but I catch so few fish I don't really mind releasing in jeans.....on this day I had arrived early morning at cj's fish camp, invited to breakfast, I skipped the waders after putting a couple rods in the water.....but as I stood with plate in hand rod went east.... I think it was Possum who took the photo....I left after 3 fish.....feeling guilty for being south of cj and erics rods........
  11. Well spoken dennis, here's a shot of you that is on the door to the potty at my business......20 by thirty....people love it!