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  1. but the reels are upside down......
  2. Taken through my sun room window as I drank my coffee.....what a great way to start the day.....
  3. Mac Simpson Random Drum Paramore Island 2004
  4. Long Tailed Duck, OC inlet yesterday.
  5. Ipswich Sparrow, only breeds in one place on the planet...Sable Island Nova Scotia....winters beaches east coast. Researchers were banding them,stopped for some photos.
  6. few snow geese today, d850 200 mm
  7. Snow Geese today mile from my house.
  8. Eagle waiting for seal pup to croak so it can eat it....
  9. Castnet thank you for the correction on the fish ID, I can't seem to find the edit button on the post........ and happy Holidays.
  10. saw a fish caught yesterday.....stargazer at the inlet. It can both poison and electrocute you at the same time....