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  1. .....living close by, I never did much cooking on the beach......but a few photos of other's food has brought back a flood of memories.......my friend D-Man used to cook for his youngins .....dennis even cooked food for his dog, Hellofa dad...Photo of Jason? is almost exactly twenty years ago. CJ' s camper/restaurant gets way over five stars. Favorite memory of all his meals......I had gotten down around sunrise but at the camp (just us at the time) john had already had two reds, he looked exhausted when he said "go set up next to me, I'll fix you breakfast...... I put one rod in the water, never even put on my waders, and walked back to the camper......it was eggs, sausage, bacon,and potatoes........as he handed me the plate and I sat down on his bumper my rod went down.....two more fish followed....finally ate my food and, boy, it was r e a l good. Best Beach memory food ever. The fish photo is the first fish when I got there.... photo by john.....blue jean release I call it...
  2. Lest we forget our original forum administrator rip bill ! 2002! Thats bill, "rockfish dave powell" and rip denny groff in the orange. 21 years ago....sadly I've forgotten all the good stuff bill and denny taught me....
  3. Gannett on the beach today, probably ate so many bunker couldn't fly.... they were solid diving all day.
  4. boat vs beach, we know the winner here!........but nice down there today......no fish for me though.
  5. the beach opened today to the line, it was beautiful........the fish were not in front of me though....
  6. .....conditions have to be perfect to have a seven dollar day!!!!... only once mac and I hit the big 7, it's a lot harder now with all the large grain sized "beach replenishment" sand from ocean city washed up over the years, it takes a hellava a blow to move it..... but when it's good it can be really good. of course the best coins, for me, are almost thin as paper and un-recognizable except for size.....some places yesterday were really good.
  7. fished today the wind got brutal around 11 am though, did pick up quite a few coins from the big westerly blow last week...
  8. I saw the photos in many places.... with other "nice folks" taking credit for the Image.....internet's a tough place! I took photos of one in 2016 which were used on the park service facebook page but nothing exciting happened on the web back then....
  9. 37 inches. Colonial times, Jamestown......sturgeon were once so plentiful they were declared a hinderance to navigation...on the beach at assateague today
  10. Humpback today https://www.assateaguephotos.com/Humpback-Whale-01-16-2023/
  11. some good structure yesterday, but didn't have a rod with me....
  12. green winged teal Birchs creek this week
  13. Assateague “The Green Run Graveyard” The village at Green Run dates back to the 1830’s, but the date of the first interment is unknown as the graveyard was not associated with any church and therefore no records exist. The earliest folks living there were farmers, market hunters and fishermen, later it grew when the Green Run Life Saving Station was constructed (1875-1921), supplying jobs as well as Capt. Scott’s Ocean Beach Hotel (1869-1894) about a half mile away. Capt. Scott was her father. Around forty years ago the park service had an archaeological mapping of the site done. Using steel probes, they located 17 un-marked graves. As late as 1941 the markers, carved with initials and birth/death dates were still there. These hand carved cedar markers and footboards were stolen in the early sixties. A video of the graveyard (showing the markers) featuring R.E Wimbrow exists but neither the park service nor the TV station can find it. The graves are located on some high ground not disturbed by tidal action and protected by a grove of holly trees. In 1971 park employees built a split rail fence around the graveyard but after 53 years only a few sections are still upright. Emma’s stone marker (1874) was the last interment. It was stone rather than wood as her father was wealthy. Emma was only 16 when she married Jesse Truitt, who married her sister when she drown shortly after the wedding. Supposedly (word of mouth), after being knocked overboard by the boom of the schooner “Fairfield” on the trip over from Public Landing. Another story has her and Jesse on their own boat when this happened.
  14. Chris broke his record at 52 plus, I broke chris's but only by 4 ounces, Pretty sure with size regulations my friend Gary Smith will hold his forever....
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