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    Lifelong angler from Blighty (UK), been across the pond for almost 20 years.
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    Plus lover of Herge cartoons (hence Captain Haddock).
  1. Any chance you'd be willing to post a step-by-step on these very nice flies?
  2. my go to line also .. other lines I fish with are Wulff TT's of various flavors .. with Rio feel its a line I could cast all day (good match for my rod) and I can chuck some decent sized flies with it
  3. Since its a bit of a drive for me, have new schoolies arrived in the area yet?
  4. Well I found a vendor of seamless neoprene socks in different sizes, now I just need to find a wader manufacturer to put them together! LOL
  5. I am looking for stocking foot waders that have no taped seams in the wader foot. Online I search for seamless stocking foot waders, but everything I seem to find in fact show photos with a taped seam. Do waders actually exist with a 1 piece foot construction? If you know of something please post or PM me. thanks for your attention, Haddock
  6. Whats a good weight for a jig head to bounce off the bottom?
  7. Thanks for the replies guys. Just up for a couple of days with family so no time for freshwater excursions and well aware of striper opps south of Acadia. We will be staying at a friend's in downtown BH. Messin with macks will be just fine! Haddock
  8. Will be in Bah Haabah early next week and wondering about any saltwater FF opps? Not worried about fish size, anything you've got would be helpful I did find refs to harbor pollack and mackerel) .. is it too early for even those hardy guys? thanks, Haddock
  9. I have a Sage 7wt .. but I upped my land rate by about 80% by moving to a softer 5wt and taking my time to land the fish. I found that with the stiffer/heavier 7wt, I lost a lot more fish when they get up on top of the water and tail walk. More than the rod I found the line is important .. a heavily weight forward line really helps in smaller tribs with sheer walls (I think its a RIO specialty line I use).
  10. Fellow SWFFers .. I have to attend a company meeting at Foxwoods on June 6th and am looking for opportunities to FF for stripers in the early morning (just have to get to Foxwoods by 10:30-11:00). Anyone interested in meeting up early morning (weather permitting) at a fishable/wadable location on the shores/estuaries south of Foxwoods to sling a few flies? regards, Haddock
  11. Yeah well they all say their waterproof .. just wondering if folks have practical experience with such backpacks I'm looking for one that can take a real dunking and keep my stuff dry (and salt free!) thanks, Haddock
  12. A picture sent to me by a friend from a beach in West Falmouth .. I'm assuming schoolies unless anyone else cares to guess otherwise!
  13. 9" AND 12" Add some root beer color too!